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11001: A Network Performance Monitor to Keep Your Network Working Optimally
Extromatica Network Performance Monitor is your one-stop solution for monitoring your network's performance and making sure that efficiency is always kept to a maximum. The checks that can be carried ..

11002: A Ping Tool is an Essential Tool for Monitoring Connection Quality on Your Network Devices
A ping utility is a piece of software that any Internet service provider or network administrator needs in order to ensure a consistent level of quality control over their network and its devices. A p..

11003: Ways to convert MySpace videos to the movie device
There are many circumstances when you'll probably decide to convert your MySpace movies. MySpace is about online community and so posting a lifetime with all your classmates and friends and people who..

11004: The Blog “About Italy” is now on Facebook
About Italy NewsBlog is an original blog which wants to be a new way of reading and finding news, suggestions, tips, events and much more about Italy. It is a non-commercial website with hundreds of ..

Exercise can be more important t Exercise can be more important to your future Health and Life than your Diet, Weight, giving up Smoking or any other Lifestyle Habit known. Yet much exerci..

11006: Free Website Monitoring, Transaction Monitoring and Load Testing Review
Website monitoring is the process of testing and verifying that end-users can interact with a website or web application. Website monitoring is often used by businesses to ensure that their sites are ..

11007: GPU-Accelerated Microsoft Office 2007/2010 password recovery
Compared with their CPU counterparts graphics processing units (GPUs) significantly (up to 60 times!) accelerate the process of Microsoft Office 2007 - 2010 password recovery. The difference is stunni..

11008: Dmailer Backup V3 - Free Local & Online Backup Software
Free Backup Software By Dmailer Dmailer Backup V3.0, a backup utility that integrates both local and remote backup mediums, is Dmailer's latest software release. Not only have Dmailer released a fant..

11009: Sun, Fun and Foreign Languages…Junior Summer Camps in Italy
Summer is getting near and with it also a long vacation for all school kids. The summer break is a perfect time for the family to stay together enjoining their free time but, in most cases, parents m..

11010: OLFolderSync 1.35; Synchronizing Outlook folders on two or more PC's over the Internet
OLFolderSync can sync your Outlook per E-Mail p.MsoNormal {margin-bottom:.0001pt; font-size:12.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman","serif"; margin-left: ..

11011: How you can rip DVD's to PC video files for iPod, iPhone and Zune
Ripping any copy-protected DVD disc may perhaps appear to be some sort of computer saavy thing to you and confusing although it's not so. Right now the coolest solution to move movies is actually via ..

11012: A Professional MP3 Tag Editor that is Fully Featured and Easy to Use
Your music files can contain plenty of information that helps you to identify them. Using an MP3 tag editor you can add information to your music files such as the album name, artist, title, track num..

11013: Create High Quality Notes and Orchestra Materials with Music Notation Software
Music notation software provides a great solution for anyone who is into music composition and preparation. It allows you to get the highest quality notes and gives you the opportunity to study how th..

11014: Using MultiDictionary Makes Your Translations Easier and More Accurate
For those who work regularly with translations from various sources on the Internet, having everything that you need conveniently located within one program can make life a great deal easier. To facil..

11015: An Essential SQL Query Tool for Developers and Users of Databases
From ActiveDBSoft comes the ideal SQL query tool, an essential solution for developers and users of databases. The software is designed to be user-friendly, providing an innovative interface that allo..

11016: More than a Remote Access Point Tool: NTRadmin On-demand IT Automation and Remote Support SaaS
IT, MSPs and Device OEMs alike are grappling with the challenge of delivering effective IT services to their end-users, a majority of which are remote or mobile workers using a multitude of computing ..

11017: An Intrusion Prevention System Helps to Keep Your Computer Safe from Malicious Attacks
Completely solving the problem of viruses and malicious attacks on your computer, you need to have a powerful, fully-featured intrusion prevention system installed on your PC. You also need something ..

11018: Plan your Next Trip to Liguria with About
Web Marketing Team staff is proud to present its new creation: the brand new website About, your tourist guide to the Region of Liguria, in Italy. This is a useful tourist guide which has ..

11019: Italian Language Courses in Italy: Live the Italian Spring
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is located in four of the most beautiful Italian towns: Florence, Rome, Milan and Siena. Teachers and staff are professional and long experienced, and the organization is well..

11020: Network Inventory and PC Auditing with NEWT Professional
As a business grows, IT professionals must deal with the increasing number of computer systems, and the resultant increase of difficulty in monitoring those systems. Keeping track of the systems is d..

11021: Typing Software Will Help You to Become a Professional Typist Quickly
Learning how to type correctly, like the professionals, by touch-typing, is not one of those things that simply comes naturally to the majority of people. Nonetheless, if you use a decent typing softw..

11022: Professional Custom Icon Design Helps to Improve Your Software and Increase Sales
Custom icon design presents you with the opportunity to dramatically improve the appearance and usability of your software, heavily influencing the decision a user makes on whether or not to purchase ..

11023: EML-MSG File Format Conversion
MSG files are saved in the format used for email messages created in Microsoft Outlook. In essence, they are containers with different types of message-related data: the date the message was sent on, ..

11024: The Power of Bare Metal Backup
All professionals recognize the importance of a good backup. But sometimes we forget how important server image backups are. A good Bare Metal Backup can save a week of frustration trying to rebuild a..

