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9651: Should You Specialize In A Given Subject As A Writer - Or Not
Okay, so you are interested in writing something, anything, but don't know where to begin. For example, you're not sure whether you should know something about a given subject or not.According to Bob ..

9652: Edit Your Novel In Three Easy Steps
Today's publishing industry is cut-throat and difficult to break into. To compete, your writing needs to sparkle. A good editing plan can make the difference between 'sold' and 'shelved'.The best way ..

9653: Five-Year Plans For Creative Types
"I don't feel like it," you say, reaching for another cup of carefully brewed cappuccino. "Planning is for other people, and besides, it might ruin my street cred."Nothing ruins street cred among crea..

9654: Goal-Setting For Fiction Writers - SMART Goals
Most writers would not want to meet me at a party.Here are just a few of the questions I'd hit you with:What do you write? Books, short stories, poems? What genre do you write in? What subjects or the..

9655: Avoid the Truth About The Author
Searching my notes, lesson plans, and textbooks for idea to help make writing stronger, better, and more powerful, I found a collection of different tips, all which are helpful. However, these are jus..

9656: Beating Writers Block Melting The Sea Of Perfection
You're staring at the computer screen or a sheet of typing paper.It's blank.Right before you sat down to write, you had a ton of great ideas.Then you sat down and POOF! They're GONE! Just like a wave ..

9657: What Every Beginning Writer Should Know Before They Begin Their Quest
Have you ever bought a book and been so disappointed that you wondered how the author got published? Ever wondered why that can't be you getting published by that big guy? Don't feel alone. Most strug..

9658: Guide For Locating The Number One Vacuum Machine
You may also take into account the less effective stick vacuums. These inexpensive, adaptable vacuum cleaners have a reduced account that easily suits under cupboards and furniture. Different levels o..

9659: How to be a Phlebotomy Specialist
The phlebotomist institution you pick must be qualified by the proper authorities in order to conduct training programs. The phlebotomy school you pick must be qualified by the appropriate authorities..

9660: Eliminating Unecessary Words
Every writer has them, a mental list of things you notice in stories that drive you insane! On the top of my list is the superfluous use of the words had and that. Now these words aren't always a no-n..

9661: The Outline - Roadmap To Writing
There are two types of outlines: one you'll send to a prospective publisher (formal) and one that's a personal guide for your story (informal).First we'll talk about the informal type. No one ever has..

9662: Step-By-Step Plan For Keeping Track Of Everything When You're Writing A Book
I was commiserating with a friend of mine about what how hard it is to keep all the research and drafts organized when you are writing a book. "You should see my office I confided," as I took in the f..

9663: How To Think Through Writer's Block
In his book, On Writing, Stephen King says, "We are talking about tools and carpentry, about words and style...but as we move along, you'd do well to remember that we are also talking about magic." Wh..

9664: How To Become A Professional Phlebotomist
Future phlebotomists learn an impressive selection of subjects relevant to Phlebotomy, including human anatomy, needle insertion, preparing medical reports, as well as keeping records. To be qualified..

9665: Outlook 2013 Keep On Pushing according to union bancaire privée
Geneva, 21 November 2012 Faced with a sluggish and stimulus-dependent world economy, central banks have reasserted their will to do all in their power to restore growth and confidence in the markets...

9666: You're 30 Pages Away From Writing Your Book!
Years ago, I read great advice in a Writer's Digest article. If you want to be a writer, write a book. The author of the article didn't have patience with people who had ideas for books--with good rea..

9667: Writing Translatable Texts For The Global Marketplace
If you are involved in writing texts that will (or might) eventually be translated into other languages, there are a number of pitfalls to avoid. Just because you wrote your article, user's manual or ..

9668: Read This Article If You Are An Online Writer
Recently an experiment was done in writing catchy titles for an online article submission website. One-hundred articles were written which started out with the title; "Read This Article if..." The exp..

9669: Do You Suffer From Roughdraftitis
There is an epidemic sweeping through writing groups around the globe. Day after day writers drag their weary fingers and bleary eyes into my office and beg for a cure.The symptoms they describe are a..

9670: Read With Skill And Comprehension
Learning to write depends largely on how well you've learned to read. When readers read a story, they bring along their own experiences and understanding. The author tries to guide the responses, but ..

9671: Why I Look At Your Hands
After the publication of my first book, I started experiencing a new phenomenon in my life. In fact, it probably started before the publication, but became more frequent when I began my promotional to..

9672: How One Key Word Will Produce Oodles Of Stories 3 Simple Methods
How can you take one single word and convert it into a story or poem? As you read through the multitude of writer's guidelines for magazines, contests, trade journals or newspapers, they will state wh..

9673: How To Write A Kick-A** Query Letter
You can find guidelines for writing query letters in many different places: online at sites like Charlotte Dillon's, in resource books like Writer's Market, or at your local writer's group or conferen..

9674: Finding Your True Voice
There's a prevailing sense in the world of writing that everything has already been said. Truly, it has. The human race has always experienced birth, the triumphs and tragedies of life in a transitory..

9675: Journal; The Window To Your Subconscious Mind
A journal is not just a simple diary, periodical chronicle or record. It is a window where you or any one reading your journal sees you from inside and through your subconscious mind.A journal is a ma..

