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9601: Writing For Local Veterinary Hospitals
Freelance writer STANLEY BURKHARDT has a passion for animals. He loves animals so much, he crafted himself a new career. For the last eight years, Stanley has made a career out of writing for local ve..

9602: The Author's Life 14 Hints On Creating A Career Plan
1. Remember publication is a business; writing is an art. Get those confused at your peril. Treat publication as you would any enterprise--as a professional. Meet deadlines, learn about the industry, ..

9603: Top Seven Ways To Write Your Print Or EBook Fast
Want to write your book? But, need a blueprint on why it will help your profits and brand your business? Need to know each step so you can delegate it to an assistant or do it yourself in just an hour..

9604: Escape Into Your Art - Six Ways To Get Out Of Your Own Way!
"When we are self-conscious, we cannot be wholly aware; we must throw ourselves out first. The throwing ourselves away is the act of creativity. So, when we wholly concentrate, like a child in play, o..

9605: The Writer's Identity Exploring The Writer Within
Les Edgerton writes in his book, Finding Your Voice, that the best way to find your voice is to write autobiographically. "Writers will never find a powerful, evocative voice until they learn to be bo..

9606: Documenting Everything Your Journal Is Your Logbook
Sailors had it for years. Great explorers had it as well. If you go on an expedition to an ancient Aztec mound, more than likely the archaeologist will have one too - so, why shouldn't you own one?No,..

9607: Using Technology To Improve Your Final Draft
One Saturday afternoon, I sat in a packed conference room with about 150 other would be writers, listening to a conference instructor tell us the keys to self-editing our manuscripts. The number of pe..

9608: The Importance Of An Elevator Pitch
Try to picture yourself standing in an elevator next to your favorite movie director. You know the one, the dude who could take your pitch for a screenplay and turn it into the movie of the year, ador..

9609: Understanding Editorial Guidelines
Editorial guidelines, also known as writer's guidelines, are the rules set forth by publishers for contributing authors. In order to have your article taken seriously you must review the guidelines pr..

9610: Business Writing 10 Great Authors
Great business writers combine narrative skills with sound judgment to create classics that help both the beginner and the mid-career professional.Writing's completely subjective. What interests you m..

9611: Writing For The Internet -- How To Give The Readers What They Want
In this article you will find tips on: How to intrigue your readers from the very start--the most important part of your piece isn't the content, Once they're hooked--reel them in, How to keep them re..

9612: Writing How Yo Write Bad Poetry
Why does titling yourself a "poet" make you a Fool? Well, it doesn't, not in and of itself. But if you've only been published online, never in print--that could be a sign of your well-earned Fool stat..

9613: Freelance Writing A Career From Anywhere
An island in the Mediterranean. A beach in Africa. The east coast of New Zealand. What do all these locations have in common? A recent call for assistance from freelance writers elicited replies from ..

9614: 8 Reasons Why A Freelance Writer Should Use The Internet
What a wonderful resource the Internet is!Students find information to help them with their studies; business people keep in touch with important clients and stay up to date with important business de..

9615: 8 Advantages To Writing A Book As An Entrepreneur
As an aspiring or an established entrepreneur, you are an expert in something, but does the rest of the world know? You have a wealth of information, experience and knowledge that you can package into..

9616: Ghostwriting - Making Money By Being Invisible
My bookcase take up one whole wall in the family room, from floor to ceiling. It shows my eclectic reading tastes... fiction, non-fiction, Harry Potter next to murder mysteries and metaphysical litera..

9617: 6 Ways To Toot Your Own Writing Horn
You know you've got writing talent. Others enjoy your work and you've even sold a few things. You'd like to turn that writing talent into full-time freelancing but you don't enough clients yet. You ne..

9618: Writers Can Grow To Be Comfortable With Criticism
On my first newspaper assignment as a critic, I was well prepared to dish it out. I was less prepared to take it. Imagine my surprise when my witty, well-crafted critique drew a smattering of letters ..

9619: How To Tell If You Are A Literary Snob
"I don't know if I should put 'writer' on my business card," I murmured."Then don't," my wife said in her infinite wisdom. "Put 'author' on it.""But if I put 'author' on, none of those big companies w..

9620: New York Tax Attorney Warns About The Rise Of Tax Resolution Scams
Given the difficult economic climate, New York taxpayers often fall behind on income taxes due to circumstances beyond their control. Many taxpayers may fall behind on the payment of income taxes due ..

9621: Different Types Of Server According To Roles?
History of server has changed a lot by now, but it has moved parallel with computer network. With the advancement in computer network, servers also get improved. Let us define a Server in short and sw..

9622: Wonderful Benefits of a Raw Food Program
At that rate your elimination program can get rid of the toxic compounds developed whenever you prepare. But when you eat a lot more prepared meals you are ingesting acidic toxins more quickly as comp..

9623: How to Obtain a Phlebotomy Accreditation
The primary function of a phlebotomy technician is to obtain blood through a vein. This blood is collected for a wide range of blood tests in lab test facilities, diagnostic centers and other health r..

9624: Phlebotomy Job Training Program - Traditional And Web-based
Selecting a phlebotomy training program over the internet allows you to learn at your own schedule - this means that you aren't pushed to mix the required studying into very long presentations. You ar..

9625: Vitiligo Treatment Options And Alternative Solutions
Depigmentation reduces the locations color in the areas that are not affected, in purchase to combine with the tone colors as a great deal as probable. It is impossible to predict exactly how a lot of..

