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11101: The light of a dragonfly in a pair of sublime sunglasses
Giorgio Armani sunglasses have always meant fabulous style, supreme elegance and unparalleled exclusivity, in spite of their essential lines and shapes. The great attention paid to details and trimmin..

11102: This Autumn, Learn Italian Language in Italy
End of September, summer is nearly over and Italy is even more charming. No more hot days, no more overcrowded cities. Autumn is approaching with its mild weather and romantic colors, but winter is st..

11103: Online Chess: Technological Achievement of Internet
Chess is famously known as the game of minds, the comprehension of opponents’ strategies, and mathematical thinking. History would also be a manifestation of how Persia used chess to change the worl..

11104: Astra R-Nesting - Rectangular nesting software
Astra R-Nesting is sheet nesting software. The software can be used for optimized nesting and cutting particle board, metal, glass and plastics. With remarkable ease and simplicity, the ..

11105: DRM-protected Audio Conversion Technology
DRM copy-protection is widely imbedded by hardware and software developers, publishers, copyright holders and individuals to smother media piracy by controlling the unauthorized usage of their digi..

11106: FLEXCRYPT free encryption software, now also for hard drive
FLEXCRYPT free encryption software Flexcrypt is announcing a new release of their encryption software. The big news this time is the option to encrypt the hard drive. Flexcrypt is now a robust solu..

11107: Recover My Files Data Recovery Software
Recover My Files version 4 is a new release by GetData Software ( of their award winning data recovery software. Recover My Files ( is designed as..

11108: Cloanto Releases C64 Forever Express Edition - Free C64 Emulator Suite with 100 Games
September 18, 2009 - Cloanto, developers of Commodore/Amiga software since the 1980s, and already publishers of Amiga Forever, launched this week C64 Forever Express Edition, a free version of its re..

11109: How to create rss feed on a site?
What you need to know about RSS feeds. So, what are RSS feeds and why they are so popular among internet users and web developers? Shortly speaking, RSS is a technology that informs about new informat..

11110: Royalty-free Icons for Small Business Solutions
Creating a service for small businesses? Developing a business Web site or creating a tool for entrepreneurs? You'll need professional-grade graphics to use throughout your products. There are few op..

11111: Data Recovery Software for Anyone
If something happens to your hard drive, files or data, do you know your choices of data recovery options? With the abundance of data recovery solutions by various manufacturers, it becomes harder and..

11112: Maintenance Management - Made Easier!
Maintenance Management - Made Easier! Putting together an effective maintenance plan that blends together planned/ preventive maintenance as well as handles unplanned/ breakdown maintenance can be q..

11113: FotoInsight's New Photo Paper Book Makes Book Bulge Disappear
Europe's most popular photo book software is now also available for Linux and Mac OS. Against an ever growing number of photo book services, FotoInsight is increasing its technological lead with the ..

11114: Now, you Have Time to Improve your Italian. Part Time Courses
Do you live, work or study in Milan or Rome? Do you have a very busy schedule, but you really need or want to improve your Italian language? If your answer is “Yes” for any of these questions, ..

11115: An Easy Way to Check Your Search Engine Rankings
If you are a blogger or a web site owner, you already know how important your search engine rankings are to your overall success in driving traffic to your content. High levels of traffic are going to..

11116: How to Protect Your PC Security with Free Anti-malware Products?
Have you suffered a malware infection that wasn't spotted by your anti-virus software? Have you ever wondered how malware, spyware or other undesirable software might get on your computer? Even if yo..

11117: Automated Software Testing with a superb autoclicker.
Even if your program doesn't have many control items (buttons, menu items, settings), it's not a light thing to test them all after every fresh release. Sometimes, a programmer pays no attention to th..

11118: Anonymous Web Browsing Simplified
One of the biggest complaints many people have about the Internet is the lack of privacy. No matter which site you visit someone is likely to be collecting information about you, including your geogra..

11119: Romance Of Rome is now available for Mac
Awem studio launches Mac version of its first hidden object game - Romance Of Rome. Mogilev, Belarus, September 7, 2009 - Awem studio, the developer of such hits as Star Defender 1 - 4, Cradle Of Rome..

11120: Managing Your DVD and CD Catalog is Finally Simple
Have you ever wanted to listen to a favorite song but been unable to find the CD? Did you ever listen to a song on your computer and wonder who let you borrow the CD so you can hear more songs by the ..

11121: Avete più computer su una singola rete wireless? Scoprite i dati di ciascun computer con il nuovo strumento per reti wireless di Zamzom
Duken, Norvegia, 4 Settembre 2009 – Siete preoccupati della sicurezza wireless? Il nuovo strumento per reti wireless di Zamzom fornisce immediatamente agli utenti informazioni su ogni singolo ..

11122: Secrets of online dating for men and women
Maybe, on any women forum or resource it is probable to meet reports on a matter "love in the internet", theme virtual relations. Thus, more frequent than all are questions, questions and al..

11123: Original Design of Web Sites Due to Flash Photo Gallery
People can hardly imagine their life without the Internet services nowadays. It is possible to find any information, any product, any service you need. Still for the site originators it is becoming mo..

11124: Keenly Anticipated Romance Of Rome is launched!
Awem studio announces the release of long awaited hidden object game - Romance Of Rome. Mogilev, Belarus, Septermber 2, 2009 - Awem studio, the developer of such hits as Star Defender 1 - 4, Cradle O..