11025: PC Remote Control Software Allows You to Access Your Computer From Anywhere
PC remote control software is a nice decision in numerous scenarios where you demand a necessity of PC remote control and access of data at a remote PC as well without actual need of being in front of..

11026: Some tips how to choose the best modular home dealer
Have you decided yet what house are you going to built? Actually, there is not much work for you to do as to choose between three main types of house building: on-site, manufactured and modular house ..

11027: Extreme Picture Finder: Flawlessly Efficient and Time Saving Picture Downloader
Everybody knows that time is money. But have you ever noticed how much time we waste on Internet surfing? For example, searching for certain images on the Web and saving them manually can be quite tim..

11028: Pamfax - Send and receive faxes through internet fax software service
Make your fax hardware redundant and access your fax from anywhere. We provide PamFax applications for Windows, Macintosh and Linux for even easier sending. You can download the fax software for your ..

11029: Design Connection Layouts and Printed Circuit Boards with PCB Design Software
PCB design software gives you the opportunity to easily and efficiently create the designs of your printed circuits boards and other electrical connection layouts. Providing professionals with the too..

11030: Face Detection Software for ASP.NET and PHP Developers
Luxand is one of the pioneers of face detection software, offering developers the solutions they need for automatic face detection and cropping. With all the features you need, Luxand offers the solut..

11031: Original Design of Web Sites with new Art Photo Gallery
People can hardly imagine their life without the Internet services nowadays. It is possible to find any information, any product, any service you need. Still for the site originators it is becoming mo..

11032: Create Application-Independent .net Reports Using a Standalone Reporting Tool
FastReport.Net offers developers the tools they need to create .net reports that are application-independent. With its ability to be used as a standalone reporting tool, the software combines all the ..

11033: An Online Video Converter and Much More From
How many times have you downloaded an audio or video file only to find out that it simply won't play back on your computer or other device? How frequently have you found yourself in need of a reliable..

11034: Smart Music Manager - Music Management Was Never So Easy
Smart Music Manager is a powerful program, which allows you to organize your music collection and always keep order in there. Smart Music Manager has user-friendly interface and is extremely easy to ..

11035: Do you easily find, tag and organize people with your contacts manager?
Every time I start using a contacts manager application I soon give up because it takes too much time and clicks just to enter data, and find it. But I need a contacts manager. I forget names, faces..

11036: Download Free Games from One of the Biggest Game Resources on the Internet
Looking for a reliable, safe and user-friendly site where you can download free games can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. Many sites out there promise the world but give you nothing and some..

11037: Siena welcomes you for Learning Italian Language and Culture
For all students and lovers of the Italian language: are you looking for the ideal place to study one of the world’s most beautiful languages? Welcome to the Leonardo da Vinci Italian language scho..

11038: Advantages of VoIP catalogue, voip providers
Are you tired to pay long phone bills? Are you looking for a new solution to save money for your business or residence? Then VoIP technology is for you. VoIP is a technology with a big future. Day ..

11039: Have a good time with Viareggio Carnival and Learn Italian!
Stop with Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations…the real crazy event is going to start now with Viareggio Carnival! In fact, as every year, the city of Viareggio, a beautiful seaside resort l..

11040: Vehicle insurance saving tips- auto insurance
1. Driving less lets you save more Driving less than 7,500 in the course of the year makes you eligible for a low-mileage discount with your insurance carrier. You can save even more money with disco..

11041: Don't pay much - pay wisely- auto insurance
If your car is as old as 20 years old you must be aware of the fact that you are able to cover it choosing a policy that suits your case the best. The policy will probably differ but that is mainly th..

11042: The benefits of joining an auto club
You may think that joining an auto club (like AAA) will give you only roadside service assistance and some discounts when booking a hotel, but there's just a lot more to it than that. Even non-driver..

11043: For some, the winter snows are due
Unless there are major changes in the world's climate, those of you living in the southern states can enjoy the same warm to hot weather all year round. The reality for those of us living in the north..

11044: How often should you pay for your insurance?
In the good old days, the world was a simple place. You went into a store to buy goods, or to an agent or broker to buy services. The price was quoted and you paid it out of the cash in your bank acc..

11045: Can you legislate on how to run a business?
One of the big dilemmas for any government when it bails out a business deemed "too big to fail" is how far it should go in managing that business. There is a temptation to actually start calling the..

11046: How to save money when insuring your car?
1. Low mileage discounts really help. You can opt for one if you use a lot of public transportation, work at home or simply drive less than 10,000 miles annually. Carpools also give you the possibili..

11047: Drive it while you can, learn it while you should!
Lack of time seems to be the biggest concern and bother that people meet in their day-to-day life. Where can you find time to manage to do everything when there is only 24 hours in 1 day? When we tal..

11048: Tips on how to switch insurance companies
It's not that hard as I may seem to be! The reasons for choosing a different insurance company for covering your auto are numerous. Maybe it's the level of services you aren't quite satisfied with, o..

11049: Getting ready for winter driving
Unless you retreat into a cave to sleep through the winter, you cannot have missed one of the most recorded Christmas songs of all time. Every mall in the country plays "Winter Wonderland", usually th..

11050: Paying for your policy - insurance
Looking around the US economy right now, all you see is the wreckage of dreams. Homes have been foreclosed, bankruptcy looms on private debts and the retirement 401ks have taken a serious hit. Life as..

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