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6151: Three Tips On More Authoritative Copywriting
If you have discovered that your copy-writing isn't as working as you like then maybe you need to change the tone of your writing. Writing your copy from a more authoritative tone will make your recom..

6152: How Words Could Break Your Website
You're planning a new website... you've explored your options and found a web company with the creativity, marketing know-how and technical expertise to design and build you a powerful, effective mark..

6153: The Number One Key To Compelling Copy
This past month, a division of an international corporation approached me to outsource their copywriting for some product descriptions. It seems they had been having some difficulty with their in-hous..

6154: Using Copywriting Services To Promote Your Business
Why does your business need copywriting services? Well, have you ever come across what appears to be a professional and successful website only to be bored senseless by the content?Many businesses bel..

6155: 4 Copywriting Tips To Double Your Response Rate
There are TONS of copywriting tips online, and you can easily get so confused you end up quitting. However, it's IMPERATIVE that you master this skill.It's been said that copywriting is the single mos..

6156: Skills To Become A Good Copywriter
The word copywriter needs no introduction as advertising is in full swing these days and with the onset of technology such as internet these kinds of jobs have gained all the more recognition.For thos..

6157: Copywriting - The Power Of Words Can Improve Your Business
Copywriting is the science of using words to sell or to influence. it's literally persuasion. It tells a story and communicates a message to get the user to buy something.You as the copywriter are, in..

6158: Content Writers - What They Do
Content writing is one of the most productive outsourced process or service available nowadays. Web owners presently are seeking as much profit as they can by outsourced staffs. The advantage is that ..

6159: How To Improve The Conversion Rate Of Your Copy
If you already have a live sales letter online, there are still some creative things you can do to make it convert better. There are a couple of techniques a veteran online copywriter can employ that ..

6160: 5 Copywriting Tips To Write More Effective Marketing Materials
A basic principle of good copywriting is to use simple, direct language. Although this type of copywriting may not impress novelists or English professors, it serves an important purpose. It motivates..

6161: Top Five Myths About Content Articles
Content articles can be a great way to generate traffic to your website, if you write and use them properly. On the flip side, if you don't follow a few simple rules, they can actually hurt your busin..

6162: Effective Ways To Increase Online Visibility Through Web Content Writing
Online businesses are helpful in making your business better and more successful. If you want to increase your business online, it is essential to increase your online visibility. The best method that..

6163: Hiring A Copywriter - 10 Questions To Ask
Have you written for my industry?There are two ways of looking at this question. Previous experience may be useful as the copywriter won't have to do as much initial research. The other way to think a..

6164: Copywriting Strategies - 2 Must-Know Secrets
For anyone marketing online, effective copywriting is a must. Effective copywriting allows you to capture your readers' interest and induce him/her to take a desired action, be it to purchase a produc..

6165: 3 Problems E-Commerce Site Owners Must Overcome in Their Product Descriptions
I examine and study many e-commerce product descriptions. Often these are successful and beautifully designed sites. But I know these sites would sell more stock if they took a little more interest in..

6166: Get Your Customer's Attention With SEO Content
As you probably already know, SEO is all about boosting the visibility of your website. It's come a long way since the days of keyword stuffing, where copy could contain large amounts of keywords that..

6167: Top Four Reasons You Need A Brochure Even If You Have A Website
You've got your website up and running. Perhaps you've even been in business for five years. Or ten. Or twenty. Maybe you're a small business, catering to the locals. Maybe you're a large corporation ..

6168: Seven Steps To Copy That Converts
The essence of what makes copy successful is the creation of a relationship with the prospective customer. They have to believe you know what they need, how they feel and how to fill their need with y..

6169: The Art Of Writing Without Words
Great copy, like a great cup of coffee, should be robust; not too strong, not too weak, never bitter, but always served up "hot" in topic - with just the right amount of 'cream and sugar' (as needed) ..

6170: 11 Great Tips On Writing Killer Copy For Your Websites
One of the most important assets that one can have as an internet marketer is to be able to write good ad copy. Having good ad copy on your sites can be the difference between you getting 1 sale a mon..

6171: 7 Great Tips To Writing An Effective Sales Letter
If you are looking to make a decent profit, the ability to write a great sales letter is essential. The right sales letter will help you build a long-term relationship of trust by making the customer ..

6172: 5 Ways To Make Your RSS Content More Valuable
Offering an RSS subscription for your content increases its visibility and gains you potentially massive exposure. However, the real value of RSS content lies in its quality. How to get the most out o..

6173: Connect With Prospects Through Effective Marketing Copy
The late comedian George Carlin was fond of saying that the quality of our thoughts is only as good as the quality of our language. That sentiment can be taken a step further: the quality of our marke..

6174: Technical Writing - Writing As A Team, How To Get It Done
Sooner or later you'll run up against a project that requires more than one technical writer. Depending on your approach this can be a highly fruitful creative process that delivers outstanding result..

6175: The Benefits Of Investing In A Web Copywriting Service
Web copywriting is just one of the tasks Internet marketers must do. Writing effective web content can take a large chunk of your time. Online entrepreneurs have numerous tasks to attend to daily.Hiri..

6176: Words - Your Ultimate Copywriting Tool!
As a copywriter, tell me, what do you love the most? Is it your pen? Is it your special working desk? Is it your new writing software? Come copywriters, the thing we most love is WORDS, WORDS ..

