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If You rent an apartment in Rome with, it could be great to visit the Tajan’s Forum in the Eternal City. The Emperor M. Ulpius Trajan was born in Italica (Spain) in 53 B.C. Th..

11002: How to Fight Disk Fragmentation
No matter how fast computers are at first, they usually become a lot slower just after a couple of months of use. There are several reasons why that happens, but the most common one is hard drives tha..

11003: An XML Converter that You Can Rely On For Speed and Accuracy
XML is the industry standard for data exchange between a number of different solutions. Web developers, software developers and many other IT professionals use it on a daily basis. However, there are ..

11004: Italian Winter Courses, in Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena
When you think of Italy, you’ll dream of sunny beaches, Mediterranean climate, the shadow of the pine trees and the smell of the straw flowers growing near the sea. When you think of Italy, you’l..

11005: Tune Up with Evonsoft Crap Cleaner to Maximum PC Performance
Are you tired of slow pc performance? Have you realized there are many craps produced in your computer everyday? Do you want to protect your privacy like browsing history, cookies not tracked by anoth..

11006: Learning how to type has never been so easy with Rapid Typing Tutor
Rapid Typing Tutor presents you with an innovative, efficient and enjoyable method of learning how to type. Whereas many typing tutors can be boring and repetitive to use, this one manages to break ou..

11007: Organize, Plan and Schedule Tasks with this Powerful Organizer Software
In today's typically hectic and busy lifestyle, having a place where you keep all your organizational information securely and easily accessible can make life a whole lot easier. C-Organizer Professio..

11008: Computer Running Slow - Get Your Slow Running Computer Fixed with Advanced System Restore For Free
Is "fast" the last word you would use to describe your Computer's performance? Do you wait forever just to get your computer started, and then once it's up and running? Does it freeze up for no reason..

11009: Remote Support Solution for SMB's and IT proffesionals - NTRsupport PRO
NTRglobal's NTRsupport Pro operates similarly to a desktop widget via a direct Internet connection like a Web service. Remote support and remote access company NTRglobal announced on July 22 a remote..

11010: Touch Alarm: a Convenient iPhone-Style Alarm Clock for Windows Mobile PDAs
MobilityFlow announces the release of Touch Alarm, a new program for Windows Mobile smartphones. This convenient, iPhone-style alarm clock can be quickly set with a finger, due to the scrolls of hours..

11011: Convert Web Page to PDF Using this Free but Effective Online Service
To convert web page to PDF format, you don't need to pay a single cent. Simply use this powerful and effective free online service which makes conversions both easy and accurate. The service is also e..

11012: New In-Place Text Editor of ZWCAD 2010 Beta
ZWCAD 2010 Beta is now available, and after I tested its new and improved features, one new function in particular attracted my attention immediately: the new in-place text editor. I found it was usef..

11013: Canvas Print is Your Ideas, Your Thoughts, Your Vision
Modern art prints on canvas allow you to use your imagination and create real masterpieces and completely under your control exactly the way you want it. Do you want to know how to achieve this? If..

11014: A Vast Database Where You Can Download Free Games to Help You Unwind
If you have been looking for some time to download free games, you probably haven't found anything quite like this yet. is one of the most extensive databases out there, in..

11015: Using a Binary Patch Maker to Create Secure Software Patches
Once a software product has been released into the field, it's inevitable that software development companies will want to fix problems, add features, solve unforeseen compatibility issues, and fix se..

11016: Forget About Merry Christmas Rush Here is Canvas Art
All around we are now talking about Christmas time and what presents to purchase. Your head is engaged with a lot of questions where to find a suitable gift and which will make a nice present for y..

11017: Choosing an Outright Baby Christmas Gift
Christmas is approaching nearer and people are concerned about Christmas gifts they are going to give their nearest and dearest. Nowadays when the market is overloaded with different products it be..

11018: How Does Occupation Affect Life Insurance?
Occupation plays a very important role in a person's life. What we do for living pretty much determines our entire lifestyle and delivers certain risks to deal with everyday. If you're working with..

11019: How to Use Life Insurance as an Investment
We all want to make sure our family and loved ones are protected and safe no matter what. This is why there are so many companies out there offering you to insure your life. Life coverage is a good..

11020: Universal Life Insurance Guide
Some of you have probably heard of universal policies used for insuring life. What are they all about and what benefits do universal policies bring to their holders? Well, simply put, universal ins..

11021: ZWCAD 2010 Beta Works With Windows 7
It's the end of the year, and it's time for software companies to show off their new products. The most attractive one must have been Microsoft's recent release of Windows 7. Now in December, another..

11022: What Do You Know About Term Life Insurance Policies
As most of you know there are two forms of insuring one's life: term and whole. And as you can guess from the name, whole life policies provide continuous coverage for a person's entire life, while..

11023: Preparatory Courses for Fashion & Design Academies, in Florence & Milan
Are you planning to move to Italy and enter one of prestigious Italian Fashion and Design Academies? If you are a creative person, interested in having a high quality education in Fashion or Design f..

11024: What is Mortgage Life Insurance?
Many people have heard of mortgage protection through insurance policies but it may sound quite complicated to some. To answer the question right away: mortgage protection through insuring ones lif..

11025: Hex Editor Neo is a Top Quality Hex Editor Download Offered in Various Editions
Hex Editor Neo is the most fully featured and powerful hex editor available. Not only does it greatly simplify the editing and thorough analysis of any type of file content, but it also works well wit..

