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151: Encrypting Your Internet Connection with VyprVPN .
In the news lately, there are countless stories about governments working to crack down on encryption - using the argument that in order to ensure national security, access to encrypted communications..

152: wolfSSL is Integrating Testing with the tlsfuzzer .
Fuzz testing is an important part of maintaining a secure code base here at wolfSSL. While we already have fuzzers in use ensuring that our library is as secure as possible, we recently decided to int..

153: Security Risks Of Using Smart Devices At Home .
Smart devices are all the rage of the day, and they are supposed to be the rage of the future as well. From the technological aspect, it's not quite difficult to understand. Home security, heating and..

154: 5 Ways to Improve Your Travel Experience with VyprVPN for Mac .
Thinking of being adventurous and traveling somewhere exciting this summer? As June ramps up, the season of skyrocketing airfare and expensive hotels does too. As millions of people flock to various c..

155: How to Securely Wipe Private Data with Active@ KillDisk .
Few people think twice before selling or donating their old computers or other data-bearing devices. However, if you intend for your computer to end up in someone else's hands, you'll probably want to..

156: Art Deco Inspiration and golden sparkles for the Living Wall system by Francesco Pasi
Verona, July 2017 - The most contemporary Furnishing and Decorating trends embraces retrò and vintage style in a timeless evocative mood, enriched by intense colors, combination of different ma..

157: On-trend and natural outdoor living style with Decobel: welcome to Veranda
Montemurlo (Prato), July 2017 - Key trends in interior design continue to exert a strong influence on products for the outdoors, and the line that separates inside and out is becoming more slender all..

158: Culture of the taste: Frantoio Bonamini, ambassador of the extravirgin olive oil
Verona, July 2017 - The rediscovery of the old traditions and the wellness used in the kitchen: these are the Food’s trends of this year, which characterize the costumer’s choices who are ..

159: The “Italian Way of Living” by Francesco Pasi at the luxury mall “Grand” in Moscow
Moscow, July 2017 - Francesco Pasi, representative of Made in Italy luxury design worldwide, has an international diffused presence, thanks to numerous points of sale and showrooms, located especially..

160: Unlimited elegance: Art Deco by Bertelè on show!
Verona, July 2017 - No filters: just a subtly confident, on-trend, hand-crafted allure. This year, the creations by Bertelè bring a fresh, distinctive slant to a passion for Art Deco, and the i..

161: How to Recover Formatted Partitions and Deleted Files .
Digital data has become one of our most valuable commodities, and losing it can spell disaster. Both at home and in the workplace, digital data needs to be protected by every available means but, no m..

162: Improve Your Internet Privacy by Adding VyprVPN to All Your Devices .
VyprVPN works to improve your Internet privacy on all of your devices, so you will never need to worry about being protected only SOME of the time. When you use VyprVPN on your smartphone, desktop, ta..

163: Increase Your Internet Download Speed with System Mechanic .
For nearly two decades, iolo technologies has been conceiving, designing and providing to the mass consumer PC market increasingly refined optimizations to combat slowdown. Here, we continue to quanti..

164: Devoted to excellence: Elite Stone presents its interpretation of the living area
Verona, June 2017 - Losing your way on an exciting voyage: that is what it feels like to enter the new Coral Black living area designed by Elite Stone, the crowning gem of the first ES Atelier collect..

165: The natural soul of the beauty routine: Frantoio Bonamini’s “Quotidiane Evasioni”
Verona, June 2017 - Frantoio Bonamini, mouthpiece of the extravirgin olive oil in the whole world and of the Made in Italy’s excellence, year after year try to satisfy the consumers’ resea..

166: Tune Up Your PC in Minutes with System Mechanic Free .
Over time, unused applications and old data start clogging up your computer. Unwanted programs run automatically at startup, the system registry becomes a disorganized mess and obsolete files left beh..

167: Lightness and perfection woven into fabrics: Decobel presents the Curtains collection
Montemurlo (Prato), June 2017 - Lightweight fabrics and on-trend nuances to enhance the light and amplify space: the Italian luxury textile company Decobel presents a broad selection of curtains with ..

168: Innovation to the customer's measure: Laurini Officine Meccaniche launches Vulcano Smart
Busseto (Parma), June 2017 - After the great success worldwide of its bestseller Vulcano 2.0, the vibrating screen on a radio-controlled self-propelled track vehicle, and of the most recent Vulcano XX..

169: Skinwall customizes your wallpaper: when "bespoke" is art
Rimini, 8 June 2017 - There something new in the air in the refined, discriminating world of wallpaper: Skinwall launches a new section of its corporate website today - - devoted entir..

170: Synchronize Files and Backup Your Data with FreeFileSync .
Synchronizing files can be done between different folders either on the same storage device or separate ones or even across a network. This enables to keep the files in sync in both locations. There a..

171: Take Back Control of Your Privacy with VPN for Windows .
Online privacy has become the concern of the century, yet a lot of people still don't seem to be fully aware of the risks of connecting to unsecured wireless networks and various other common browsing..

172: Secure Your Online Privacy with VyprVPN for Mac .
Connecting to the Internet through a virtual private network (VPN) provides many important advantages. Firstly, you'll be able to surf anonymously, since your real IP address will be hidden, instead r..

173: Boot Faster and Kill Bloatware for Better PC Performance .
Recent benchmark tests performed by iolo Labs have shown that using the Startup Optimizer™ tool in System Mechanic® can significantly improve PC boot time performance.Over 40 commonly used programs..

174: Design a Professional Logo Easily and Quickly .
People tend to recognize and remember logos before brand names or any other company characteristics. As such, your business's logo is the single most important element of your branding strategy. It is..

