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10451: How to Override In-use Dimension Styles in ZWCAD
When we use Design Center to override a dimension style (of which one with the same name already exists in the drawing), ZWCAD pops up a message that says that "...dimstyle(s) added. Duplicate definit..

10452: Add ASP.NET File Upload Functionality to Your Website
Aurigma ASP.NET File Upload makes it easy to add a file upload feature to your website. It is easy to use and efficient too. It makes it easy for your website's visitors to upload data thanks to its u..

10453: Try the only accelerometer tunnel racing game that supports 3D glasses!
Try the only accelerometer tunnel racing game that supports 3D glasses! Speedx 3D is an accelerometer controlled tunnel racing game with amazing 3D graphic..

10454: A Value Pack of Menu Icon Sets for Software Developers
Looking for a bargain in stock icons? How about getting 13,000 unique images at 3 cents apiece? The All Menu Icons set is a huge value pack of royalty-free stock graphics. Throwing 13,188 unique icons..

10455: Debt management / Debt management companies
What is worst: death or debt? Imagine being overwhelmed by financial documents every week because you haven’t settled your dues yet. Debt collectors are already calling you non-stop to question ..

10456: High Quality Web 2.0 Icons for Your Apps
Making a Web 2.0 application? If you're doing a lot of them, you'll require a quality collection of graphics to rely upon. Aha-Soft brings you an ideal solution: a set of All Perfect Icons designed to..

10457: Toolbar Icons for Application Developers
Today's products featuring graphical user interface are hard to imagine without colorful graphics. Windows, Linux and mobile developers use dozens or even hundreds of images in their products. Where d..

10458: Spend Less on Communications by Using a Video Conferencing Server
Any successful business needs to have a fast, efficient and affordable way of carrying out communications between different departments and members of staff. In these days of high technology and an ab..

10459: Listen to Your Audio Files Anywhere with Hamster Free Audio Converter
Back in the earlier days of personal computers, there were very few different audio formats. This made it easier to play your music files in your favorite media player without any annoying compatibili..

10460: Enjoy Freestyle Soccer with an amazing Copa Freestyle app!
Copa Freestyle is a fun app that provides instructional and entertaining content for everyone that enjoys freestyle soccer. It is the ONLY Freestyle soccer a..

10461: Convert Digital Books with Hamster Free eBook Converter
Books stored in a digital format, known as an "eBook" are all the rage these days. You see people using eBook readers on public transport, in parks, at work and just about everywhere else. In the last..

10462: Enjoy a new amazing strategy game, where you can bomb each other by firing jelly bombs!
Enjoy a new amazing strategy game, where you can bomb each other by firing jelly bombs! Jelly wars, is a turn based strategy game where two players battle each o..

10463: Forget repetitive tasks with Hot Keyboard
Forget repetitive tasks with Hot KeyboardHot Keyboard is a personal productivity tool for Windows OS. For work or for fun - Hot Keyboard makes your computer tasks easier and faster. You just create ma..

10464: Wellness Meals Dietary supplements
Gingko biloba is not a fresh herb and its utilizes could be traced back towards the days in the Egyptians. Today, it stays among the highest offering of all well being food supplements. A few of the m..

10465: Google TV vs Online TVx, comparison of two products
Now days watching TV online is becoming more and more popular, so I have tried to relate two well known media of watching Tv Telly Tube Television Box online: Google TV and Online TVx. Availability of..

10466: Tend to all of Your Video Conversion Needs with Hamster Free Video Converter
How many times have you downloaded a video file off the Internet only to find that it won't work in your favorite media player? Or, perhaps you have tried to copy movies over from your computer to you..

10467: Revitalize Your Sound with Bongiovi's DPS Audio Enhancer
Bongiovi Acoustics' Digital Power Station (DPS) brings Patented Real-Time Audio Re-mastering(TM) to your PC and any audio device you connect to it. With a simple download, you can breathe new life..

10468: Convert Files to the Popular PDF Type
The PDF format is one of the most popular document standards in the world. It is used for everything from eBooks to instruction manuals and a great deal more. If you have a collection of files which y..

10469: Make new friends chatting with millions of people around the world!
Make new friends chatting with millions of people around the world! Flirtomatic is a fun feature-rich app that allows you to flirt and chat with millions of real p..

10470: Shipping to USA: for you the most reliable one in the field
Anyone planning to send its own goods, by land or by sea or by air, in Italy or in Europe or all over the world has to pretend that the transport of the goods we are talking about is perfect, with any..

10471: The t-shirts for men in men fashion
The t-shirt is the epitome of casual style and functionality. Combining the details of the button-down shirt of a man with the length of a dress for women, t-shirts are easy to wear and elegant. They..

10472: Commodities Monthly – October 2011
EXECUTIVE SUMMARYPrecious metal mining equities underperformed their metal equivalents by at least 20 percentage points over the first three quarters of 2011, which has led many investors to reconside..

10473: Make it Easier for Users to Upload Photos to Your Site with Aurigma Up iPhone Uploader
In spite of its vast range of features and reliable, fully-featured Safari web browser, the iPhone lacks the simple feature of making it easy to upload a photo from your phone to a website. When you b..

10474: Country living room furniture: a special style just for you
Country living room furniture: a special style just for youIf you want to get the best result in case of country furniture, follow some suggestions to find the right manufacturing firm.The decor of a ..

10475: Secure Erase of confidential data with ProtectStar Data Shredder 3
ProtectStarâ„¢ Data Shredder 3 is a professional tool that has won numerous awards and that allows for secure erase of data from hard drives and external data storage devices, including deletion proto..