11125: Large Commerce Icons for Bookkeeping Services
Making a tool for financial industry? Making a product for accountants? Making a Web site on e-commerce? Empower your project with professional graphics available instantly! Large Commerce Icons by ..

11126: An RSS Generator that Makes Your Life Easy
If you want to keep your target audience informed about the latest information from your web site or blog, then an RSS feed is a great idea. Your subscribers will get the information quickly and conve..

11127: Ensuring Quality & Consistency with a Midi Converter
The small size of the Midi file has always been one of its biggest benefits. Actually, that's really its only benefit. In terms of sound quality, these music files just aren't all that great and most ..

11128: Personal Training Software "Private Coach" helps to get back in shape
Silicon Valley startup "Digital Environment" aims to serve both couch potatoes and experienced athletes alike with the release of Private Coach, the personal training software that claims to bring com..

11129: Photo to Sketch Without a Pencil
Have you ever wanted to feel like an artist? You sometimes see these incredible pencil drawn images created by artists. These sketches are unique and treasured works of art that seem impossible to rec..

11130: Z-DATdump: Free and Reliable Tape Backup Software
Most users save their data to self-burned CDs or DVDs. Alternatively, they use external hard drives or removable drives. For very large amounts of data, however, these methods quickly reach their limi..

11131: Marketing Advice, Software Financing, and More at the ISDEF Conference
The international software market is booming but competition is fierce. With new software being released regularly and new developers looking to break into the industry all the time, many companies fi..

11132: Manufacturer of Shoes for Ballet ,Dance, Jazz , Gymnastics, Trampoline, Irish Shoes, baby Shoes, Rhythmic Shoes
We are pleased to intoduce you our company Spowin International as manufacturer and exporter of 1 - Gymnastics Shoes 2 - Trampoline Shoes 3 - Vaulting Shoes for Equestrian and Use for V..

11133: announces the updated release of their Code 128 Font Advantage Package.
For Immediate Release: Contact: Roxanne McSheehy, Inc. 550 N. Reo Street; Suite 230 Tampa, FL 33609 813-514-2564 August 4, 2009 annou..

11134:, Inc. has released a new update of their Barcode Label Software.
(Tampa, FL.), Inc. has released a new update of their Barcode Label Software is an advanced, easy to use, WYSIWYG bar code label printing software application that prints barcodes, ..

11135: Skin Engine to Distinguish Your Application
Most of the development environments do have standard Windows interface, with common grey button and other solid and boring elements. Growing competition in software consumer market forces developers..

11136: Icons for Social Networks: Something for Nothing
Managing a forum or starting a new social network? You'll need images to use with your new system. While there's no lack of offerings on the market, why paying anything at all for something you're goi..

11137: Why have Books when you can have Educational Software!
It seems only a short time ago that educational software was a novel idea, and yet now it is a staple both in the classroom and on the home computer. These days educational software for children inc..

11138: Digital Picture Recovery in a Few Clicks
Erased a digital photo by an accident? Lost the entire photo album of your travel to Amazonia? Formatted a memory card full of digital photos? Do not despair! Your precious digital photos are not lost..

11139: Avoid the Pitfalls: Download Free Games Successfully
If you've browsed through your local electronic store lately, you may have been shocked at the high price of computer games. The high end games can cost more than $60. Or maybe you've been lured in by..

11140: Technical Tip: Exporting Raster Images from Drawings
We know that CAD drawings are made of vector graphics, and that we can insert raster images in drawings. But it is also possible to create raster images of our CAD drawings, which become useful in wor..

11141: Why do you need a server monitoring software
Almost every hosting provider will promise you a 99.9% uptime guarantee. But can you really be sure that your web-site or file server is responding now? That when your clients come to you site they wi..

11142: Password Manager XP is a security tool that allows you protect your stored data
As a general rule I recommend people never store password information on their computers. This general rule however is broken when a program comes along and offers encryption 8 times over. What is thi..

11143: One-Click Encryption, Decryption, Shredding
For years, computer users have stored sensitive files on their computers, and even emailed them on the Internet, without encrypting them. While most computer users recognize that they were at risk of ..

11144: Monitor Network Devices and Servers
Monitor network devices and servers with 10-Strike Network Monitor! This network device monitoring application allows you to monitor servers, switches, network computers, and any other network devices..

11145: Evolving of Prepaid Phone Cards During the History
It's hard to imagine new world of communications without phone cards. During the nineteen seventieth calling cards were evolved in other states, also in United States of America. After this time ph..

11146: USB Threat Defender - The ultimate USB Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
Many years passed since that times when the first viruses found their ways to the system by infecting floppy disks. Floppy disks left in the past and now people share small and medium-sized files via..

11147: Beat the Recession by Increasing Your Labor Productivity with Your Personal Organizer
The global economic recession has affected everybody... The economy is in shambles and the unemployment rate has skyrocketed. The general atmosphere of despondency is really depressing. Does the mere ..

11148: Voice Over Internet Protocol And International Phone Cards Service - the Cheapest And Most Comfortable Ways to Associate
The mankind continually longed to update and develop the technologies of intercommunication. Intercommunication through telephone network is the discovery that made possible connection over far dis..

11149: TIP: How to Place Tables in ZWCAD Drawings
Q: ZWCAD's drawing functions are so good that they fulfill most of my drafting needs. It is a pity, then, that it cannot create tables, as AutoCAD can. Tables are very important, because I need them t..

11150: Educational Software and Survival Skills for 21st Century Kids
A generation ago educational software was a luxury item which most schools did not want to incur the cost of. In the twenty-first century it is just an normal routine element of the teaching resources..

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