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9501: Five Keys To A Successful Query Letter
Do you know what a query letter is? If so, you are of a rare breed-a writer. Most people don't. I discovered this when I created "Instant Query Letters" software. "What's a queer letter?" they ask. Th..

9502: Editing And Polishing - How Much Is Enough
A few days ago, I critiqued a chapter for a writer I'd been working with for some months. The main thing we'd been working on was 'de-cluttering' her writing. In many sections of her work her natural ..

9503: Boost Your Income With Trade Journals
Why would anyone want to write for trade journals? Aren't the topics are dry? Don't they require specialized knowledge? Not necessarily. You may want to consider trade journals to increase the potenti..

9504: 10 Ways To Shatter Writer's Block
1. Use Logic: Check for External PressuresAre you under physical or emotional stress? Is your diet lacking? Do you need more sleep, or more restful sleep? Would a visit to the doctor be in order befor..

9505: Getting Prepared For A Writing Career
One of the first things you will need to do is to take this seriously as a real business and get prepared. There are many different things you can and should do to get prepared to start your own busin..

9506: Sharpen Your Writing With Structure
At some point, every serious writer is forced to sit down and conclude that there is something seriously wrong with their work. It wanders; it is pretty in some spots and horribly ugly in others. It d..

9507: 3 Quick Tips On Plotting Your Book
Plotting a book can seem an overwhelming task when you're just starting out, but it does get easier when you understand various plotting strategies.Here are 3 quick tips that could be all you need to ..

9508: Frequently Asked Questions From Writers
1. What Is A Premise?A premise is the point you have to prove in your novel. It is not a universal truth; it is true only for the particular situation of this novel. For example:"a love of power leads..

9509: Writing The Autobiographic Voice
Today, is as good as any to give you a real B-I-G challenge. I know you can do it, but you will need to put some energy and your mind into this one. And, of course, your pen.Let's go ahead and dive in..

9510: New Year Resolutions For Writers
On the first day of a bright and shiny new year, stretching out ahead of us full of possibilities, it's so easy to feel a sense of determination. ("This year I'm DOING it! I'm going to write a book / ..

9511: Character Motivation - Always Ask WHY
For many years, I've been a tutor for students undertaking courses in writing romance, crime or children's stories. In that time, I've marked thousands of assignments. I've seen hundreds of plots, tho..

9512: Why Book Writers Need A Running Mate
By far, I have found that the lack of discipline is the biggest hindrance for most people, when it comes to writing a book of any kind. Although I urge you as a would-be writer to develop a theme beca..

9513: Who Said That Making Dialogue Crystal Clear
Recently, I was hunting for a book that would simply entertain me. I didn't want to have to ponder about 'who dun it'. I didn't want to have to think about the meaning of life. I just wanted to sit ba..

9514: Making Better Word Choices - 4 Examples
Choosing the wrong words can have a poor effect on your writing and on you. Whether you are writing a cover letter for a job, a business proposal, or an application essay for graduate school, using wo..

9515: How To Avoid The 11 Biggest Mistakes Of First Time Authors
"If you want to change your life," Harry Beckwith wrote in The Invisible Touch, "write a book." But writing a book can also be tremendously frustrating and unrewarding.Following are the 11 biggest rea..

9516: How To Cut The Clutter And Win Readers
Most of us hate housework.Nevertheless, even the most hopeless slobs amongst us would agree that we love having a clean, organised house. It looks more inviting. It's easy to find what you want, when ..

9517: Basic Writing Tips - Some Controversial, All Correct
As a previous article ("Making Better Word Choices - 4 Examples") explained, writers can take steps to prevent simple, and common, errors from degrading their writing. Five areas of writing that cause..

9518: Websites For Writers - Why You Need One And How To Get Started Today
It may seem like the publishing industry's equivalent of Beanie Baby madness- everyone is talking about writer's websites. Freelancers and authors everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon, publishing s..

9519: Common Writing Mistakes - Are These Holding You Back From Writing Success
During the years that I've been teaching writing and participating in writers' critique sessions, I've seen some real talent. There are writers who produce such sparkling prose that you know publicati..

9520: 10 Tips On Writing Effective Dialogue
1. Become an EavesdropperListen carefully to the way people REALLY talk. They tend to talk in sentence fragments. They interrupt others. They repeat themselves. Try to get your dialogue to reflect aut..

9521: Is Streamline Loan Right For You?
Have you heard about streamline loan? Do you think you can benefit from it? To get these questions answered, you need to grab some details about the loan. You also need to know its benefits and drawba..

9522: Critique Groups - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
What do people expect when they join a writing group?The list of anticipated benefits includes friendship, constructive criticism, support, encouragement, help with editing, inspiration, and advice on..

9523: Angry Birds Shirts and Other Clothing
Most of these are graphic-shirts. All these are created to support your needs. They snout and pipe yaup, as you push them. The less difficult described right here refer to those sold on Amazon . com t..

9524: Basic Word Processing Tips For Writers
Word processors are so widely used now that I tend to take it for granted that most writers know how to perform basic tasks (e.g. double space their work, count the number of words, and indent a parag..

9525: Find Famous And Important Destination In North India?
India is land of vivid color, an ancient land that was able to preserve its religious value and culture. India is known from ancient times when an ancient civilization was forming on the banks of Rive..