9676: Breathe Life Into Your Characters
As a novice writer, I was told I had two choices when writing fiction; my stories could be character driven or plot driven. No one ever told me they should be both.I began to weave really strong plots..

9677: Making a Statement With Angry Birds Items
The most famous bird that has found its spot in the trend among youngsters and older people likewise is the red angry bird, which is additionally utilized as the mascot of the game. For your shoes or ..

9678: Making a Statement With Angry Birds Items
The most famous bird that has found its spot in the trend among youngsters and older people likewise is the red angry bird, which is additionally utilized as the mascot of the game. For your shoes or ..

9679: Understand Your Contract
When Arabella Magazine notified me they were buying "Popcorn Murders" I was ecstatic. After all, everyone was vying to be published in that magazine.Then they told me to "look out for the contract soo..

9680: 10 Ways To Get In The Writing Zone
Do you LOVE to write? Are you so zeroed in on your writing that you are oblivious to distractions? In fact, distractions do not exist during this "Twilight Zone" period of time-you keep on writing. Wh..

9681: Fountain Pen Filling Systems Where Pen Waltzes With Ink
The writing instrument that dominated for the longest period in history was the quill pen. Quill pens, made from the wing feathers of geese, lasted for only a week before they needed to be replaced. W..

9682: Develop A Writing Process That Works For You
You need a way to construct your writing. With a writing process, you don't get stuck. You build your writing brick by brick, tile by tile. Here's a process which works for almost any piece of writing..

9683: Information about how Vitiligo patches Should be Treated
Given the succeeding speed and the minimal unwanted effects connected with UVB laser treatment for this skin disease, it tends to be the most effective medical treatment alternative and furthermore th..

9684: Be A Writer In Your Own Time
It's easy to be a writer. You sit down and add one word to another until you have a sentence. Then, you add another sentence and another until you have a paragraph. Then lots and lots and lots of para..

9685: Writing Without An Outline
The very notion of beginning a novel - and setting down those first few paragraphs out of a projected thousand or so - can be intimidating enough to deter many people from ever making the attempt. The..

9686: Writing For Children
Writing for children, whether poetry or prose, requires a different perspective. Generations were raised on nursery rhymes and Mother Goose. Now we can add Dr. Seuss to that list of those who appeal t..

9687: 5 Easy Steps To Write A Book
Writing an instructional book doesn't have to be something that takes years to accomplish. You can actually write a book or eBook in as little as a few days -- if you establish the framework first.Rol..

9688: Motivation Revisited
Last time I talked about setting goals, and sticking to them. I thought it appropriate to revisit this topic and see how you're going.First of all, did you print out and complete the goal worksheet? I..

9689: Stay Motivated - The Key To Your Writing Success
Are you as motivated as the Stars Wars actors were?I don't know about you but I am a Star Wars fan, and I ask you this: Are you as dedicated to writing your great book as the Star Wars actors were to ..

9690: 10 Things You Should Expect When Choosing A Brochure Writer
Brochures, leaflets, flyers, pamphlets, sales collateral, product sheets...every company needs them. And in an ideal world, every company has an experienced brochure writer to craft them. Poor use of ..

9691: Collecting Vintage Fountain Pens 5 Things To Look For
What's so special about collecting old fountain pens? The craftsmanship of vintage fountain pens creates the essence of impeccable beauty and exquisite artistic value. Owning and using this type of pe..

9692: Making The Most Of Your Words
"Why am I writing this?" This is the very first question that you must ask yourself before you write anything. What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to sell it? Are you writing something informa..

9693: You Want To Write, But Do You Have Writing Talent
New writers always worry about talent, but "talent" is no indication of ability to write. If you have the desire to write, that's a fair indication that you have all the ability you need.=> The desire..

9694: Reflecting On The First Two Years Of My Writing Career
After two years of writing and over 4 million words, 11,500 online articles and 10 eBooks, I still do not think of myself as a very good writer or article author. People often tell me I am a good writ..

9695: Teaching Children To Journal
This is a subject near and dear to my heart only because I am a dad who is hopelessly crazy about his children. Yes, I admit it, I admit it, I'm a doting dad! I can't help myself. I have four children..

9696: Powerful One-Liners To Keep Your Writing Strong
Rudyard Kipling said, "Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind." Nothing changes people like words, written well. Here are five powerful one-liners to inspire you and keep your wr..

9697: Talking Of Voids
His books are writings of silences - silences that gnaw on retrospection, silences of the chimera, silences of the nuance of a bucolic lingo and then again, silences that correspond with or impinge on..

9698: Ideas For The Taking
I have two cats; a sixteen year old tortoiseshell named Taddy, and a very big, and very fat - nearly nine kilos - cuddly ginger, named Shadow.Recently, Shadow disappeared for three days. Both my husba..

9699: 12 Tips For Editing Your Fiction
Good writing includes editing. Just look back at an email you dashed off in haste, and you will likely wince at something. Editing encompasses many levels of intensity from basic proofreading to subst..

9700: Building An Awesome Audience For Your Book
I got lucky. The month that I sold my novel was the same month that I started my newsletter, Living the Dream, for my coaching business. I had no idea that as my list of subscribers grew I would have ..

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