175: Safeguard Your Data with USB Flash Security .
USB flash drives still provide the most convenient way to transfer data between computers without having to be subject to slow Internet connections. However, their convenience does come at a price, an..

176: Create a Professional Brand Logo with Logo Design Studio Pro .
A logo is one of the most important branding elements of all. This image is what people will come to associate with your brand, probably before they even start to memorize its name. As such, you'll ne..

177: System Mechanic® Performance Benchmarking .
iolo technologies recently released System Mechanic v16.5. Version 16.5 has been re-written from the ground up, with every feature in the product re-engineered for improved functionality and performan..

178: Top 10 Free YouTube Download Websites
Youtube offers billions of videos to watch. YouTube offers all the entertainment, technical & Tutorial etc stuff. You can watch videos online easily on YouTube, But if you want to take videos offl..

179: Diecast finishes casting process
Diecast finishes are every industrial processes applied to modify product or component surface in order to improve its aesthetic or technical quality to get the requested product requirements. These p..

180: AlterNET Extensibility Studio - extending .NET application with user-defined logic. .
Like many other .NET software developers we love Visual Studio - it's fast, robust, efficient and fun to use. With a variety of supported platforms and a rich set of standard controls (not to mention..

181: A Lightweight SSL Library or Embedded SSL Library for Developers .
Digital security has become the concern of the century. You owe it to your users to provide top-level security in all your apps and devices. wolfSSL is designed primarily for integration with real-tim..

182: Securely Erase Data with Active@ ZDelete .
Most people assume that deleting a file is final. When the Recycle Bin has been emptied or the storage media formatted, they usually think that any data stored within is gone for good. As such, people..

183: Retrieve Lost Digital Data with Active@ File Recovery .
Our digital assets have become some of the most important things we own, even if they might not concern tangible objects. From treasured family photos to important files for work to multimedia collect..

184: Manage Internet Access with the Best WiFi Hotspot Software .
Antamedia HotSpot Software offers businesses the tools they need to provide free or paid Internet access to their patrons. Among the best WiFi hotspot software available, this solution is designed to ..

185: How can we protect our eyes in nowadays?
In nowadays glasses have become a regular accessory and most eyeglass wearers do not feel embarrassed by their presence. However, it remains some disturbing moments that could cause discomfort ... Tho..

186: The importance of die casting surface treatment
Die casting surface treatments are operations that lead to obtain a finished product starting from the casting aiming at increasing aesthetical and functional characteristics of a product or component..

187: RDS-Knight, the best tool to enforce RDS Server Security .
RDS-Knight is a RDS Server security software built to offer the ultimate protection against today's cyber threats landscape. Its 360 degrees approach to security combines advanced technology, the late..

188: Backup Your Data With TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore .
In today's world, we all depend on our many devices. Our smartphones, tablets, and even more importantly, our computers. With so much emphasis on cloud computing, most of us have the things we save on..

189: Resounding success for the Miuccia collection by Elisabetta de Strobel
Milan, April 2017 - Presented for the very first time on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2017, the new Miuccia collection by the Interior Designer Elisabetta de Strobel takes us on a unique jour..

190: Laurini Officine Meccaniche presents LLS - Laurini Laying System for automatic pipe-laying
Amsterdam, April 2017 - The new LLS project of Laurini Officine Meccaniche was a great success among the experts when it was presented during the Novel Construction Initiative conference at the Spring..

191: Bruschi achieves SMETA 4-Pillars certification
Bruschi achieved the important certification SMETA 4-Pillars. This certification has been organized by Sedex, no-profit membership organization dedicated to drive improvements in responsible and ethic..

192: A Universal Raster and Vector Editor for Mac .
Canvas Draw is a truly universal graphics drawing solution that's easy to use. Canvas Draw is a powerful solution designed with professional designers and illustrators in mind, as well as those who ne..

193: Top 4 Reasons You Need Fundamental Analysis for Your Binary Options Trading
If you are new to binary options trading and want to trade efficiently in binary options, then you need to know about binary options strategies, without which you will not be able to trade in the mark..

194: Copernic launches the best alternative to Windows Desktop Search .
Tired of using the outdated Windows Desktop Search interface?Copernic Desktop Search has a solution for you to quickly search your PC for documents, emails, spreadsheets, and so much more. Like many o..

195: Reducing porosity in high pressure zinc die casting
High pressure zinc die casting is the process of forcing molten zinc based alloy under high pressure into a mould cavity. This delicate process can be influenced by a series of factors like the mould ..

196: Training visit at construction site: Laurini Officine Meccaniche focus on team building
Pavia, March 2017 - “This is a very important experience and a step through a training process that starts from a theoretical design basis and then develops through practical experience”, ..

197: Digital Asset Management Made Easy with ACDSee Ultimate .
ACDSee Ultimate allows photographers and graphic artists with unlimited creative freedom. It is a truly all-in-one solution, providing a powerful media asset manager, RAW photo editing capabilities, a..

198: RAW Photo Editing Made Easy with ACDSee Pro 10 .
ACDSee Pro is a powerful RAW photo editor designed for both amateur and professional photographers. However, despite the professional set of tools it provides, it presents a user-friendly solution, ma..

199: How To Convert Youtube Videos To Mp3 Free.
Convert Youtube Videos To Mp3 Free: There are many reasons why you might want to convert a YouTube video to MP3. You are watching a series of training videos it is good to know that you aren’t r..

200: Organize and Share Your Photos with the ACDSee .
ACDSee is the ultimate solution for any practical amateur photographer who seeks a better way to organize, share, and edit their photos with ease. The latest edition is packed full of features and fun..

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