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5401: 14 Questions You Need To Ask When Taking A Copy Brief
It's the most important part of any copywriting job you take on.If you get a great brief, there's no excuse for not doing a great job. If you get a rubbish brief or no brief at all, you're up against ..

5402: Copywriting - The Top Ten Benefits That Copywriting Clients Can't Get From Content Mills
First-time buyers of copywriting often find themselves drawn to so-called 'content mills' such as Examiner, Suite101, Associated Content, eHow, and DemandStudio. These sites hold out the promise of ch..

5403: Website Copywriting To Develop Profitable Client Relationships
Online business owners face special challenges when clients revise assignments at the last minute. Often even successful professionals are afraid to say "no" to a good client. But when you get clients..

5404: How SEO Copywriting Services Can Help You
Even if you think you have the ability to do your own copywriting, getting SEO copywriting services from an external company may still be the better choice for your business.These external professiona..

5405: 5 Essential Tips For Effective SEO Copywriting
Your ability to come up with an effective sales copy is easily one of the major requisites for a successful Internet marketing. The problem is that people have differing views of what constitutes an e..

5406: Building The First Line Of Your Web Copy For Success
Your website is a 24/7 salesperson. You need it to be 'selling' right out of the starting gate. In fact, your web site should be the next best thing to a salesperson talking to a prospect or customer...

5407: 5 Ways To Influence In Writing
It's not a mistake. This article is a near-copy of a previous article on influential public speaking. Please don't feel ripped-off. You see, copywriting and public speaking share similar critical comp..

5408: 6 Golden Rules When Hiring A Copywriter
For many people the prospect of writing a sales letter is a daunting one and can frighten even the bravest of entrepreneurs. If you don't feel ready to tackle that task yourself then outsource it and ..

5409: How Often Should You Change Or Rewrite Web Copy
When the economy tanks you need to work smart not hard. And one of the easiest smart things to do is rewrite web copy. You need a website that helps your prospects and customers make buying decisions...

5410: What Does A Ghostwriter Charge
Since many business owners are too busy to write their own book, they want to explore the opportunity of working with a professional ghost writer. As a business book writing coach and project manager,..

5411: What Difference Does A Copywriter Make To Your Business
Having worked in advertising for many years I understand the urge clients and agency Account Directors have to write their own copy. Just a headline here or a paragraph of brochure content as the cli..

5412: Example Sales Letter - Five Examples Of Persuasive Sales Letter Elements
I'm about to share with you an example sales letter I wrote for a real product, and I'll show you some of the elements I used to "hook" people in to keep reading, and to compel them to buy - which is ..

5413: Copy Writing - Word Of Mouth Or Words Of Trust
The most effective form of advertising is word of mouth from one excited customer to another. It works rather like the excited water molecules transferring heat inside a microwave oven! Creating socia..

5414: How To Write An Effective Online Press Release
Today it's easier than ever to extend the reach of your business by writing effective press releases. Read on to discover how to write a press release that will not only catch the attention of the med..

5415: What An EBook Ghostwriter Can Do For You
Are you looking for an eBook ghostwriter, an odd question, perhaps? Let's consider some hard facts about selling. First of all, it takes a lot of persuasion to get people to buy these days. Who can bl..

5416: The Best-Kept Secret To Making Money With Copywriting
If your copywriting isn't pulling in the amount of response and sales you were hoping, this article is your solution.I've learned the secrets of copywriting through years of my own experience, and now..

5417: 10 Reasons Why You Need To Hire Website Content Writers For Your Website
Website content writers are of the utmost importance, whether you are an aspiring writer, an established author, an online business owner, or a website owner. It is vital to do things right, in order ..

5418: Three Things That All Web Copywriting Should Contain
Why aren't people reading your web pages? Usually it's because your web copywriting isn't easy to read, understand and isn't listed in search engines.I believe good web copy has three core elementso K..

5419: 5 Secret Weapons To Writing An Effective Press Release That Guarantees Traffic
A press release is a very important marketing tool for any work at home businesses. A well written press release will get your business listed in top positions in search engines. Not to mention the ..

5420: Practical Tips For Job Hunting
Everyday, millions of people from all over the world lose their jobs because of the unexpected economic slowdown. This tragedy has caused some to give up their houses and cars and settle on trailers a..

5421: There's a Reason Why They Call It Copywriting
Is there anything more stifling to a good real estate postcard mailing than a blank computer screen?Consider this scenario (not an uncommon one for many a direct marketer in any area): Your mailing li..

5422: Write Your Postcard Copy With Enthusiasm
Writing can be exhausting. No, it's not the same physically exhausting work that roofing or waitressing can be. But, to produce effective copy, you absolutely must write enthusiastically. And that mea..

5423: How To Price Your Copywriting Services
When I first started offering online copywriting services I was faced with how I would price my work. Part of this research led me to the websites of other copywriters as to get an idea of the average..

5424: Writing PPC Optimized Web Copy
Ever heard of the Google Slap? It's where Google makes you pay high prices for advertising because your non-PPC optimized web copy penalises you...Let me explain.These days Google AdWords is all about..

5425: Do Bullet Points Help Your Sales Page When Promoting Work From Home Opportunities
When writing your sales page for work at home opportunities, bullets are very important. Using good formatting and placement for bullet points makes your website easier to read, gives it a better flow..