6177: Writing For The Web Is Not A Shakespearean Art
If you think that writing for the web is the same as you do for a printed report. Then you might be surprised. There are some rules that you need to take on account when you write your website content..

6178: Copywriting Tips - Use The Product
This is something that a lot of copywriters, especially those just starting out, don't do and it's hurting their chances of writing a killer sales letter. This is especially true for successful market..

6179: Proper Diet And Nutrition Methods For Yourself And Your Family!
Take some time eating your meal as you may eat. Chew and savor each bite. As a result you fill faster. Additionally, you will not tend to overeat if you decrease and enjoy your meal.Mushrooms are an i..

6180: Copywriter Jobs For The Talented Wordsmith - A Satisfying And Well-Paying Career Option
"All the news that is fit to print" and all the other catchy slogans you hear from time to time that you either find impossible to forget or that become a part of the popular culture, come from the pe..

6181: Web Copywriting Tips From A Professional Web Copywriter
Is your website copy focused primarily on your business and how you are so wonderful? If so, your prospects might be feeling left out. You might be thinking, "Why would prospects feel left out? I'm te..

6182: 3 Ways To Write A Catchy Headline
Would you like to increase traffic to your blog or website? Writing a catchy headline is one way to do this. People are attracted to headlines that make them stop what they're doing. They'll read blog..

6183: Copywriting For A Successful Online Business
It is undeniable that many people are earning by using the world wide web nowadays. Internet marketing has become a fad, that almost everyone is familiar of how it is done. There are many Internet mar..

6184: Copywriting Touchpoints - Are Your Words Losing Sales
A lot of website owners think that the look of their website is the most important thing. However, even though the design of a website may draw people in, it's the words that are on the website that c..

6185: Writing A Winning Headline - 5 Valuable Tips
A winning headline is the key to good copywriting. A headline's purpose is to grab readers' attention and convince them to read the rest of your copy. A great headline, therefore, will spark curiosity..

6186: Add Jump Links To Your Sales Letters To Increase Conversions
If all you're doing on your sales letter is adding an order button at the bottom, then you're losing sales. And, if you are copying your order buttons so it appears multiple times within your sales le..

6187: How To Sell More Starting Today
Do you want to sell more online? Do you want your ads to get more clicks, your sales letters to convert more visitors into buyers and dramatically increase your bottom line?If you answered yes then yo..

6188: Copywriting Services Fun Ways To Promote Yourself As A Copywriter
Many copywriters hate marketing; they're very shy. They understand that their business starves without the lifeblood of promotion, but while they're happy promoting others, they're too shy to promote ..

6189: Tapping Into Readers' Emotions To Increase Sales
A major 'tool' use to increase sales online is advertising copy which is used to not only attract but also to persuade. Obviously the role copy plays in online sales strategies is a significant one th..

6190: Copywriting Strategies - 5 Must Know Secrets
There is great power in great copywriting. Well written copy can grab a reader's attention, suck them in, evoke positive responses in them, close the sale and keep them coming back for more. Use these..

6191: Writing For The Web - What We Can Learn From Jakob Nielsen
Web usability guru Jakob Nielsen's studies offer valuable insight into the nature of successful writing for the web. This article summarises areas of Dr Nielsen's research most relevant to website cop..

6192: For Improved Results In Copy Writing Learn The Simplicity Rule
The adage "Simplicity is Beauty" does not solely apply to individuals but it will also benefit you if you're into copy writing. The simplicity rule also needs to apply in your copy. You could be a lea..

6193: Your Sales Letter - Get Their Attention And Hold It!
The most important objective with any sales letter, and probably the most difficult is getting your prospects attention. There's several techniques for doing that, but once you've got that attention, ..

6194: How To Write Great Copy Fast To Achieve Results For Your Business
As an experienced copy writer, I can assure you that everyone suffers from writer's block and procrastination when a deadline is looming. To get over these difficulties you need some simple techniques..

6195: Copywriting Services - Hire Copywriting Services To Increase Profits
Do you feel like you are getting nowhere with your current sales copy? Do you wish your current copy had a better sales conversation rate?Many online businesses have ineffective sales copy which signi..

6196: Copywriting Swipe Files - The Benefits
If your are a serious marketer or a novice you need to build your copywriting swipe file now, do you remember that file you put on your desktop?You should have a few there by now.That's why it's calle..

6197: Sample Sales Letter - 7 Examples Of Persuasive Headline Templates
Hello Friends,The other day a client asked me how long it takes me to write a headline for an ad. I told him it could take as little as 15 minutes or as long as a couple of days. He couldn't understan..

6198: The Similarities Between a Copywriter And A Psychotherapist
You wouldn't think that someone who writes good sales copy and a therapist for emotional issues would have much in common. The truth is they have a great deal in common. A copywriter needs to be a stu..

6199: Your Sales Letter - What Will Motivate People To Buy
When you write a sales letter there are several triggers that will motivate people to buy. These triggers apply for writing online sales letters, offline sales letters (Direct sales), video sales lett..

6200: Copy Writing Tips - 3 Simple Tips For Writing Compelling Web Copy
If you are doing any form of direct marketing online then there is one skill that you need to learn, refine and sharpen all the time. Copy writing on the internet is like your "salesmen" as its what w..

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