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Become A Freelance Writer And Get Paid

By: brittanyly | Total views: 104 | Word Count: 1030 | Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 - 6:58 PM

In this computer age, it is one of the finest jobs for the knowledgeable persons to become a freelance writer. It would be very ideal for everyone to be a freelance writer if they have the knowledge, which is required for freelance writing. It is up to you to decide whether you want to be a full time professional writer or a part time writer. Of course, there should be no difference in the standard of writing, whatever option you choose. There are some basic needs to become a freelance writer.
Knowledge in the language: In general, most of the web sites use the English as the common language for their proper communications. So, it is highly essential to gain knowledge in English. In the beginning, it would be a little difficult to convey your feelings, in the way as you want to express. To start with, you can write with very simple language with simple sentences. The basic idea of your writing should be that your message should reach the readers clearly. There should be no doubts in the mind of the readers, while they go through your articles. It should be written in such a way that your messages with your views and thoughts must go very deep into the minds of the readers and stay for ever. The way of presentation is the most important factor for freelance writing. You should never try to write beyond your capacity and capability while writing an article. You should be aware of your strength and weakness. If you follow these, you can write simply, but beautifully, which would be appreciated by the readers.
Importance of Grammar: While writing an article, you should be confident that you are writing those sentences without any grammatical mistakes. You can gain fluency over your writing by experience. But, it would not be possible for you to develop your standard of writing, unless you are perfect with the grammar of the language. When you are fully confident of this particular point, you can do wonders. You can present your views and thoughts in a very high standard of the language.
Knowledge on the specified topics: During your college days or school days, you would have learned some subjects deeply and some subjects not completely. You have to select the subjects in which you are fluent and deeply involved. Then, there would be a special interest towards that subject, while you are working. There are thousands of web sites with different requirements. So, you need not worry about the subject, you are dealing with. But, in general, there are hundreds of topics, which you can write with fluency. Remember that no one can master all the subjects. It is hardly possible to master many subjects. But, when you are writing for a web site, you are expected to keep the average standard. You can not expect the authorities of the web sites to come down to your standard and accept the article written by you. It is your responsibility to upgrade to the required standard of the web sites and present your articles. If you are perfect in your style and standard, the possibility of rejecting your articles is remote.
Technical writing: There are many subjects, involved with technical knowledge. You can not write them on your own. You need proper knowledge in those subjects. You can not write these subjects without deep knowledge. Unless you are sure with the subject concerned, you should never try to undertake these subjects as your freelance job. You should be very careful while using the quotes and quotations. It is the most important work to acknowledge the other author's works. You must know what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. Otherwise, your work would not be accepted as your own work.
Academic Essays writing: This is one of the most interesting jobs to work. It needs intelligence and skills. First you have to understand the types of the academic essays. There are several formats in academic essays writing, like MLA Style, Chicago Style and others. Copying other authors' works without proper acknowledgements is plagiarism. This should be avoided. In research essays, it would not be possible to write the essays without mentioning the names and works of others. While doing this, it should be your bounden duty to thank them for having provided with that information. Without that, it would never be possible for you to write the essays. Sometimes, you may do it inadvertently. But still, it is supposed to be a crime to do that. While writing these essays, there should be no mistakes. It should be hundred percent perfect. It may take sometime for you to understand these facts. But do not worry about it. Let it take its own time. When you are assured with your knowledge, you can start to write these types of research essays and here also you should be accurate in presenting your thoughts according to your subject, that you are involved. When you have knowledge of the above points, there is always a possibility for you to become a full time professional freelance writer, and surely you would be one of the celebrated authors.
Specializing in one particular subject:
When you go deep into the freelance writing, it would not be possible for you to write in all the above departments. Here, you must be very selective. Writing academic essays and technical essays are difficult in the beginning stage of writing. If you have the desire to work hard and sincere, you can work with these subjects. You would be in need of many references to work. You have to spend hours together in the library to find out the required points from various books, on the relevant topic you are working for. But at the same time, you must have your own ideas and suggestions. But, when you write a new thought, you must have reasons properly to defend. Otherwise, it would not be accepted. In all, freelance writing job is an interesting and dignified one, as long as you dedicate yourself completely and use your abilities and skills.

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