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5451: A Few Ways To Capitalize On Your Case Studies
In my professional opinion, case studies are more effective than brochures or traditional sales collateral.Here is why.Everyone loves a story. Stories stir up emotions and give your presentations more..

5452: How To Prepare To Write Great Copy
Few copywriters would discuss the research that's necessary to write great copy. But a persuasive sales letter doesn't just jump into a copywriter's head at will. It takes planning and a lot of resear..

5453: 3 Features Of An Excellent Copywriting Service
Every business should have an expert take care of its content needs. Even when you can write, there are times when the ideas just can't seem to flow, nor can you even deliver the content needs of your..

5454: Sales Letter Writing That Sells
All of us at some point while surfing the Internet have landed on a sales letter page. While sitting there reading the page, we considers purchasing the product or service. Unfortunately, very few of ..

5455: Copywriting Tips - The Buy Now Button
You have to love copywriters. They're always finding new things to play around with in order to increase conversions to their sales pages. One day it's headlines, the next day it's bullet points and s..

5456: How To Write The Perfect Ad For Your Affiliate Product
Promotional ads in affiliate marketing are very significant determinants of the success or failure of your online career. This is essential because the outcome of the response of your potential custom..

5457: How To Make More Money Freelance Writing
One of the things I personally hate is buying an eBook or reading some information from someone who has not actually outworked what they are teaching people. All they have done is taken what someone e..

5458: Internet Marketing Copywriting Tips - Understanding How People Read On The Web
It is very important to understand exactly how your prospects read the web. If ou have a firm grasp of this, then you will be able to tailor your copy to achieve maximum results. Jakob Nielson is a 'u..

5459: 6 Useful Tips For Writing Good Ad Copy
I started out as a copywriter, so you may be surprised to hear me say that I don't think you need to pay someone a fortune to write your ads for you. In fact, I believe writing a good, effective adver..

5460: Copywriting Write Fast, Make More Money From Your Copy
Do you want to make more money from your copywriting skills? If you do, learn how to write copy fast. The more quickly you can complete a project, the more quickly you can go on to the next. There are..

5461: What Is Copywriting Pixie Dust
Last week I spent several days working on copywriting and putting together some new marketing campaigns for a project that I'm working on. Doing that much pure writing always makes me take special not..

5462: Internet Copywriting - Are You Losing Money By Not Dealing With Your Prospect's Restraints
Internet copywriting for life coaches and self-help entrepreneurs is not just about promoting the benefits of your product or services. Unless you deal with both sides of the coin, you're losing money..

5463: 8 Tips On How To Make Good Money Selling Copywriting Services
If you are able to persuade people to purchase things with the way you put words together, you can make good money. Copywriting is one of the strongest industries coming out of the Internet. Be it onl..

5464: What Makes Sales Letters Persuasive
Many Internet marketers starting out ask what makes sales letters persuasive? There are several key elements that make a sales letter persuasive to prospects or customers. There are "hooks" experience..

5465: Increase Online Business With High Quality Sales Letters
There's no doubt about it - a compelling sales letter is vital to a successful internet business success. After all - that's what initially gets your attention!Without a sales letter that gets your re..

5466: Due To Pimples, The Long Copy Vs Short Copy Debate Has Ended
Which converts better, which drives more sales, long-form copy or short-form copy?It's been debated since the first recorded newspaper advertisement was published in 1704 in the Boston News-Letter:"At..

5467: Copywriting Process - One, Two Three - Sell!
Want to make a great income as a copywriter? There's never been a better time to launch a copywriting career; there are literally unlimited opportunities. Unfortunately many copywriters don't make as ..

5468: Knowledge Of The Spoken Word Makes Copywriting Sell
There are two things that distinguish top copywriters from the rest of the hoi polloi -1. A deep, reverential knowledge of street-wise salesmanship... and... 2. A love affair with the English language..

5469: Top Tips For Freelance Copywriting
There is something very secure about working in a n office, or a workplace where the boss pays you on the dot every month - you often don't have to go out and scrabble for work - work simply comes in ..

5470: How To Write A Compelling And High Converting Sales Copy
Your sales copy is by far the most important element of your sales page because it is the principal device for convincing people to buy your product or service on the internet. If you get it wrong you..

5471: How To Write An E-Book Copywriter - Your Step-By-Step Guide
Copywriting is a common activity in the marketing world. Everyone uses this to promote and sell an idea. It is basically a writing perspective of the products and services you are offering in your com..

5472: Web Copy Rules - 9 Rules You Must Always Apply
In order to write convincing copy that always gets your prospect reaching for their wallets, you need to understand and apply the following Rules:Rule 1: Always use an Editorial Style Writing in an 'e..

5473: Getting It Right - Copywriting For Small Businesses
I'll always remember an ad in my then local newspaper that read: "ABC Company - were good people to deal with". Now obviously 'were' was meant to be 'we're' and most people who saw the mistake would h..

5474: How The Copywriter Helps The Entrepreneur
One of my favourite assignments as a copywriter is to help entrepreneurs create the text to promote their new business, product or service. In my five years as a professional copywriter, I've helped c..

5475: Writing Effective Website And SEO Copy
Many people spend a great deal of time and effort designing and creating a fabulous website that is aimed at impressing their customers and hopefully winning business. However, it is common for such p..

