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11901: Easy Photo Collage Software for Complex Projects
Picture Collage Maker Pro, a simple-to-use Windows program that turns ordinary photos and pictures into stunning keepsakes to share with family and friends. With just a few clicks, you can create coll..

11902: Make Your Own Icons with a Free Icon Editor
Developing software that requires toolbar graphics? Need small graphics to enhance a Web site? Or simply want to replace standard desktop graphics with something better? You can do it all. Good news i..

11903: Using Stock Graphics for Software and Web Projects
Developing software or Web applications is a complex process that involves efforts of numerous workers. Software architects, analysts, programmers and testers are just a few to name. Making a product ..

11904: Relations among brands and corporate
In our society we are constantly notified about new brands or we get familiar with new ones thanks to their massive involvement in our daily life.   However, we are not often able to trace ..

11905: Rome è di nuovo trendy, cosi come i suoi monolocali
La domanda di monolocali a Roma è sempre stata molto elevata a causa del grande numero di studenti, singles e giovani famiglie che desiderano vivere in questa vivace e vibrante città. A causa dell'..

11906: Conversion Between Units of Measurement is Effortless, Free
The Internet is exploding, with new scientific discoveries, new research projects, and new developments in every field. With this new knowledge comes the need to convert units of measurement from one..

11907: Breton Smart-Cut S/NC 600 - Bridge saw cnc with twist head for marble, graniet and stone
Structural features and functions - Latest generation Siemens 840 SL CNC controlled - High-speed and precision movement along axes X,Y, Z resulting from the use of brushless digital motor technology ..

11908: Transparent plastic business cards. Why THESE business cards?
Pinkograf: passion for excellence! And promoter for winner. It’s obvious to most that first impressions are crucial and that your business card plays a part in that first impression. The ques..

11909: How to do a good rebranding...when it's necessary
Conditions a so awkward and important process is undertaken have to hold good can consist in a basic customers decrease, in a sales lowering or, for example, in a new technology introduction. No mat..

11910: How to input the special symbol in ZWCAD?
As an engineer, sometime I need to input the special symbol such as 'α', 'β' and 'ω' in the drawing when using ZWCAD, here are some helpful tips which I take. I hope they are helpful fo..

11911: Run any application or program as Windows service in a few clicks!
As a rule you do not need any coding skills in order to start any application or program you want - double click and that's all. But you definitely need them when it is about running any application a..

11912: Pravis Citations: ECJ Reference Tool for Microsoft Word
Pravis Citations 1.2 is a tool to find, quote and browse the case law of the European Court of Justice, the Court of First Instance of the European Communities, and the Civil Service Tribunal . Pravi..

11913: Network Inventory and Asset Management with NEWT Professional
IT professionals have always had to deal with the increasing difficulty that comes with keeping track of an increasing number of computer systems as a business grows. This type of need is commonly ref..

11914: Custom Camera applications development using iPhone SDK
iPhone contains many useful features. One of them is build-in camera and Camera application system for making photos. It looks great but what about camera usage with native applications? iPhone SDK pr..

11915: XP Artistic Icons: More than Just Icons
Want your software or Web application look professional? Adding good looks to a product can be hard. In-house or custom ordering, images are always difficult to describe, and it may take a long while ..

11916: The most powerful keylogger for home and office use just got even more invisible with the latest update to version 4.3!
Elite Keylogger has the word "Elite" in the name for one very good reason. Frankly, this keylogger puts all others to shame. There are virtually hundreds of key stroke recording programs out there, ..

11917: Web Development India – How Web Development is different from Website Designing
Web Development Company-is the buzz word, but not many people understand the true meaning of Web Development. Most people associate Web Designing with Web Development, which is not only misleading but..

11918: Does your application log have faces?
Every non-trivial application today has its own logging or tracing functionality. Needless to say that logging is often vital in all development cycles of software development, starting from very ear..

11919: Internet for Beginners: Bookmarks Organizers
If you are starting to use Internet, now it is the most proper time to think about bookmarks organizers. The times when people stored a short list of bookmarks in their browsers have finished. At this..

11920: Professional logo maker to make unique logos for small business
Avoid the high costs of outsourcing your logo design to a design company, which will charge anywhere from $500 for one simple logo design. This professional logo maker lets you create logos for your s..

11921: Exporting Raster Images from ZWCAD
There may be cases where you might need to export DWG drawings as raster images so that others can only view them, but not edit them. Formats like JPEG and TIFF are used in this case. ZWCAD allows yo..

11922: How To Make Office Routine Easier
Offices are not what they used to be. Things have changed with time. Gone are the days of paper-cluttered offices. No more 'in' and 'out' boxes piled up with paper files. Thanks to technological advan..

11923: Password protect your files, folders, drives and portable devices with Folder Lock
Folder Lock Looking for software that can easily protect your important and personal data and is available for affordable price? Use Folder Lock, a data protection software that secures your data of ..

11924: RemoteObserver - comprehensive control and monitoring of your network activities
Most people strongly object to eavesdropping and surveillance because of the single fact that it steals their privacy - and that is quite fair and reasonable. However, there are situations and places ..

11925: Website promotion tools - how to choose what suits you best?
On the web, among site owners you won't meet many guys who're so close with their money that they wouldn't spend a dime to speed up their sites promotion. We live in the 21st century, when most of the..

