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9851: Writers - Employ Yourself, And Meet Those Deadlines
If you're having trouble finding the time to write, join the club. Time management is a huge issue for writers. Those who work outside the home, somehow have to squeeze in writing time around commutin..

9852: Forget About The Grammar And Your Writing Will Improve - Advice For Writers
The number one reason why writers don't write is the fear of poor grammar. The red pencil marks of an editor pointing out dangling participles and passive sentences strikes enough fear into a person t..

9853: 8 Secrets To Write Your Best Book Now
Do you fear you might die with your book dream still inside? Don't fear. You can do it this year. Honest, you can. Keep reading, I'll tell you why...The truth is few can pin point real reasons they ha..

9854: How Can You Become A Better Writer
I have been writing professionally for more than two decades and teaching writing nearly that long. Every conference, every writing staff, and every class has always included some writer who asks: "Ho..

9855: A Writer's Life Getting Yourself Unstuck
Years ago, in a "Writer's Digest" article the famous novelist James Michener was quoted as saying most people don't want to be writers, they want to "have been" writers. In changing the tense Michener..

9856: Writers Block And The Coffee Brainstorm
Good Ole writer's block, you know we all get it, if you don't think you get it, and then you're probably not a writer. Writing is not easy, and often can be a daunting task to communicate our ideas, o..

9857: Storylines Crop Up At The Oddest Moments
There I was on a restful weekend by the sea; enjoying coffee and croissant in a quaint little cafe at the end of the North Shore pier.Looking outside through a musty rain smattered window my gaze was ..

9858: How To Get Fair Pay For Freelance Writing
New freelance writers often wonder how to charge for their writing. Writers want to make sure that they get paid fairly for the effort they have put in. In the short term, writers may work for very li..

9859: Writing Tips - The Most Important One
There is one thing in this world that there is no getting around. Everybody thinks they can be a star, or at least wants to be, whether it's as a singer, songwriter, actor, ball player or circus clown..

9860: The Top 10 Reasons For A Tech Writer To Take A Hiatus
If you are a workaholic the word hiatus maybe quite foreign to this list it may help you to understand what you need to do ASAP. For those who have had the realization of choosing to go on ..

9861: Brushing Up On Interview Skills
Due to the enormous variety in writing styles it is important to have some idea of what you should do if you are called upon to conduct an interview for the purpose of compiling a print story.The best..

9862: Freelancing How T Keep Your Writing Engine Going
Many things in life are uncertain, but I know one thing for sure: Freelance writers are not lazy people. As a freelancer I have to watch book trends, do my own research, do my own marketing, write dai..

9863: Writing Contests - Building Writing Credentials
One of the ways many writers can successfully add credentials to their portfolio if to participate in a variety of literary contests. This type of contest encourages writers to put their best foot for..

9864: Poetry - An Exercise In Emotion And Vulnerability
"[Henry David] Thoreau is a keen and delicate observer of nature - a genuine observer - which, I suspect, is almost as rare a character as even an original poet; and Nature, in return for his love, se..

9865: How Much Is Too Much Knowledge And Writing
'Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.' - Albert EinsteinIt could be that a writer has gone to college and has excelled in a certain field. This writer is gen..

9866: The Best Place For Live UK Casino Gaming!
I love to gamble. I admit it. In my history, vacations have always included great locations that also have casino play available – Macao, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Belize, and Monte Carlo among them. Ba..

9867: An Emotional Journey Into Writing Romance
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." William Shakespeare'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." Alfred Lord Tennyson"Curse..

9868: Things To Consider Before You Turn Your Ebook Into Print
Creating a printed book is somewhat different from cranking out information products, because there are certain time-honored conventions to laying out and structuring a book. First of all, you'll need..

9869: Cutting-Edge Full Body Rejuvenation With An LED Light Therapy Bed
The latest advance in skincare technology comes from celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas in the form of a cutting-edge LED light therapy bed. This spa treatment seems to be something straight out of a s..

9870: Reviewing Books Makes You A Better Writer
I have a suggestion for all of the unpublished or little published writers our there. If you want to improve your writing skills, read more books and get writing credits, you might want to apply to be..

9871: Overcoming Writers Block What Does Your Character Hear
Music. Talk Radio. The TV in the other room. The neighbors indulging in their daily bedroom shenanigans or screaming match. The cats purring on her lap. The poodle down the street yapping at all hours..

9872: Eight Reasons Why You Should Write A Novel
A famous novelist was asked after she had penned her fifth novel when she was going to get her books published? She looked up from her writing and told the friend that she had never considered them be..

9873: Chipper machines? Choose the ones made in Italy!
Gandini Meccanica offers several models of chipper tractor or motor operated independently, with criteria designed and manufactured in Italy with technologically advanced manufacturing techniques and ..

9874: Dialogue In Writing Some Points You Should Consider
In short story writing, dialogue is very important for a number of reasons. I've listed a few below, not in order of importance - all are important - but to give a 'points to ponder' rundown. So - wha..

9875: Writing For Children - Where To Begin
If you have thought it would be nice to write for children, but you just weren't sure where to begin, I have some suggestions for you. First of all, let's talk about your motivation. Why do you want t..

