Writing The Call To Action In Marketing Copy

Too many beginners think all they have to do is tell people about their products and services and they will sell themselves. While your products and services may be truly wonderful, most customers or clients need a little push to actually make their decision and follow through on making the purchase. Maybe they need to be reminded of what they have to gain, or maybe they are just waiting to be asked for their business. Either way, you need a properly and carefully constructed call to action.
A properly constructed call to action is more than just saying “Buy Now!” or “Click Here!” It will remind the potential client or customer of what they have to gain, so that making the purchase decision follows logically and naturally. The client or customer must feel compelled to act, but must not feel manipulated or as if they are being oversold.
And therein lies the problem. Beginning and nonprofessional writers often think that throwing in a few standard selling phrases will accomplish the call to action. The truth is that the call to action must be an extension and continuation of the entire marketing piece. If you have not convinced the potential buyer of the value of your product or service before they get to the call to action, it will not work.
It is essential to put yourself in the prospective buyer’s position and understand what they need. You must understand what criteria they will use to distinguish between different offerings. You must carefully consider what will motivate them to make the purchase decision. In marketing, this is often called answering the WIIFM, where WIIFM is shorthand for the phrase, “What’s in it for me?” Only when you understand the potential audience you are trying to reach can you write copy that will be meaningful to them and help them understand what they have to gain by choosing you.
You must also make the call to action at once compelling and easy for the potential buyer to execute. Make it easy for your potential buyer to make a purchase by using clearly labeled links, accepting a variety of convenient payment methods, and offering prompt delivery, perhaps even free shipping. If you are providing custom products or services, make it very simple for prospective buyers to get a free quote. Make sure the potential buyer has easy access to any additional information they may need by making contact information clear on your website or other marketing piece, or considering the use of a FAQ on your site. Using time incentives also works well because you want to encourage the purchase commitment to be made right away while your brand is still fresh in the potential buyer’s mind.
An effective marketing piece must be planned and developed from beginning to end, from the eye and interest catching headline, to the final call to action. To understand how these various components work together, and to build a marketing piece that works to the desired inevitable conclusion, e.g. people buy your products and services, you need the services of a professional writing company.
While an individual writer may also be an excellent choice, when choosing a company you have the added advantage of a variety of experienced writers to choose from, some of whom may have direct experience in your field. They will also have other writers with whom to brainstorm and generate increased creativity.
Choose a professional writer for your call to action, and you will find that more prospects are being converted into buyers. It’s simple, easy, and effective.”,case study writing”

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