5426: Copywriting For The Web - Use The Buying Cycle To Make More Sales
Want to write sales-generating Web copy? Web copywriting is very different from copywriting for print media. It's more immediate, and more narrowly targeted as well. Here's a big tip: the sales cycle ..

5427: Top Four Tips For Fresh Copywriting Ideas
Do you get a big copywriting assignment or find yourself copywriting for your own website or blog and can't think of a thing? If your brain feels empty of ideas, it has nothing to do with the quality ..

5428: How To Maintain Interest When Using Direct Response Copywriting
How is it possible to maximize your profit if you can't hold the attention of the consumer?Well there are some easy tricks to keep your reader or viewer interested when you are attempting to market yo..

5429: Copywriting For Lead Generation - Tips To Improve Online Copy
Copywriting is all about using words to get people to invest in your service or product. Improve online copy - and conversions - through the six topics outlined below.1. Staying HonestYour copy should..

5430: Keep Readers Planted In Their Seats, Using Seeds Of Curiosity
He was bigger than me. Stronger. And more aggressive. And not surprisingly, he was thrashing me about the patchy lawn like a pinata. But instead of feeling terror or trepidation, I was becoming progre..

5431: Top Five Insider Tips On Writing Effective Copy
One of the most important skills many internet marketers often overlook is the ability to write effective, persuasive copy. What is copy? Simply put, it is the combination of words you choose to persu..

5432: Copywriting - The Secret Of Anticipation
By nature, humans are curious creatures. If something intrigues us, we want to find out all the details - to satisfy our curiosity.Positive anticipation plays a crucial role in this. But, what is it a..

5433: Speakers, Coaches, And Experts - Write To Sell During A Recession
Money is tight, but that doesn't mean people don't need you and your solutions. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that the people in your market need the guidance and insight you provide now more than ev..

5434: Your Business Writing Skills - What Kind Of Author Are You
Have you ever noticed that people are not alike? Looks like a silly question, because everyone knows that people are not alike. We all have different personalities and personality types.Still, when it..

5435: Copywriting Tips - 13 Steps To Creating The Perfect Sales Letter Template
Once you have created an information product, you may think you've completed all of the hard work. Unfortunately the most challenging piece of product creation is yet to come -- the creation of the sa..

5436: If Copy is King, Context Is Emperor
Not too long ago I came across a debate on a now-defunct Internet marketing discussion board concerning sales letters. One camp argued that they should stand alone and follow a specific format. The ot..

5437: Copywriting Secret - Simplicity
Learning to apply copywriting secrets and techniques is a gift that many people do not use or do not posses. Staggering when you look at the amount of content people write every day in articles like ..

5438: The Secret Behind Great Copywriting Revealed
Absorb yourself for a moment in Escher's drawing, 'Waterfall.' What do you see? What catches your eye first? Consider its perspective. Follow the water's path to the moment it cascades. Does the water..

5439: Do You Know Where You Fail In Your Copywriting Strategy
A major component to any online business is writing good copy. Are you one of the thousands who have endured copywriting strategy failures? Do you get frustrated with getting poor results with your ma..

5440: Festival de Cannes: shine with a thousand lights!
It’s the opening of the 66th annual Cannes Film Festival, and everyone has their eyes on the Palais des Festivals, watching the red carpet for international film stars to get a glimpse of the ..

5441: Amazing Voice of Singing with Ease
In order to supercharge your singing, you should objectively evaluate the current situation of your singing voice together with your music goals. Do you enjoy the way that your singing voice sounds wh..

5442: Lose Your Copywriting Cynicism To Achieve Online Success
We all have an inner cynic somewhere. It is the thing that helps us differentiate those things we believe in and those that we do not. As a copywriter, I have the unfortunate disposition of being comp..

5443: Tips On Getting Started In Copywriting
Don't Juggle Before You Can CatchYou know you want to be a copywriter. Maybe you are a creative person? A marketing genius? Or have just watched Mad Men and got carried away with yourself? Whichever -..

5444: Hiring Ghostwriters For Quality Content
Once your membership site is set up and running, your first concern should be how to gain new members on a consistent basis as well as retaining existing members.With that in mind, it is imperative th..

5445: Professional Copywriters Hike Your Business
In today's world, every entrepreneur, irrespective of the size of the business, has to avail some means of advertisement for acquainting the people about the product or service that he is selling eith..

5446: Get The Big Advantage As A True Copywriting And Marketing Craftsman
Here's my take, the person with a little "natural" talent at something may have a tiny advantage over the raw rookie who never heard the term "potential" tossed their way.But that tiny advantage is ir..

5447: Flourish In Business With Copywriting Services
Every type of business requires copywriting, irrespective of the medium of selling the product or the service, as you need to advertise your product or service so that people get to know about the pro..

5448: Ten Tips On Beating Writer's Block From A Professional Copywriter
Take aim before you fire When words won't come, it can be because you're not sure quite what you're trying to achieve. So instead of writing the actual text, try writing yourself a brief. Set out the ..

5449: Spectacular Content Creation Tips - Make Sure Your Content Relates To Your Niche
When creating website content, it is easy to get carried away. If you find that you tend to get carried away when you are writing content on your own, you need to know how to keep everything confined ..

5450: The Rich Marketing And Copywriting Secrets Of The Tabloids
Listen up, people.Homework assignment for all marketers and copywriters here.Here's the story: For eons, almost every top copywriter willing to spill secrets about writing killer ads has revealed a co..

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