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10451: Triage des matériaux : Nouvelle loi qui concernt les entreprises du batiment
Les sociétés seront obligés, à partir de mars 2013, dès qu'ils feront la demande d' un permis de démolir, faire faire une étude des matériaux de fabrication par un spécialiste et faire un cer..

10452: Union Bancaire Privée to acquire Nexar Capital Group
Geneva, New York, Paris, 29 February 2012 Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA (“UBP”), one of Switzerland’s leading and best-capitalised private banks and a leader in the hedge fun..

10453: Famous Element Of Office Furniture In Dubai
The require for equipment in Dubai like chairs and conference tables is for all time rising because fresh businesses, schemes, employments and career are like sizzling trend in Dubai business flow. No..

10454: Provide complete security for your Android Mobile and tablet devices with new super app!
NQ Mobile security is designed to provide complete security for your Android mobile and tablet devices. NQ mobile is a leading mobile security and productivit..

10455: Take power of creation in your hands, using fun puzzle game "Doodle God"!
Doodle God is a fun puzzle game that puts that power of creation in your hands. In the beginning there was only Doodle God. Doodle God created the four ..

10456: Provide complete security for your Android Mobile and tablet devices with new super app!
NQ Mobile security is designed to provide complete security for your Android mobile and tablet devices. NQ mobile is a leading mobile security and productivi..

10457: Investors Prefer To Buy Dubai Property
Dubai presently is amongst the known cities of the world for its consistent growth in tourism and real estate sector, and that is what has helped Dubai to recover from the worst economic crises ever i..

10458: Dubai Company Formation Is The Dubai Up To Date Infrastructure
The willpower for worldwide entrepreneurs to set up business in Dubai overshadows the elevated costs of setting up the business. A few of the factors that have played significant role in hopeful inter..

10459: Why spend money on a printer. Print your own stationaries using an all-in-one business card software
More and more people are starting small or home-based businesses, and no matter what type of business it is, it requires business cards, company letterhead, company envelopes, and labels. Instead of ..

10460: View, Edit, Create and Convert DBF Files with Free DBF Viewer
Free DBF Viewer is a completely free utility for working with DBF database files. It allows you to view the data contained with the files as well as create, edit and index data. A conversion component..

10461: A new useful app that helps you to find job!
With mobile app, you can search and apply for jobs anytime, anywhere. The power of job search is in the palm of your hand. is the..

10462: Barcode SDK for .NET and WPF v6.1 release by VintaSoft Ltd!
14/02/2012 Rostov-on-DonNEWSVintaSoft Ltd releases the major version 6.1 of Barcode SDK for .NET and WPF wich includes series of enhancements and improvements.The following new barcode symbologies wer..

10463: SSC Dubai Proficiency And Local Information
Responsibility business in the United Arab Emirates suggests many returns. To profit nearly all from them, farm out the profession of company formation to Strategic Solutions Consultancy (SSC), the UA..

10464: A popular translator that translates words, phrases and whole sentences in over 50 languages!
iTranslate is a free, highly popular translator app that translates words, phrases and even whole sentences in over 50 languages. It is the largest translato..

10465: Compete with your friends throwing a ball into basket with best exciting game!
Tip-off Basketball is a fun arcade style basketball game, where the main goal is to throw the ball into a basket. Use your finger to set the trajectory of..

10466: Submit PAD Files with
PAD is short for Portable Application Description. It's a standard medium created by the Association of Software Professionals. To create and submit PAD files is simply a matter of writing description..

10467: Improve Your PDFs with PDF Logo Remover
PDF documents are very widespread and are oftentimes used for business correspondence, manuals, brochures, etc. Typically, they contain not only text, but also lots of images, graphics and backgrounds..

10468: Optimization of Website by using Latest Techniques
Search Engine optimization techniques are very effective medium of getting the business website known and popular on the internet. It is one way in which a website can get hold of a large number of tr..

