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9201: How To Write A Terrifying Ghost Story
Many authors have said that no genre is more difficult to write for than ghost stories. This certainly seems to be the case; pick up an anthology of short ghost stories, and only a select few will be ..

9202: Get Your XLS Conversion Work Done with Advanced XLS Converter
There is a number of different methods and programs for converting spreadsheet documents which use the Microsoft Excel XLS format. Because of this, it can seem confusing when it comes to choosing the ..

9203: Best Man Toast Example - Let Yourself Be Guided
Weddings have always been one of the most celebrated rituals of all times. Every culture has a respective view of how the wedding ceremony must be concluded. Indeed, a festive mood always accompanies ..

9204: How To Be A Writer - Is This You
I have been making up stories for as long as I can remember. I was never one for telling tall tales, but inventing stories and creating something out of whatever was available is a skill I've had almo..

9205: Good Creative Writer - My 2 Secrets Of Creative Writing Success
For creative writers focused on brand-building, which is a key element to being recognized as an expert in their chosen genre of writing, it is imperative to harness the power of new media tools and t..

9206: How To Successfully Write The Plot Of Your Story In Reverse
How can one write a good fiction story in reverse? This may seem a trick question until you realise this simple fact: a novel is defined by its outcome. Put it in another way; every story has a Contro..

9207: Out Of Body Dreams What Do They Mean
When you dream, your mind creates a sort of story, based on different elements lying within your subconscious. Sometimes the dream contains memories from your day - people you interacted with or place..

9208: Why Writers Should Consider Getting Involved In Community Theater
These days I think of myself as a writer. Commercial writing has been my main source of income for the past decade. I have co-authored two non-fiction books, one of which was a bestseller, and most re..

9209: Visual Journaling For Balance In Life
How will you achieve balance in your life? Ask yourself this every time you are feeling unbalanced. I'm an avid believer that journaling is the fastest route to achieving balance. Journaling brings cl..

9210: How To Find Writing Inspiration
Everyone who has gone through life's tough experiences and come out the other end has wisdom to share. We're all experts at life's lessons and we all have the knowledge to fill many self-help books. B..

9211: Do You Want To Write Science Fiction And Fantasy Books
Many have been drawn toward the brilliant world of science fiction and fantasy writing, and have asked the question: should they even attempt to write books as complex as fantasy and science fiction? ..

9212: Memoir Ghostwriting - How Much Does A Co Writer Cost?
Working with a ghostwriter can be a costly venture. Depending on the length you wish for your memoir, it may take months and even years to complete your book. Understandably, people want to know how m..

9213: Some People Won't Like It, And That's Alright
It's a never-ending quest to find that one thing that everyone likes. Something that would appease any man, woman, or child the world over. Every single person is different though, and I doubt there i..

9214: Imaginative Writing Starts With This
Imaginative writing starts with two words - 'What If?'What if the moon was really made of cheese? What if sheep ruled the world? What if a prince could change places with a pauper? What if... ?Our ima..

9215: Strategies To Develop Creative And Imaginative Writing
Creative writers feed their imaginations by observing and interacting with and receiving from the world. Impressions that come to us must be captured before any critical voice comes in. I find the cro..

9216: Books - Our Friends Till the World Ends
Reading books give sudden harmonious flair and charm us by their content. It doesn't matter at all how the saga reconcile, what matters is the possession of something lusciously private - a bond betwe..

9217: The Most Famous Authors And The Push To Remain Prolific Considered
Well, word processing on computers, speech recognition software, and the onslaught of new writers and authors into the world has been nothing short of incredible, and it has changed writing, publishin..

9218: Why Sci-Fi Is Crucial - There Is Everything We've Already Done
Not long ago, I was having a philosophical argument with an acquaintance, and I asked her if she believed that science fiction writers were more intelligent or smarter than the writers of other fictio..

9219: Short Story Structure Simplified
Short story structure demands that you abandon all ideas of forming your own brand of storytelling. The rules are very simple: comply to the form that sells, or you don't sell.Short story structure ha..

9220: The Secrets To A Ready Supply Of Creative Ideas For Writing Topics
How do you come up with your article ideas? For some writers, this is the most difficult aspect of the job. But this will be a problem no more if you follow this good advice. You might recall the song..

9221: 13 Tips For Becoming A Better Writer
Here are 13 tips for improving your own writing style.ReadingResearchingComfortable atmosphereFocusKnow your audienceReadabilityTaking risksImperfectionsBe yourself and use your voicePersonal experien..

9222: Writer's Block What It Is And How To Kill It
Here's my tip for the day: Ending Writer's BlockOkay, so you planned your novel and jotted down all these fantastical ideas, but you're completely stuck. Johnny just said, "I love you," and Sally's ju..

9223: Did You Remember To Say Thank You
Since becoming a parent, I've lost count of the number of times I've been quick to prompt with the words "Did you say thank you?" whenever my son has received a gift or kindness. And I've spent many h..

9224: Never Let The Uninitiated Tamper With Your Creativity
Small wonder kids find it hard to find an outlet for their natural talents.It was no different in my younger days.At the age of ten I entered an essay competition open to schoolchildren across the con..

9225: I Wish I'd Known To Ask The Write Question Sooner
Most of the time, I don't believe in regrets. There is no sense in looking back at something you cannot change and worrying. To me the past is best left alone. Learn from it, and let it fade away.Howe..