11026: French Home And Garden Services
Home and Garden servicesIf you have bought a house in France and decided it to be your holiday home you will need someone to take care of your garden in-between your visits to France. You should al..

11027: Intuitive 3D Viewing Experience with CadFaster|QuickStep
CadFaster|QuickStep CadFaster|QuickStep is a completely free viewer tool for 3D professionals. CadFaster|QuickStep supports both DirectX and OpenGL drivers and it is fully compatible with Microsoft Wi..

11028: New AllWebMenus PRO v5.2 build #802 released by Likno Software.
Likno Software has released the latest version of AllWebMenus PRO v5.2 build #802. A DHTML menu/JavaScript menu builder that creates any kind of popup menu for website navigation, without any program..

11029: MS Word password cracker with rocket-boosted acceleration
Contrary to the widespread stereotypical thinking a Word password cracker is not most commonly used by pimply home-grown hackers but rather by real users like yourselves, your kids, neighbors, colleag..

11030: Managing cash-value life insurance policies
Some insurance companies are criticized because it's not always clear how your premiums are used nor how the value of your policy is calculated. At a state level, insurance departments and commissi..

11031: Free Hex Editor Neo - A Freeware Hex Editor That You Can Rely On
Free Hex Editor Neo is a freeware hex editor optimized for dealing with large files. One of the fastest and most efficient hex editors around, it is also completely free to everyone. Using this hex ed..

11032: A couple of words about the passwords generator software
You are only as secure as your password is. Whether you are registering on a forum or doing online banking, you've got to have a password . For low-risk applications, you can probably get away with us..

11033: The best plastic Business cards. A collection for your choice
A good business card is an essential tool in any businessman’s arsenal. When you’re at a function networking, meeting new clients, or your work comes up in a conversation, your card is the..

11034: Skiing Holidays in Italy for your Children, with Junior Winter Camps
Sports, nature, languages and social activities are the keywords to talk about Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milano’s new Junior Camps. Our Summer and Winter Junior Camps are located in Polsa, a beautif..

11035: True shape nesting in Astra S-Nesting software
Technos launches a new version of its true shape nesting software. Astra S-Nesting supports import of parts from the DXF format, automatic true shape nesting, q..

11036: How to reduce the risk of burglary
The one thing most likely to impress your insurance company is that you have taken a number of simple steps to reduce the risk of a burglar entering your home. The result? A reduction in the premiu..

11037: Multiple Translations from Web-Based Dictionaries with Dictionary Browser
Dictionary Browser is a small piece of software designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. If you frequently need access to a wide variety of translations for various words and phrases from a n..

11038: Home And Garden Furniture in France
Home and Garden FurnitureTastes differ and this is the main reason why people try to search for unfurnished accommodations. Especially when you have already made up your mind to purchase a house in..

11039: Home insurance: How to make a claim?
The majority of policy holders will go through the year without making a claim. It's possible a major weather disaster could suddenly take out an area, but the actual risks of fires, thefts and acc..

11040: 7 Main Principals to Keep Your Website Simple And Effective
When you are in the threw of creating a web site, you must think deeply and do a great deal of research in order for the result to be a comprehensive an effective one. You will need to think very h..

11041: Using a Software Install Maker to Build a Bullet-Proof Windows Installer
So, you've created a great new software application for the Microsoft Windows operating system. All you need to do now is package it up as a setup.exe file and you can finally head out on vacation. Bu..

11042: PostworkShop, the Artistic Image Manipulation Software
PostworkShop - a product by Xycod - is a new Artistic Image Manipulation program that allows both hobby and professional users to transform their photos and renders into impressive artistic images wit..

11043: Do you need key person insurance?
There's an old saying, "No-one is indispensable". In theory, it does not matter who you are or what work you do, you can always be edged out or replaced. This even applies to the hardworking..

11044: Retirement planning for business people
The majority of people who start up a business want to define an exit strategy. No-one intends to work until the final days before they die. Even if they want to go for something long-lasting to pa..

11045: How Can I Get Back the Windows 7 Classic Start Menu?
Windows 7 bought with it various changes, including the removal of features still found in Windows Vista and earlier versions that users could revert to if they wanted. The Windows 7 classic start men..

11046: launches its Brand New TV Player 4.5 released its new Satellite TV Player 4.5 today, a software program enabling users to comfortably watch Satellite TV channels on their PC over the internet. Satellite TV Player..

11047: Online Forex Trading - Broker Review -
If you looking for a new, innovative approach to online forex trading then read on... There are a many online forex programs and brokers that claim to offer the perfect answer to the Forex trader. ..

11048: Discovering the Italian Fashion Business in Milan, Italy
Are you planning to visit Milan this February and you are interested in Italian Fashion? Weather you are a professional in a fashion field, or simply fashion addicted person interested in following e..

11049: Decrypt Excel Documents if You Have Lost Your Password
If you have forgotten your password for a password-protected Excel document, then you probably think you have every reason to be very worried about it. However, before you lose hope, there may be some..

11050: Utilize the Alchemy Network Inventory capabilities to register network devices details of your LAN.
Utilize the Alchemy Network Inventory capabilities to register the network devices details of your Local Area Network, including hardware and software characteristics for each computer. Maintaining su..

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