11926: Forgotten Windows Passwords No Longer a Problem
Home and office computer users often find themselves out of their PC due to a lost or forgotten password. If you forgot a Windows password, you can no longer login to your Windows account. But what i..

11927: Protect Code with Skater .NET Obfuscator
Application vulnerabilities, Intellectual Property theft and revenue loss are among the most serious risks facing companies today. According to Business Software Alliance statistics,..

11928: Brad Callen's Unfathomable SEO Success Stories lie?
The person most of us know, the guy who sells SEO Elite Brad Callen is doing magic things. Honestly, my hat is off to him! But not because of the software. I admire this guy, and in the end of this ar..

11929: DBF Repair Tool – explaining the importance of DBF recovery software
Even if you are absolutely confident in the database software you have been using for years and have had absolutely no problems with, nothing and nobody guarantees that it will not happen in the other..

11930: How Not To Go Out of Business in Crisis
The economy crisis of 2008-2009 made many small and medium companies go out of business. According to CSF report, 458 000 small and medium companies were closed. To avoid bankruptcy many offices have ..

11931: Search-n-Organize: State-of-the-Art Low-Budget Document Management Solutions
White Paper: Organize-n-Search State-of-the-art Low-budget Document Management Solutions "We are living in the information a..

11932: Efficient Screenshot / Snapshot tool MAST ClipPrinter released
MAST Hard- & Software - a german software and hardware distributor - has developed a new software product called MAST ClipPrinter, an easy to use but high effective Snapshot tool for Windows. MAST..

11933: Advantages of data recovery with NTFS Recovery Wizard
Give us the ability to present NTFS Recovery Wizard, which allows to show your documents before recovery just to let you examine the quality of the recovery before you pay any money. So, with NTFS Re..

11934: The biggest blunder of newly-born website owners. Are you also bound to make this mistake?
Having a website for your business is presently as natural as having a car. The biggest point here is, if used properly, a website is an extremely powerful sales machine. Mind these words: If Used Pro..

11935: Globalize Your Delphi or C++ Builder Projects
International markets are utterly important for many modern IT businesses, first of all those developing software. While it is easy enough to translate the user interface of a software project into a..

11936: wins major deal at CES, bringing online backup to millions
Today has signed a long term distribution agreement with Parallels, one of the world's leading providers of virtualization and automation software solutions. The deal brings's ..

11937: Knockouter: Increase striking and punching power and speed
How good is your punching power? Is it enough for knockout punches? Many athletes and martial artists ask these questions, but there was no way to measure it at home without expensive equipment (punch..

11938: Ready-Made Icons for Accounting Software
Creating a financial Web site or releasing accounting tool? Thinking of using old-fashioned icons for toolbars just to get icons out of the way? You don't have to! With ready-made stock icons there's ..

11939: Improve your touch typing skills with a multilingual touch typing tutor.
Your success in the contemporary world often requires the knowledge of more than one language. As well as learning to write, read and speak mastering a language includes ..

11940: The Fresco of Pompeii ruins in Italy
The wall decorations in Roman houses and villas have been classified into four styles according to figural content and chronology. The First Style, also called encrustation style, was popular fro..

11941: Special Offer to Sardinia: discover the four seasons beauty
Sardinia is one of the most uncontaminated areas of the western world: more than the half of its territory is consecrated to nature, with a various and wonderful environment. You just need few days to..

11942: The Future of Tourism on the Internet
A tourist portal of new generation in Sorrento was born: At the moment, the market leaders in Europe in this field are,,, and others. ..

11943: Anzio (Rome) Sun & Culture, the last “best kept secret“ for Italy fans and individualists
ANZIO (Rome) is one of the last “best kept secret“ for Italy fans and individualists.  The picturesque and genuine harbour  is located directly at the Mediterranean Sea, 45 km south of R..

11944: Four Dating Tips for a Single Mother
According to the US Census Bureau, in 2000 there were 9.8 million single mothers in the US. This means that today there are roughly 10 million women out there who are either entering into new relation..

11945: The meaning of the most popular flowers
From the ancient times people of different cultures use flowers not only for decoration purposes, but also as symbols. Presenting a flower or a bouquet could mean a declaration of love, a manifestatio..

11946: I BiriKini - A FUNKY WAY TO SAY...I LOVE YOU !
Why I BIRIKINI? Because the pendants are little dolls and it is more appealing winking to the public suggesting a gift that manifests a feeling in a funny way. So nicely and also a little mischie..

11947: Help to Stop the Automakers Bailout !
Bailing out the automobile industry would be bad use of public money. And if Detroit’s carmakers are bailed out, Europe’s will be next in line. On a combined basis, GM and Ford have posted total..

11948: Holidays in Sardinia all year long! Discover Sardinia with Ciaosardinia!!!
Do you wanna discover Sardinia? Among mountains sculpted by wind and sun, with its deep canyons and unspoilt forests, you will reach the nature in its most savage form, archaeological remains which ar..

11949: QuickOreder: restaurant software, free easy opensource
Fast, easy and free is QuickOrder. This program is the point of sail for your restaurant. Our Restaurant POS software is designed with ease of use and nice design. The most of POS software is too com..

11950: With Ciaosardinia, discover Sardinia by trekking
Trekking in Sardinia is an experience that you can live in every period of the year. But when the sun hits less, everything became prettier. The Nuraghi’s island (isola dei nuraghi) has so many to o..

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