5476: Can You Become A Six Figure Copy-Writer
Before I go any further let me assure you that writing a sales letter is easy - when you know how to do it. You do NOT have to write an essay. You do NOT have to be good at English although it should ..

5477: How To Get More Online Sales - The Psychology Of Sales
By Eric Hanson StoriesIncorporating relevant stories in your copy is an incredibly powerful and sometimes overlooked method. Some stories can even increase conversion rates. When someone says "let me ..

5478: Humorous Copywriting - Adding Humor In Web Content
Humor has a universal appeal. People want to be happy. Many advertisement companies that show products on television commercials about the products add humor to it. The reason is to, make people laugh..

5479: A Cheap Option For Small Online Marketing Business To Get Free Traffic
Internet is growing at a tremendous pace. Millions of websites are added every year. This points out to the fact that increasing number of people are launching or running online business to gain a foo..

5480: Adopting Good Writing Tactics For High Search Engine Rankings
Search engine optimization of the site is responsible for improving the accessibility of the site on the net. Article marketing is one of the tactics employed that enhances the ranking of the site. Th..

5481: The Importance Of Split Testing Your Headlines
Headlines grab the attention of potential customers and draw them in. Without an eye catching headline, you run the risk of losing readers before they ever get a chance to realize the features and ben..

5482: Killer Sales Copywriting Secret - It's All To Do With Benefits!
Killer sales copywriting, what have benefits got to do with it? Answer everything! All the best copywriting is benefit orientated.So what exactly is a benefit? The best definition I have ever heard is..

5483: Classified Ad Copywriting That Converts
Have you considered the classified segment of your darling newspaper, e-zine, or internet site recently? Have you observed all the brightly composed classified advertisement? Me either.To make sure th..

5484: You Can Gain Success in Business With a Freelance Copy Writer
People who are engaged in any type of business require copywriters for the promotion of their business in the targeted market. As a businessperson, you may want to know the reason behind hiring a copy..

5485: Writing Persuasive Messages Can Be So Much Like Parenting
I've recently received this article and I must say that I agree with its analogy of copywriting. It gave quite a good comparison between how we do things in our blog sites and how we parent our kids. ..

5486: A Creative Copywriter And His Closely Guarded Secrets
What the hell is creative copywriting?Copywriting is relatively unpretentious and can be explained in 13 words. Quite simply, it's the capability to write words that makes people want to give you mone..

5487: Copywriting Tips - The Death Of The Testimonial
I know you're sick of all those death of articles, but in this case, the death of the testimonial is truly here, at least in the form that we're used to using for an effective sales letter. In this ar..

5488: How To Write A Sales Advertisement For Your ATV Or Dirt Bike
Writing an effective sales advertisement for your ATV or dirt bike can mean the difference between selling your vehicle or not. This article discusses some things you can do to increase your success a..

5489: Web Copywriting Tips And Techniques - Keeping Your Website Readers Tuned Into Your Writing
It seems obvious after all these years, but the point still has to be made - writing for the web is very different than writing for print. Still, far too many writers continue to shovel their newspape..

5490: currently only available in 13-inch size
Rock-type the female department cortex stiletto ankle boots, the improved version of the Oxford shoes the large side lace Jiaoqiao! Xiaobian today invited experts to teach you to wear a pair of high ..

5491: Powerful Copywriting For Online Advertising
Using the printed word to persuade and convince potential buyers why specific goods are excellent for their home, business, and for their own personal use - is an advertising concept that aims to sell..

5492: How A 350 Pound Linebacker Could Help You Write Better Sales Copy
You're about to sit down and bang out some copy to skeptical prospects that would literally like to take a club to your head for wasting their time.As you ponder what you're about to write about and h..

5493: Simple Easy Steps To Create Top Selling Copywriting
Learn Copywriting with these StepsThe principles of copywriting are very basic - understand what you are writing about, know your objective and your target market, and use persuasive language. In prac..

5494: Become A Copywriter At Your Kitchen Table - Get Rich In Your Bath Robe
If you are looking for a career where you can operate from almost anywhere in the world with a phone and a computer, and create a large income for yourself, then copywriting is for you. Of course you ..

5495: Become A Star Web Copywriter And Pull Customers In
Having strong copywriting skills is crucial for Internet marketing. It is not just about knowing how to write, it is about knowing how to write in order to convince and grab people's attention. Learni..

5496: Freelance Copywriting - Get Hired, Make Money
Are you interested in a freelance copywriting career? If you're a new copywriter, the process of getting hired can seem challenging. However it's really quite simple. Let's see how you can make it str..

5497: How Do I Become Freelance Writer
Interesting Question, "How do I Become a Freelance Writer?" Truth be told, it's probably a question beyond the scope of a simple article like this. However, there are a few key principles you must und..

5498: Discover The Importance Of Attention Grabbing Headlines In Direct Mail Copywriting
'Direct mail' is defined as a delivery of advertising material to recipients of postal mail. Direct mail would thus include circulars, catalogs, compact discs, 'pre-approved' credit cards and other co..

5499: Copywriting Course - Don't Write Unless You Want Small Miracles
There's much more to writing then you'll ever learn in any copywriting course you might buy.  Here's what I mean:Boy it's been very hard getting back to work.  I took off the last three days, and ev..

5500: Master Copywriting And Reap The Rewards
A Job for all SeasonsCopywriters are a rare breed. They earn tons of money for writing a few lines that can trigger increased product sales. At the top of the heap are copywriters who get fat bonuses,..

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