9876: How To Write A Video Game Script
Writing a video game script offers a challenge that goes well beyond the normal realm of writing. But it is also something that can be tremendously rewarding in the scope of its creativity. Here are s..

9877: Ten Tips Tn How To Write A Good Review
You see them everywhere: on the back of books or magazines, listed on websites, on posters if they're films and sometimes whole sites on the internet are geared to listing them for every possible prod..

9878: Writing Deadlines When Push Comes to Shove, Try These Five Easy Steps
You fall into bed, exhausted from the week's worth of activities you crammed into your nineteen-hour day. Your head gently nestles into goose down, a hearty sigh expels the demons of the day and your ..

9879: Scriptwriting And The Need For Synopsis
We – who studied scriptwriting in film schools, seminars, courses, lectures – were told many times that the first step in writing a script is a deep knowledge of the background of the main charact..

9880: How To Develop Your Own Writing Style
You hear a lot about this or that writer's style, usually because they have developed a signature way of expressing themselves. Hemmingway, Faulkner, Joyce. Columnists Russell Baker, Art Buchwald, Erm..

9881: Pick One - Make Excuses Or Write The Darn Story
OK so what's your excuse this week?The Cat had to go to the vet 8 times this week and you spent all your time in the waiting room or driving to the vet hospital.The kids destroyed the house for the 18..

9882: Theory Of Writing Successfully for Money
This is my own theory one I've developed and produced myself. It reflects my own approach to writing and to the marketing of writing. I've seen other writers speak of some of the individual approaches..

9883: Help For Writer's Stress - 6 Tips To De-Stress Your Life
You look at yourself in the mirror and ask "Is that vein supposed to throb like that?" In the back of your mind, you're pretty sure it isn't supposed to.Stress hits everyone at some point in their liv..

9884: The Typewriter Influencing Communications Technology
Without the invention of the typewriter would it have been possible for the computer to bask in its global popularity today? Would you be reading these words if it wasn't for the invention of the keyb..

9885: The Most Important Rule Of Writing
I just finished a set of conferences with my students which inspired me to write about the most important rule of writing -- writing is a process.So many of difficulties struggling writers face occur ..

9886: The Dirty Little Writing Secret Everyone Hates To Admit
Many struggling writers come to me asking what they can do to improve their writing. They continually face problems with sentence and paragraph structure as well as surface errors such as spelling, gr..

9887: Defining Your Topics For A Book
Once you have your list and can think of nothing else to add, it will be time to sort the list under the chapter headings. You may find that some topics fit under more than one chapter, at this point,..

9888: The Writing Life Using Gender Neutral Language
I'm comfortable using terms like flight attendant or fire fighter when I'm referring to an individual who performs that job. I typically struggle with pronoun use.This is an interesting area of writin..

9889: Would You Like To Write A Book
I have always enjoyed writing. Even way back in high school, I can remember never dreading having to write a book report of term paper. I had a creative writing class in high school that taught me a r..

9890: The Matter That Is important Is What's Within
Carlos and Gaby satisfy the loved ones that elevated their particular biological daughter Sophistication. Their own personas and appearance tend to be amazingly related. Each family agree to not tell ..

9891: Writing A Book And Its Benefits To Your Business
Most people perceive the act of writing a book as an academic thing. It seems something that only intellectuals and doctorate degree holders will do. Why would non-academic people bother in writing a ..

9892: Fiction An Exercise in Various Beginnings
I love to exercise, not in a gym, but in fiction writing. Since I'll be exercising, I'll start stretching with a few beginnings.Nobody knows more about the importance of beginnings than fiction writer..

9893: Know Your Author Rights-and Hang Onto Them!
When a book or magazine publisher agrees to publish your work, you must sign a contract. In this contract there is a very important area concerning rights.Be very careful about which rights you retain..

9894: Free Video Player - Quick MKV Player
In the ocean of different video formats, it is not always easy to play a particular movie. You double click a video file and simply get the message that the corresponding codec is missing from your sy..

9895: Getting Ripped Through BurnFatFast-Info
Five years ago, I had a sobering visit with my doctor. My cholesterol was through the roof. I was borderline diabetic. Basically, I was a heart attack waiting to happen. I was also only twenty five ye..

9896: Advanced XLS Converter - A Fast and Reliable Solution
There are various solutions for converting Microsoft Excel spreadsheet documents so it is understandable if you are having difficulty deciding which one to go for. In most cases, the primary concern w..

9897: View Application Logs with a Dedicated Log File Viewer
Legit Log Viewer provides an extensive set of features for viewing log files of any type. They key feature of this powerful log file viewer is that it is able to read and display log files of almost a..

9898: Automate and Schedule Tasks with Advanced Task Scheduler Professional
Advanced Task Scheduler Professional is a powerful utility for automating and scheduling a wide variety of tasks. Unlike the more basic solutions, such as those natively included with some editions of..

9899: Fiction Writing Getting Your Events In Order
In fiction writing, events occur in strict chronological order. If you would like to know what this means, please read on!In previous articles I have used my fictional tongue-in-cheek character Detect..

9900: Microcurrent Facials Will Give You Younger, Perfect Skin for The Holidays
What spas offers the best microcurrent facials?There's a reason A-list stars maintain their red carpet radiance. New York-based skincare salon owner, Joanna Vargas, mixes science with natural products..

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