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1: Frantoio Bonamini, agreement with COOP

2: Inda design at Swissbau 2018: a bathroom devoted to the concept of the "total look"

3: Classicism gets dressed with charming glows: Francesco Pasi presents the Gran Guardia living area

4: The tactile allure of Decobel: trend-setting in velvet

5: Laurini Officine Meccaniche: virtual reality and technical advances at the IPLOCA 2017 Convention

6: Relais Le Chevalier by Elisabetta de Strobel: historical character meets cutting-edge design

7: New project for Maurizio Marcato: photographs and video illustrating Relais Le Chevalier

8: Art Deco Inspiration and golden sparkles for the Living Wall system by Francesco Pasi

9: On-trend and natural outdoor living style with Decobel: welcome to Veranda

10: Culture of the taste: Frantoio Bonamini, ambassador of the extravirgin olive oil

11: The “Italian Way of Living” by Francesco Pasi at the luxury mall “Grand” in Moscow

12: Unlimited elegance: Art Deco by Bertelè on show!

13: Devoted to excellence: Elite Stone presents its interpretation of the living area

14: The natural soul of the beauty routine: Frantoio Bonamini’s “Quotidiane Evasioni”

15: Lightness and perfection woven into fabrics: Decobel presents the Curtains collection

16: Innovation to the customer's measure: Laurini Officine Meccaniche launches Vulcano Smart

17: Skinwall customizes your wallpaper: when "bespoke" is art

18: Resounding success for the Miuccia collection by Elisabetta de Strobel

19: Laurini Officine Meccaniche presents LLS - Laurini Laying System for automatic pipe-laying

20: Training visit at construction site: Laurini Officine Meccaniche focus on team building

21: Vanilla Sky by Elite Stone, a romantic new language to describe Luxury Design

22: Frantoio Bonamini inaugurates the Mass Market Retailers channel with Iper and Esselunga

23: Heimtextil 2016: Decobel presents the new collection, with a focus on the 3D effect

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