10476: Capture All Serial Port Data with a Serial Port Monitor
For any hardware or software developer who works with serial port devices or the software that uses them, a serial port monitor is an essential tool to have in the collection. Serial Monitor is one su..

10477: Monitor Network Hardware and Services with Network Monitor Software
Network monitor software has many great uses such as network troubleshooting and repair, security monitoring and much more. Network Monitor is one such solution for your business. Though it is a profe..

10478: Debug Hardware Devices and Drivers with Device Monitor Software
If you are a hardware or software developer or you program drivers for various types of devices, you will no doubt want to make sure that your projects are as bug-free and well optimized as possible b..

10479: Easy MP3 Cutter With Powerful Features
With MP3 being the most popular format for audio files, it is often necessary to cut MP3 files into smaller pieces. For example, you may want to cut out a part of a popular song and use it as a ringto..

10480: Backup Your Data and Synchronize Files with @MAX SyncUp
There are many cases in which you can lose important data simply because you didn't synchronize or back up your files. Many things can go wrong with a computer or storage device, causing you to lose y..

10481: Cryptainer LE Encryption Software Encrypts Any Data on Any Windows PC, Any Media
Cryptainer LE is a simple, easy to use encryption software that creates an encrypted virtual drive, provides password protection and hides any file or folder ensuring file encryption, automatically. I..

10482: Starus Photo Recovery 3.0 Provides Higher Recovery Ratio and Faster Image Recovery
Starus Recovery announces a major upgrade of Starus Photo Recovery, boosting the recovery speed and offering a number of enhancements. Version 3.0 features a completely overhauled information recovery..

10483: Monitor USB Devices with a USB Protocol Analyzer
USB Monitor is a tool for monitoring any USB device attached to your computer as well as any application working with the USB device on your computer. The USB protocol analyzer is ideal for monitoring..

10484: Enjoy Unrestricted Hex Editing with Hex Editor Download
Hex Editor Neo is one of the more powerful and fully featured hex editor solutions available. It makes editing hexadecimal data easier and faster by providing a thorough analysis of any type of file. ..

10485: Make a call directly from your homescreen!
Make a call directly from your homescreen! Sign is a speed-dialer app that allows you to make calls or text contacts directly from your homescreen. With Sign you c..

10486: A Reliable and User-Friendly Free Hex Editor
Free Hex Editor Neo is a completely free hex editor which is well optimized for working with large files as well. It is amongst the fastest and most efficient hex editors thanks to its high performanc..

10487: Learn Professional Typing with Typing Tutor Software
Learning how to type does not have to be a long and boring process in which it takes years of practice to type like a professional. While everyone learns at a different pace, learning how to type thro..

10488: Network Inventory in seconds with NEWT Professional
Most IT professionals realize that as business grows, so does the demand for tracking an increasing number of computers on their network. Along with the escalation in the number of PCs comes an amplif..

10489: Advanced Uninstaller PRO: A Swiss Army Knife for PC Users - new release
September 1st, 2011 -- Innovative Solutions announces today the release of Advanced Uninstaller PRO, the newest version of the popular uninstaller software for Windows. Featuring a fast and accurate i..

10490: Develop basic math skills with popular Chinese card game!
Develop basic math skills with popular Chinese card game! Four Cards is a popular Chinese card game that i often played as a competition, and to help students deve..

10491: Make Uploading Data to Your Website Easy with a PHP File Upload Utility
Aurigma PHP File Upload is a complete solution which makes it easy to implement an upload section on any website which is quick and easy to use. It makes all processes of uploading data to your websit..

10492: Wedding in Tuscany: a romantic solution for your happiness
When organizing an event, you can prepare it your own or you can contact a professional partner: this kind of choice depends on many factors, but one of the main ones is if you want to create an event..

10493: An Advanced Music Organizer With Features Of An Encyclopedia
A big music collection is not easy to manage without special music organizer software. For physical media like Audio CDs, DVDs, vinyl records (LPs, 45RPMs etc.), audio cassettes, it is often difficult..

10494: LeaderTask - Personal Organizer for an Accountant
Using the leadertask organizer by a chief accountant.The job of a chief accountant implies a high level of responsibility, obligation and self-organization. While planning their work, chief accountant..

10495: Wedding locations in Tuscany: ideal places for amazing event
When you take a decision to create an event, indeed the most important event of your life, the most important thing is to ban the superficiality and carelessness. therefore when you decide to arrange ..

10496: Positive Aspects of Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing? What the heck is in it for me? I'm happy you asked. Independence - A Business in Your ControlMaybe the #1 great advantage for online affiliates is the liberty. I never had to brea..

10497: Web Data Extraction Software Introduction
Web contains an overwhelming amount of useful data that might be difficult or expensive to get from any other source. While much of the web data is unstructured in nature, there is also a significant ..

10498: What to wear at the end of the year
With such diversity, catchy at the same time, a collection that keeps you warm in the men's clothing outdoors this season, it is time to get ready for the winter season while the winter and fall are n..

10499: Get the Best of Your Videos with Logo Remover
Unwanted static objects like subtitles, dates or logos can oftentimes be found in your favorite videos. For example, built-in subtitles are very common with foreign movies. Some people can't do withou..

10500: ZDelete Internet Eraser permanently, securely erases any internet tracks
How you know our presence on the Internet is not going unnoticed. It goes down in history. But it's not in the world history of course, but in internet history. Delete data from your computer's hard d..

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