9526: Dig Deeper To Reveal Character
He ran up the steps and knocked on the door. After a few moments, it was opened by a woman with dark curly hair and a strained expression. What you've just read are two simple sentences showing a comm..

9527: 14 Tips On Writing The Short-Short Story
The short-short story has been likened by some as being closer to writing a poem than a story. And that makes sense--every word has to be packed with power; every line has to move the story along.The ..

9528: More Angry Birds Gifts to Try Gifts
If you’re concerned about your budget, after that you should never be because most Angry Birds items are inexpensive, especially when you obtain it from Amazon . com. They are additionally in differ..

9529: Keeping A Journal - One Of The Three Treasures To Leave Behind
If you're serious about becoming a wealthy, powerful, sophisticated, healthy, influential, cultured and unique individual, keep a journal. Don't trust your memory. When you listen to something valuab..

9530: How Vitiligo patches Should be Treated
In several situations, when this skin condition is are usually still considered slight, there Are Some of the affected patches will be camouflaged with cosmetic colored creams and makeup. The patient ..

9531: Best Ways To Be A Professional Phlebotomist
Phlebotomy technicians need incredible experience in interviewing clients, taking vital signs such as blood pressure and using electric BP measuring devices. Individuals who have graduated from phlebo..

9532: Impressive Benefits of a Raw Food Diet Plan
Bodies are actually kind of an alkaline electric battery, operating in electrons. Almost all life-giving chemical substance responses just happen while electrons or perhaps vitality flows between atom..

9533: Become An Instant Author By Playing Well With Others
You wrote a tips booklet. Maybe more than one. Oh wait, are you one of the people who still hasn't done one yet? Not to worry. This is not leading up to any kind of guilt trip for you. This article is..

9534: How To Get A Phlebotomy Certificate
If you lack the time to attend full-time phlebotomy training programs, courses on the web are terrific and they enable you to study on your own time. In order to be permitted for a licensure test, a s..

9535: Business Letters - 6 Tricks To Squeeze Your Letters Onto One Page
Anyone who has read any of my articles on the subject of letter writing or resume writing will know how important I believe it is to minimize the number of pages, preferably limiting them to one page ..

9536: Why Every Freelancer Should Have A Web Site
"Do I send samples, a media kit, or just the query, postcard and/or sales letter?" As a freelancer, when you are trying to reach new clients or stay in touch with old ones, how to approach the contact..

9537: How To Have An Effective Reading Group
Writing leads to reading. Therefore, it's only fair to supply my readers with sufficient information on creating an effective reading group, since the last article was based on writing groups.You'll n..

9538: 9 More Writing Tips For Successful Email Marketing
1. Ask a question in the Subject line. This almost always gets the email opened. I suspect this is because questions are so much a part of everyday email between friends and colleagues. It's a natural..

9539: How To Let Go Of The Fear Of Starting A Full-Time Freelance Writing Career
Below is a freelance writing commitment contract. What is this? Before I explain, let me tell you what precipitated it.I read an excellent article entitled 10 Steps to the Body You Want. As th..

9540: Creative Problem-Solving Following Your Stream of Consciousness
Having trouble finding a solution to a nagging problem? Try a well-known journaling technique called stream of consciousness--you may be surprised at the creative messages you receive from your inner ..

9541: How To Write Your Way To A Fortune
We've all seen those ads that grab our attention and makes us want to pull out our credit cards and buy. Don't you wish you had that same power to persuade? but contrary to what you may have been told..

9542: Writing The Chapters Of Your Life
List-making is a favorite journaling technique and is often used to quickly jot down a numbered record on topics like "my beliefs," "my pet peeves," "the things I hate about myself," or "my strengths...

9543: Who Else Wants To Make $3546 By Simply Pressing A Button!
If you have been online for any length of time you have probably stumbled across many of the incredible claims of online marketing gurus making thousands of dollars just by sending out simple emails w..

9544: How To Improve Your Writing - Two Simple Plot Formats
There are two simple plot formats that have always been popular - the "epiphany plot" and "the worm turns." Personally, I'm a big fan of the epiphany plot. This is where the main character has an epip..

9545: Top Ten Writing Mistakes Made By New Children's Writers
Okay. So I'm not David Letterman. But I doubt if he'd know much about the top 10 mistakes made by new children's writers anyway. I, on the other hand, read from 10 to 20 manuscripts for children every..

9546: How New Authors Can Keep Their Manuscripts Coherent
In large publishing houses, many manuscripts penned by first-time authors, never make it past the "first reader" who for all practical purposes is a gatekeeper of sorts. This person's job is to weed o..

9547: Writer's Block Is No Longer A Problem
"If you're like me, than I'm sure you're pretty familiar with the well-known writer's block.From time to time, when you have to start writing something, be it an article, an ebook, or just a letter, t..

9548: Write On! - Key Components Of Successful Business Communication
Written communication is often the first impression you make on potential customers, business partners, or employers. Because of its significance to your marketing message, it is one of the most impor..

9549: Do You Know How To Write English For Global Audiences
When you write for international audiences, mainly directly in English, you will need to develop an audience profile. In particular, you will have to show consistency and clarity in style/expression a..

9550: Slow Pokes Short Story On The Changing World Of Writing
"No one will ever know who I am, I'm a nobody-writer from nowhere... I've had a thousand rejections from all the major publishers. It seems my destiny is never to be read, another nameless soul lost t..

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