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9651: 9 Steps To Help A Writer Be The First Choice Of Any Editor
Editors are, by nature, creatures of habit. And, the moment you, as an aspiring writer, have managed to make your mark on them, you are well on your way to becoming the first person an editor chooses ..

9652: Beware Of Freelance Job Site Clones
These days, you can find freelancers to perform many different IT related jobs online. Writers, programmers, proofreaders, and virtual assistants can all be found online, and they are easily found thr..

9653: Energize Your Writing And Increase Your Output
Every writer can benefit from a study of the effectiveness of their individual writing process. You can write more and you can write better by making some adjustments in your writing strategy.Recently..

9654: Writing For Children How I Broke Into The Children's Market
"Oh, I've always wanted to write for children!"I hear it all the time, whenever I reveal that I'm a published author of children's books. Always the starry-eyed look, the slightly wistful expression, ..

9655: Inside A Writer's Mind
I'm sitting with pen in my hand, the bitten with bite marks on it. I look at the last sentence that I just wrote and I feel proud of myself. Upto now I've never feared a writers block. I only learn fr..

9656: Whose Voice Is That Anyway
As a relative newbie, other writers told me to find my 'voice'. Once you've found your voice, they said, it will get easier to get published. But what is your 'voice'? No one could say. What they did ..

9657: Top Ten Question Prompts
Questions can be very effective in helping develop your journal technique. Exploring is part of the fun of journaling. Questions allow you to explore, develop and plan creative ideas, as well as solve..

9658: Journaling Your Book to Completion
On any given day, how many people, events, problems, projects, family issues, things to remember and appointments are running through your mind? A LOT, right? If you're writing a book, you have to add..

9659: Before You Start Writing That Book, Take The Time For A Few Tips
When the idea to write a book first popped into my head, I was certain it would become an instant bestseller. Before even writing a word, my book was already being featured on Oprah' Favourite Books, ..

9660: 5 Reasons Every Writer Needs A Web Site
If you are serious about your writing, in fact even if you aren't, you need a web site. Let me repeat that -- every writer needs a web site!If you don't believe me then here are five very good reasons..

9661: Nothing To Write Home About
I'm talking about the humble, sometimes admired and often despised cliche.Originally a French printing term, the cliche started life a hundred or so years ago in a completely different format. It was ..

9662: Why Fiction Writers Are CRAZY!
It's the characters that do it!It's not so much the characters that you keep in a story but the ones you kick out.Writers must edit their work.There is always a lot of worthless junk amiss the beautif..

9663: I Just Quit My Last Paying Writing Gig...And You Should Too!
I just quit my last paying writing gig. Why? Because I make more money giving my writing away. Yes, that's right. I make more money giving my writing away than I did selling my articles and columns. I..

9664: How To Form And Promote A Writing Group
Writers must network with other writers in order to learn and grow. My local writing group serves as a passion support mechanism for my writing. It is invaluable to me because it is the sacred place w..

9665: Phlebotomy Classes - Taking The Step To a New Life
A phlebotomy training course also involves studying subjects like cell composition, general anatomy, laboratory safety and blood sample procedures. The college where the student underwent phlebotomy t..

9666: Creating Characters from Life
As much as we're told not to use 'real' people for the basis of our characters, doing so can yield wonderfully full-bodied characters.Many years ago, when working a day job, I came across an unforgett..

9667: Writing And Walking - Beating Writer's Block
Writing and walking are a seemingly odd mix of topics for an article, but they go well together. Particularly if you write during breaks in your walk.Writing JournalsWhether you are writing articles o..

9668: Five Ways To Speed Up Your Writing
One of the major tools every writer needs is the ability to write fast. If you struggle with each word, revising everything again and again, your productivity will suffer. You have to be able to write..

9669: Writing The Serious Novel
Let me put my cards on the table straight away and say that I am primarily interested here in giving you an insight into what is involved in writing a serious novel. What I mean by 'serious' will beco..

9670: How To Find Weaknesses In Your Script
The new screenwriter tends to have a love affair with is/her "baby." He's married to every word and nuance he's carefully scripted onto each page. Often, it reads more like a novel than a screenplay a..

9671: Backstory Techniques
Show me an interesting character, and I immediately know the author has done her homework. Backstory will make or break a character.So exactly what is backstory?Backstory is the character's past histo..

9672: The Indie Author Revolution
I remember well the night I first heard Nirvana. I was sunk in wretched and ugly despondency, not wanting to talk to anyone and hating myself. I couldn't discern or articulate my inner state, even to ..

9673: Health Benefits of a Raw Food Diet
Try to the actual greens portion of to do list bigger than the proteins and carbs servings and also, before you know it, you will be on the right path toward being a fully-fledged "rawist". Tea which ..

9674: Stimulate Your Senses!
When you get stuck for ideas, and the words won't flow, invariably it's because one, more or all of your senses aren't being stimulated.Staring at a blank screen or sheet of paper really doesn't help...

9675: Answering Your Journaling Objections
Everyone experiences objections while keeping their personal journals. Objections make journaling exciting as well as frustrating. You may not know when an objection will show up. Objections will show..

