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1: Taylor Swift Bio, History, Feedback and Comments
Taylor Swift is usually that rarest of pop phenomenona: a superstar who managed to entirely cross more than from place to the mainstream. With her new hit "Wildest Dreams" she once yet again shows why she is actually a superstar.

2: Modern-Day Partridge Family Releases Music Video with Controversial Message
CULTURE SHOCK rock bandis a unique and exciting trio consisting of a rockin’ Canadian family: parents Joey and Karen, and teenage-daughter Samantha.In 2001, they were drawn to the Caribbean’s trade winds because of their love of kitesurfing and their desire for a simpler life—the band could never have anticipated the profound effect living on the tropical island of Dominican Republic would have on them.CULTURE SHOCK rock band’s dynamic and thought-provoking music is passionately inspired by their life-altering experiences.

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