9626: Scalable Smart Packager Pro - Smart Repackaging for Organizations that Create MSI Installer Packages
Lets face it; there will be times when you will need to repackage a Windows Installer Setup (MSI). The process to create MSI Installer is a feature of the Smart Packager Pro product. But what if you n..

9627: Package Your Software Projects with a Powerful install builder
For software developers who are concerned with getting their software packages ready in less time and with less effort, InstallAware Studio Admin for MSI is a highly versatile install builder. No long..

9628: Secaucus New Jersey The City With a Heart
Secaucus New Jersey like many cities across the country have an animal shelter. The Secaucus New Jersey animal shelter is often filled to capacity. There are so many needy animals that get dumped off ..

9629: Get Your Programs Ready for Distribution with a Free Installer
There is plenty of great free software out there, some of which is every bit as good as similar solutions which may cost quite a lot of money. If you are a software developer who uses Visual Studio fo..

9630: Best Practices for the Scalable Free MSI Package Builder: Smart Packager CE
Best Practices for the Scalable Free MSI Package Builder: Smart Packager CEThe following are the best practices when using the Scalable Free MSI Package Builder - Scalable Smart Packager CE. They yiel..

9631: Be A Professional Phlebotomy Technician
Besides trying to find an accredited phlebotomy school, you'll also need make sure your selected institution offers the proper courses and has a schedule which fits your needs. Students that carry out..

9632: A Facial That Will Tighten & Firm Your Skin
A spa treatment that has stars endorsing it because it creates firmer skin is the microcurrent facial. This treatment is known for quickly tightening the skin and boosting collagen production for a mo..

9633: Metro Style Icon Studio Boosts Windows Modern-Style UI
Graphic designers and the producers of icons for applications targeting the new Windows 8 Metro market introduced with mobile and desktop versions of Windows 8 have been lacking an appropriate drawing..

9634: Metro Style Icon Studio Boosts Windows Modern-Style UI
Graphic designers and the producers of icons for applications targeting the new Windows 8 Metro market introduced with mobile and desktop versions of Windows 8 have been lacking an appropriate drawing..

9635: Complaint Letter Writing That Works - 10 Tips From A Pro Copywriter
Writing a complaint letter that works is rather like life itself: pick your fights carefully and win them wherever possible. When something's gone wrong and you need to write a complaint letter, it's ..

9636: Creating Real Novel Characters - Go To The Dark Places
One of the best writing talks I've ever heard was delivered by romance novelist Jennifer Cruisie at the Spring 2003 Writers Retreat Workshop. She gave the same talk again at the Romance Writers of Ame..

9637: Six Simple Ways To Make The Most Of Any Writing Workshop
If you've recently signed up for a writing workshop or writing class, in the hopes of becoming a better writer, then follow these simple steps to make the most of that experience:1) Read! Read! Read!B..

9638: Finding Freelance Journalism Work
Writers today have so many choices-- should I work full time, should I be in print or broadcast media, how about freelance work? The path you choose to tread is "your own." Never select a career based..

9639: Writing The Knockout Query Letter How To Catch A Book Editor's Attention
You've done it. You've achieved a lifelong dream and penned a book certain to be lauded through the ages as a literary masterpiece. Yet one last obstacle stands between you and publishing success - at..

9640: IELTS Tips And Tricks - Mastering The Writing Task
Everyone's biggest problem with Writing Task is finishing both tasks on time. What no one tells you is that if you don't finish either one, you lost a whole band point. This never has to happen to you..

9641: Do I Need To Be Gifted To Write Great Stories?
Stories - the power of talent and knowledge combined!So, you might have some questions for me now. Let me guess what a few might be. If you have any others please don't hesitate to email me. If I don'..

9642: Writing True
Write true. Write what you know. Open the vein and let it pour out, says Faulkner.I have always believed these widely known, often repeated pearls of writing wisdom to mean a good writer should someho..

9643: Giving Breath To Imagined Worlds
If you are an author or avid reader of fantasy and/or science fiction - or if you enjoy role-playing within either of those genres - then you already understand the powerful allure of entering into a ..

9644: Online Dictionaries A Universe Of Words
Everybody needs a dictionary. You may have a tattered family volume, a hardcover dictionary from student days, or a paperback bought at a bargain price. But you don't have to buy a dictionary, you may..

9645: Why You Need A Professional Proofreader
Most people imagine they're capable of writing professional copy but when you look around the web, the number of sites with screaming errors is phenomenal.There are two main reasons as to why this is...

9646: Creating Narrative Tension In A Novel
Narrative tension is the tension characters in a novel feel about unresolved and unfulfilled events and needs. That's why it's so important to suggest a story's promise in a dramatic context, so that ..

9647: Is Ghostwriting Immoral
Writing without a byline is a much more secure way to make a living than publishing in your own name. If fortune attracts you more than fame does, contract writing (which is writing on a particular su..

9648: 3 Ways You Can Profit From Giving Your Writing Away
I recently made an important discovery that I just couldn't wait to share. You can make money by giving your writing away. Yes, it really is true.This isn't some "get rich overnight" scheme or some tr..

9649: Failure - Do It Right
I set myself a big goal for the weekend: Write 20,000 words by hook or by crook. I utterly failed. At 8,000 words my brain turned to jello and I crashed out on the sofa with a box set of DVD's.You hea..

9650: Journal-Keeping A Place For Healing, Self-Discovery, And Creative Flow
I have a best friend, therapist and personal organizer I take with me everywhere. It is compact, requires as little or as much time as I desire and is always ready to offer support, guidance, comfort,..

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