9676: Has Cursive Writing Fallen From Grace
Cursive writing flows across the paper like a magical song reverberating through the strings of a harp. Cursive lettering is more difficult than block lettering (or casual style writing). Lines, loops..

9677: All About Freelance Proofreading And Copyediting Jobs
The terms "copyediting" and "proofreading" have distinct meanings. Copyediting is the revision right after the draft is finished. It includes correcting spelling, formatting, and grammar mistakes, as ..

9678: Changing Web Hosting Service Providers
Changing of Web hosting service provider can be difficult because of many reasons. An individual or companies want to change hosting company because current hosting company may not be providing enough..

9679: How A Fantasy Writer Can Write What You Know
"We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out." --Ray BradburyI'd like to address a phrase that I'm sure ever write..

9680: Should You Specialize In A Given Subject As A Writer - Or Not
Okay, so you are interested in writing something, anything, but don't know where to begin. For example, you're not sure whether you should know something about a given subject or not.According to Bob ..

9681: Edit Your Novel In Three Easy Steps
Today's publishing industry is cut-throat and difficult to break into. To compete, your writing needs to sparkle. A good editing plan can make the difference between 'sold' and 'shelved'.The best way ..

9682: Five-Year Plans For Creative Types
"I don't feel like it," you say, reaching for another cup of carefully brewed cappuccino. "Planning is for other people, and besides, it might ruin my street cred."Nothing ruins street cred among crea..

9683: Goal-Setting For Fiction Writers - SMART Goals
Most writers would not want to meet me at a party.Here are just a few of the questions I'd hit you with:What do you write? Books, short stories, poems? What genre do you write in? What subjects or the..

9684: Avoid the Truth About The Author
Searching my notes, lesson plans, and textbooks for idea to help make writing stronger, better, and more powerful, I found a collection of different tips, all which are helpful. However, these are jus..

9685: Beating Writers Block Melting The Sea Of Perfection
You're staring at the computer screen or a sheet of typing paper.It's blank.Right before you sat down to write, you had a ton of great ideas.Then you sat down and POOF! They're GONE! Just like a wave ..

9686: What Every Beginning Writer Should Know Before They Begin Their Quest
Have you ever bought a book and been so disappointed that you wondered how the author got published? Ever wondered why that can't be you getting published by that big guy? Don't feel alone. Most strug..

9687: Guide For Locating The Number One Vacuum Machine
You may also take into account the less effective stick vacuums. These inexpensive, adaptable vacuum cleaners have a reduced account that easily suits under cupboards and furniture. Different levels o..

9688: How to be a Phlebotomy Specialist
The phlebotomist institution you pick must be qualified by the proper authorities in order to conduct training programs. The phlebotomy school you pick must be qualified by the appropriate authorities..

9689: Eliminating Unecessary Words
Every writer has them, a mental list of things you notice in stories that drive you insane! On the top of my list is the superfluous use of the words had and that. Now these words aren't always a no-n..

9690: The Outline - Roadmap To Writing
There are two types of outlines: one you'll send to a prospective publisher (formal) and one that's a personal guide for your story (informal).First we'll talk about the informal type. No one ever has..

9691: Step-By-Step Plan For Keeping Track Of Everything When You're Writing A Book
I was commiserating with a friend of mine about what how hard it is to keep all the research and drafts organized when you are writing a book. "You should see my office I confided," as I took in the f..

9692: How To Think Through Writer's Block
In his book, On Writing, Stephen King says, "We are talking about tools and carpentry, about words and style...but as we move along, you'd do well to remember that we are also talking about magic." Wh..

9693: How To Become A Professional Phlebotomist
Future phlebotomists learn an impressive selection of subjects relevant to Phlebotomy, including human anatomy, needle insertion, preparing medical reports, as well as keeping records. To be qualified..

9694: Outlook 2013 Keep On Pushing according to union bancaire privée
Geneva, 21 November 2012 Faced with a sluggish and stimulus-dependent world economy, central banks have reasserted their will to do all in their power to restore growth and confidence in the markets...

9695: You're 30 Pages Away From Writing Your Book!
Years ago, I read great advice in a Writer's Digest article. If you want to be a writer, write a book. The author of the article didn't have patience with people who had ideas for books--with good rea..

9696: Writing Translatable Texts For The Global Marketplace
If you are involved in writing texts that will (or might) eventually be translated into other languages, there are a number of pitfalls to avoid. Just because you wrote your article, user's manual or ..

9697: Read This Article If You Are An Online Writer
Recently an experiment was done in writing catchy titles for an online article submission website. One-hundred articles were written which started out with the title; "Read This Article if..." The exp..

9698: Do You Suffer From Roughdraftitis
There is an epidemic sweeping through writing groups around the globe. Day after day writers drag their weary fingers and bleary eyes into my office and beg for a cure.The symptoms they describe are a..

9699: Read With Skill And Comprehension
Learning to write depends largely on how well you've learned to read. When readers read a story, they bring along their own experiences and understanding. The author tries to guide the responses, but ..

9700: Why I Look At Your Hands
After the publication of my first book, I started experiencing a new phenomenon in my life. In fact, it probably started before the publication, but became more frequent when I began my promotional to..

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