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3: The Timorese national police force all over the Fr
The Timorese national law enforcement officials force everywhere in the Friday resumed primary policing responsibilities all over the Ermera,the eighth district to ensure they are handed rrn excess of back and forth from going to be the United Nations considering the fact that the gradual transfer regarding security functions began all over the May 2009.

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New city store aiming to turn waste into treasure Joe Ray, 25, has been running his own waste and recycling business for eight years and has now opened a shop called Hidden Treasure as an outlet for reclaimed, repaired and revitalised goods. Recycling is a passion as well as a business for Mr Ray, who has set up his own not for profit foundation and has designed an officially accredited course in tackling waste and supporting recycling which will shortly be offered in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Gorleston. Thanks to lottery funding, free places will be available. His Stalham based business Boss Recycling currently recycles 80 per cent of the material it collects, but Mr Ray is hoping the new shop on Plumstead Road, by the Heartsease roundabout, will help boost that percentage even further. "We do need to cut down the amount we are throwing away. Landfill sites are going to be shut down and we can't keep going on as we are," he said.

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