9226: Health And Beauty From The Inside Out
For many years, men and women have been trying to improve their appearance and look younger. The standard way of doing this has almost always been through various creams, potions, toners, and lotions...

9227: Hints For Getting Your Book Noticed - Coming Up With A Great Title
A Great Title May Not Get Your Book Published, but It Can Certainly Help Get Your Story NoticedWhen I was recently asked to write an article on how to come up with a great title for a book, it would h..

9228: How To Get Story Ideas For Writing Horror
It can be challenging trying to come up with new ideas for horror stories. Although there is no simple fix for coming up with fantastic and original stories, there are methods you can use to help get ..

9229: Journaling Brings Peace Of Mind
Journaling helps you to live in the present moment. You can only be responsible for your own actions in this moment of time. You may have heard the expression, "Yesterday is gone and we do not know wh..

9230: Short Science Fiction - Do We Need More Positive Sci Fi Writers
A couple of weekends ago, I was doing my writing and watching the Sci Fi Channel in the background - it was announced that it was "Disaster Weekend" on the Science Fiction Channel. Okay so, they playe..

9231: How To Develop A Character In A Novel
I believe that to create a fictional character with power and authenticity, the author needs a basic understanding of psychology. That can of course come through the process of living, and through a l..

9232: Creative Writing Teach With No Book Published - Fine No Tenure They Said
Well, enter the world of publish or perish I thought to myself as a brilliant creative writing professor from the university told me her true life tale. You see, she taught creative writing at the Uni..

9233: Finding Help For A Wide Variety Of Computer Problems
Most of us own a variety of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. When we have an issue with any of these devices, we find ourselves searching the manufacturers’ websites for help..

9234: Personal computer Fix Support.
No matter whether you’re not used to the processing world or perhaps you’ve already been using pcs for several years, there’s always the chance something will happen that could make you realize ..

9235: A new great way to keep track of your child's allowance!
Do you have kids? Do you give them allowance when they do chores? Keeping track of the allowances owed to them might get confusing and frustrating. The free Child Allowance Tracker app..

9236: The Best Facial Skin Care Solution: LED Light Therapy
This treatment, red and infrared light therapy, is the solution and proven science that will keep your complexion, youthful, wrinkle free and radiant in your 30s, 40s and beyond.None of the best spas ..

9237: Technical Reviewing Basics - Tips For New Reviewers
Reviewing another author's work is fun. With so many different items posted on the Internet, looking for feedback, it is tempting to give writers encouraging and helpful reviews.It is true to say that..

9238: What Should I Write About Ever Wonder That
Ever wonder what to write about as a new author? Or even an expert...?How about trying a few things to fix this problem instead of just giving up or end up writing about something really boring/stupid..

9239: How To Fictionalize Characters
It is a temptation to an author to use real people as characters in novels. But the best characterisation comes from a blend of personal observation and imagination. A fictional creation should be jus..

9240: Inspiration For Creative Writers From Artists
Honesty and truthfulness - these are the outstanding virtues of a great artist. And as a creative writer I have in recent times found inspiration from two contemporary artists, Grayson Perry and Tracy..

9241: Why Can't We Have Self-Editing Books
Well, as a retired entrepreneur, and having been doing a little bit of writing in my retirement, I wonder how much longer human writers will be needed. In fact, I already see the writing on the wall, ..

9242: Is Writers Block In The Way Of Creating Your Novel
If you have been staring at a blank screen, with the next American best seller right there on the tip of your fingers and yet you cannot figure out how to bring it out, you might have writers block. D..

9243: Techniques For Overcoming Writer's Block
Writer's block is an annoying problem that writers sometimes get, and it means that the writer isn't able to come up with anything to write about. If you like to write, you know there are times when i..

9244: The Greatest Story Never Told!
The story I'm gonna tell dates back many years, many thousands of years. It starts in what today is known as Germany. There was human beings, without any strings of the so-called Annunaki. They had br..

9245: Creative Writing Jobs The Benefits Of Taking On Creative Writing Jobs
If you have a knack for writing and you enjoy being creative, then taking on several creative writing jobs could be the perfect way to make some money. Earning cash online is very easy to do, but most..

9246: How To Write And Sell Your Self-Published Book To Promote Your Service Business
Authors of self-published books often seek help from reviewers and copywriters. They realize that reviews on Amazon and other online bookstores can make a huge difference in book sales. They also real..

9247: How To Construct The Setting Of A Short Story
Setting is a quite unimportant part of a short story, as it seems. In fact, you will have to form it carefully, if you want to make a story round.Considering a novel, there will be much text about the..

9248: Difference Between A Website Content Writer And A Content Writer
Website content writing involves unique and creative content for websites. A website content writer is one who is a master at this art of copy-writing. The main agenda is to write according to the web..

9249: On Writing Well - The Importance Of Plot Believability
As an editor who specializes in fiction, I quite often have clients lament about my criticism of a plot element that I find implausible. The general response is, "It's fiction, so why should it matter..

9250: Solutions For Journaling Roadblocks
If you have not enjoyed the full benefits of journaling then it might be because you have formulated some road blocks or excuses to journaling. You might feel you don't have the time, don't like sketc..

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