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5951: Go to Party with Christian Louboutin Heels
Whether you are looking for a special occasion or just a lover of women's high fashion and want to add to your wardrobe, you are going to need to know where you can go if you are on the hunt for Chris..

5952: Why Not Let Tiffany Bangles Brighten Your Life
Today, silver jewelries are becoming more popular than ever before. In the past, many people, especially the rich were too overeager in pursuit of luxury, with gold jewelries which make them look more..

5953: Classical Tiffany Rings You Can't Miss
Tiffany rings are the proof of your love which have the symbolic meaning of true love. It is the most fashion jewelry in this year. It is sacred. The wedding is one the most important occasions among ..

5954: Why Writer's Block Is A Myth For Professional Copywriters And Marketers
"Writer's block is...... a self-induced delusional state of undisciplined focus.It is merely not knowing what to do next."I am decidedly biased on this issue.And I'm right.I've never had single moment..

5955: Bad Behavior - How Freelance Writers Sabotage Their Businesses
When freelance medical writers lament about their lack of work and limited marketing opportunities, I probe a little further. I typically find they are driving away clients by engaging in bad behavior..

5956: Web Content Services - How To Choose Your Writer
A Google search will return thousands of results for 'web content services'. There are so many companies offering to write your web content for you that choosing who, if any of them, to use can be ver..

5957: Web Copywriting - Why Web Copywriting It Critical For Online Success
Web copywriting very rarely gets the attention it deserves. Many companies will set themselves up with a well build website and wait for the visitors to flood in. Unfortunately this isn't how it works..

5958: But Is It Really Proven To Work Eight Research Studies Related To Copywriting
Hang out in any copywriting forum online, and you'll soon encounter the refrain, "But what does testing show?" Educated opinions have their place, but quite often testing yields surprising, valuable i..

5959: Copywriting For Profits - What Drives Buying Decisions
Copywriting is either really compelling or a total flop depending on whether or not the writer knows how to create writing that makes people buy. This difference is so pronounced that poor copywriters..

5960: Why I Don't Care About The Long Or Short Copy Debate
Last week in our training course "Writing for the Web", I was asked about those long sales-y pages that you see for certain products online - you know the ones I'm talking about. The ones that go on a..

5961: The Six Secrets Of Marketing And Copywriting Wisdom
Unfortunately, most of my fellow citizens have vocabularies that ceased growing when they were around 12. (Newspapers write to a mostly-mythical 8th grade level... and prime time TV shows try to dumb ..

5962: When Casual Fridays Takes On A Whole New Meaning
Times Are Tough All Over, Or So They Tell MeIf you've been looking for freelance writing jobs from home you might be a bit surprised at the volume of opportunities there are today. However if you're a..

5963: Overcoming Buyers Reluctance To Increase Your Sales
In order to increase your sales online it is important to overcome any resistance a customer may have towards making a purchase. Being it is impractical to address these concerns on an individual basi..

5964: 5 Simple Ways To Edit Copy Like A Pro
Just as some people overindulge during the holidays, copy can suffer the same fate. Whether you are writing a guide, website or brochure, it's essential to polish everything you write.If you cram sent..

5965: Using Content To Overcome Buyer Resistance
Using content online is a great way to boost your exposure but it also can increase your marketing effectiveness from a copy writing standpoint as well. You see most people do not like to be sold and ..

5966: Tips On Copywriting For The Web
Like many new website or business owners you may be struggling to come up with content for your website. Coming up with web content isn't just about typing away the first thing that pops into your hea..

5967: The Secrets SEO Copywriters Do Not Want You To Know
Writing for the web has changed over the last few years. The days of stuffing keywords all through your copy regardless of whether it made sense or not have gone.Today top SEO copywriters know that th..

5968: Freelance Copywriting Jobs Online - What You'll Need To Know
A frequent question being posed amongst writers is "How do I find copy writing jobs online? This is often followed by, or goes with "What is it that I need to know to find these elusive writing opport..

5969: Six Secrets Of Copywriting That Will Boost Sales
Copywriting can be frustrating because there are so many angles to consider that you hardly know where to turn.Don't worry.Here are six ways to help you write some great copy that will improve your sa..

5970: 3 Things To Include When Writing Sales Page Headlines
Your headline is the most important part of your sales page because if you can't capture people;s attention and make them want to read more, it doesn't matter what else you've written, it will never g..

5971: The Importance Of Fresh Webpage Content For Your Business
Do you want visitors to your landing page to remember your products or services long after they are several clicks away from your website? Then you need to consider if your webpage content is up to th..

5972: How To Hire A Copywriter And Save Money By Demanding Project Rates
Recently I was attending a networking event here in Seattle. After seeing the words "Online Marketing" on my name tag, one business owner "Heloise" immediately began to share her story."I hired a cont..

5973: Website Copywriting Tips - Top 10
Research the keywords and phrases you want to targetMaking sure your website is relevant to your target market and can be found online by them is essential. Using a free keyword tool such as Google's ..

5974: How To Write Persuasive Copy Without The Hype
Learning how to write persuasive sales copy without making the reader feel like they have just been mugged is a lesson in psychology. Often times a copywriter will sit down with the sole intention of ..

5975: Copywriting Tips - 3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Copy
opywriting is something that has gained a lot of popularity within the internet marketing arena. That's because internet marketers especially know just how valuable winning ad copy can be. Copywriting..

