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10 Benefits Of Meditation For Writers

By: suzicarlin | Total views: 83 | Word Count: 954 | Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2012 - 1:37 AM

You're a busy writer, right? You can't afford to waste time on meditation.
There's so many things going on in your life.
How can you possibly interruption your writing for 10 or 20 minutes to meditate?
Forget it!
Your time is too valuable. Deadlines are too important to miss.
But wait a moment. Before you dismiss meditation out-of-hand, take a deep, slow breathe and consider what it can do for your writing.
Pause and have a look at the benefits of meditation for writers.
Here are just a few to give you a taste:
It Focuses the Mind: Singe-pointed concentration cuts through the distractions that divert your attention from what you should be doing. You find yourself writing more clearly and with more direction. Meditation puts you in the writer's 'zone'.

It Quiets the Critic Within: Compassion for others and yourself is a common feeling that arises naturally as you meditate. It calms that voice in your mind that's constantly critiquing every word, every sentence, perpetually interrupting your writing and stopping you from making progress. Meditation gently takes you to a more peaceful place where your critic can't find you until you are ready. It frees you from premature judgment. You write with unselfconscious emotional power. You write as you where meant to write. You live and write in the moment.

It Clears Away Writers Block: Coping with writer's block is an ongoing challenge. It can hit without warning and destroy all chance of getting any writing done. For some it can be an annoying, temporary problem while others find themselves unable to write for years on end. Whatever the case, it immobilizes the writer. Fear grasps the heart. Meditation creates the mental space needed to see the realities around you and allows you to identify the specific blockage that's holding you back. It opens your mind to ways that quickly clean-away the impediments to your writing. You find yourself relaxed and released to write again.

It Heightens Creativity and Problem Solving: As your meditation practice develops you may find yourself solving problems more easily. Creative ways of approaching challenges surface. Ideas flow. You write from deep within your soul. Creativity becomes a habit.

It Boosts Productivity: Getting more done each day is a side-effect of meditation. As you focus your mind you find that your priorities change. You notice what is truly important to you. And as that awareness becomes clearer so your motivation to act grows. You feel the pull to do what needs to be done. This in turn strengthens your will-power and you find yourself concentrating your efforts on the work at hand. You write with focus and speedily reach your targets.

It Integrates Mind, Body & Spirit: Meditation combines the physical, mental and sacred characteristics within you. As you direct your attention to the focus point of your meditation, your left and right brain synchronize. The barriers between them dissolve. At the same time, your body relaxes and excess tension melts away. You become more aware of the spiritual aspects within you. Your mind, body, spirit align during meditation.

It Calms the Mind: Inner peace is often the first benefit that people mention when meditation is discussed. But it goes beyond that. Your compassionate mind manifests itself. It becomes a natural part of your daily life. It shows itself through deeper sleep, true happiness, improved health, reduced stress and a smoother life. You experience a sense of serenity that others notice. Not only is your mind calmer, it's becoming more alert with enlightened awareness.

It Improves Patience: Life often feels frantic with no time to write. The stress builds and you feel emotional overload. Your tolerance level plummets. You lose your temper; you get angry. Impatiences is a curse that affects many in our culture of quick fixes and ego trips. Meditation is a great antidote. It slows you down and allows you time to pause awhile by redirected your mind. You become kinder towards yourself and others. You let go of the impulse to lash out and allow yourself time to enjoy life's journey.

It Promotes Mindful Living: Starting each morning with a short meditation session sets you up for the day. You prepare yourself to write and live on purpose. As you meditate, your mind is focused and you become more aware of the subtle and sublime aspects of your life. You move through your day with a sense of mindfulness and gratitude. Life is good. You experience each moment with delight. Happiness fills your life. Your writing has energy and meaning. Meditation infuses your words with that special spirit that is uniquely you.

It Frees You To Write: As your meditation session comes to an end something magical happens. You realize that your focus is clearer, your energy level is higher, you know exacting what you need to do next. You've opened yourself to your innate creativity and your writing sings.
The list here has been limited to 10 to save you time. It could have been far longer. But hopefully you get the point.
Meditation frees you to write. Meditation works.
Take a few minutes right now and meditate on the message behind this short article; then go and write as you where meant to write.
Change lives with your words. Share your message with the world.
My personal wish for you is to feel the joy of seeing your writing move hearts; and change the world with your message.
Meditation offers ways to do that by focusing your mind and tapping into your innate creativity.

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