5976: We Should All Be Millionaires!
If you believe most of the sales copy hype, we should all be Millionaires... unbelievable but true.I just spent a few minutes browsing through the special offers thread on a popular 'internet marketin..

5977: How To Write Like the Top Copywriters
There is a special short-cut to becoming very good at copywriting very quickly. All you need is a great sales letter, a pen and a notebook. The process I'm about to share with you is recommended by al..

5978: Copywriting - Preselling Pages Increase Affiliates Conversions
Write Preselling Articles That are both timely and timeless. While using references related to current events can make the writing sound so fresh and new, this can become a problem when days and weeks..

5979: 6 Psychological Principles To Improve Your Copywriting
I have a minor in Psychology, and I always assumed that would make me an excellent copywriter. But the truth is, people are complex creatures, and trying to motivate an entire group of individuals by ..

5980: Copy Writing And The Power Of Testimonials
Your reader is constantly asking, "can I trust you?" Another way to answer that question is to provide testimonials. Social proof is a very strong indicator for reassurance. A prospective buyer wants ..

5981: How To Set The Stage For Your Opening Headline
Many different copywriting experts claim that the most important part of any sales letter is the opening headline. That's because it is often the first thing that a prospect reads when they see your m..

5982: How To Write A Testimonial For The Product You're Selling
A testimonial is a great way to 'pat yourself on the back' and drive traffic to your website. It will also increase your reliability with customers. They'll feel more confident purchasing your product..

5983: 2 Areas Where You Can Include Benefits In Your Sales Letter
Benefits are very important when it comes to writing your sales letter. A good phrase to keep in mind when writing your sales letter is that "features tell and benefits sell". You will want to incorpo..

5984: Copywriting Productivity - Get More Done, Make Money
If you're a freelance copywriter, your income depends on your productivity. Over the past few years, David Allen's "getting things done" strategy has become highly popular, and I commend it to you. Bu..

5985: Copywriting - Words That Sell!
Copywriting is a very hot topic online and off. What's so hot about it?It's simple really - profits! Good copywriting reaches out to potential customers, pulls them in to your sales page, draws them t..

5986: Websites That Are Born To Convert
Client: "My website's working really well - I get about 500 unique visitors every day".Copywriter: "Great, so what's your conversion rate?"Client: "My what?"Despite what many people say, a website isn..

5987: What Are the Characteristics of Successful Advertising Copy
Some time we work hard to create a product and launch it. But, we fail to achieve the expected result just because of improper advertising. The net result is low sales and loss. There are two things e..

5988: Copywriting Services You Can Provide In Your Freelance Copywriting Business
Freelance copywriters make a great income online. Thousands of businesses need copywriters, and the demand far outstrips the supply. Let's look at what services you could provide in your new freelance..

5989: Copywriting Tips - For The Reading Impaired
This is not a knock on people who can't read. I truly have a soft spot for those who are illiterate for whatever reason. I'm talking about the people who REFUSE to read. You know who you are. How do y..

5990: A Copywriter's Tips To A Successful Quarter
Four times a year, businesses approach the beginning of a new quarter. Whether it's summer or holiday season, if you didn't take the time earlier to make sure all your marketing ducks were in a row, n..

5991: What Is A Copywriter Your Step By Step Guide
B2B copywriting is defined as a copywriting service that is done for a business. In fact, the term B2B is short for business to business; basically a copywriter is responsible for helping a business p..

5992: 5 Tips To Writing An Engaging Headline
The success of marketing copy such as brochures, ads, and press releases depends on the headline-or in the case of an email, the subject line. It needs to grab the reader and compel him or her to take..

5993: Are Long-Form Sales Letters Really Dead
Just because people are in a tizzy over video sales letters being dead, and a "certain someone" came out with a report saying that longform sales letters are dead - doesn't mean they're actually dead...

5994: Copywriters And Copywriting - The Key Types
If you're thinking of using a copywriter (or becoming one), it's important to realise that there is more than one type of copywriting and more than one type of copywriter.Different writing projects re..

5995: 7 Questions To Ask Your Web Copywriter
When you decide to hire a copywriter, you want a good fit between his or her abilities and your needs. You want a copywriter who can speak to your target audience and influence them to take action.Not..

5996: 6 Tips On How To Write Good Web Content
Is your website selling? Are you maximising your website's potential?With millions of businesses crowding the internet, fighting for the attentions of customers with increasingly short attention span,..

5997: How To Get Quality Copy On A Budget
Your ability to achieve, it has been said, is limited only by your ability to dream.It's a nice idea, but if you're a small business owner, you know that your ability to dream isn't exactly the bigges..

5998: Discover 3 Effective Copywriting Tips To Help You Succeed
The majority of the Internet marketers who made it big on the web possess the skill of copywriting. They all had varied types of business experience, and while it's true that several of them already k..

5999: Copywriting Tips Why You Should Use A Copywriter
You're in charge of an important communications project, one that will influence how you and your company are viewed by people who matter.Let's look at some of the things you need to arrange:building ..

6000: Effective Tools You Need To Keep Your Portfolio
In today's competitive copywriter's market, it is imperative to have a high-quality copywriter portfolio, if you are serious about maintaining continuous success as a profitable writer. Understanding ..

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