10469: Add the Tilt Shift Effect to Photos with Artensoft Tilt Shift Generator
The tilt shift effect is a popular effect used to manipulate images and it was something that, previously, could only be done by using expensive special lenses for the camera. These days, the effect i..

10470: Strengthening a heat exchanger
A Heat exchanger is an essential thermal machine employed for industrial cooling, with several types existing: shell and tube, plate exchangers, spiral heat exchanger, block and fin heat exchangers. H..

10471: Cool winter: wool warm scarves
In this period of the year everyone needs of wool scarves. Market offers various hues, fabrics and designs. Winter stoles are an inevitable accessory for modern women, rendering a classy touch to the ..

10472: Tube bending machines: new technology
Pyramid type bending machine with 3 driving rollers having variable centre distances.The adjustable geometry of this machine makes it possible to bend an extremely wide range of section bars and is wi..

10473: Get the best collection of java reference cards available!
Get the best collection of java reference cards available, with the Java Quick reference cards app. Java is a programming language and computing platform fir..

10474: PamFax replaces old fax hardware with free fax software
Make your fax hardware redundant: replace existing hardware by PamFax online fax service. Send faxes directly from any computer and access your sent and received faxes from anywhere. We provide free f..

10475: New way fo tracking and managing your fixed asset
Tracking and Managing Asset with Fixed Asset Pro16 Recently we got the opportunity to test the new product, Fixed Asset Pro16, from Excelsoft Technology Co. It is quite an interesting business appli..

10476: Union Bancaire Privée books a consolidated profit of CHF 198 million
2011 annual results Union Bancaire Privée books a consolidated profit of CHF 198 million before ABN AMRO Bank (Switzerland) AG integration costs Geneva, 25 January 2012 - Seeing healthy pros..

10477: Online Forex Trading for Beginners
The foreign exchange market - better known as FOREX - is a global market for buying and selling currencies. It features a huge volume of transactions, 24 hours a day, five days a week. Daily transacti..

10478: Play the most popular virtual guitar with famous app Solo!
Solo is the most popular virtual guitar app available for Android devices. Use it to play your favorite songs, or create some of your own. Playing Solo is very much similar to playin..

10479: A Hardware Inventory for Your Company
In medium to large organizations, there are often extensive local area networks to take care of. To ensure that business goes smoothly, it's essential to regularly maintain and keep watch over various..

10480: Recover, Secure or Backup Data with Active@ Boot Disk
If your computer cannot start up normally and you need to be able to perform startup repair tasks or recover data which is now inaccessible, you'll probably try using the built-in tools provided by Wi..

10481: Photo Kiosk Software Makes Running a Photo Printing Business Easy
Photo kiosk software automates the whole process of accepting photo orders and dealing with them as required. It's an ideal solution for any kind of photo printing business since it saves time and mak..

10482: Project Framework Software to create Project Documents Automatically
The "Problem"Whether you are a Manager, a Consultant, a Freelance or an IT Professional, there has to be an easy way to take care and manage the overwhelming task of writing Project Documents on a reg..

10483: Tab Bar Icons Galore to Fit Your iOS Applications
Attractive design iOS representations is really a selection of adeptly developed application representations meeting the many requirements from your iOS along with iPhone os. The particular representa..

10484: Access Your Data and Repair Your PC with Active@ Data Studio (Live CD)
Active@ Data Studio (Live CD) provides users with a useful set of desktop applications combined with a bootable image for starting up a computer into either a Windows-based or DOS-based environment. I..

10485: Recover PDF Passwords with PDF Password Recovery Analyzer for Mac
PDF Password Recovery Analyzer for Mac is a password recovery tool for recovering lost passwords for PDF files on Macintosh computers. Losing a password can be extremely frustrating, especially if the..

10486: Try an addictive puzzle game, that will keep you playing forever!
Unblock Me free is an fun and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to get the red block out of the way by sliding the other blocks out of the way. Unblock Me has two game modes: Relax ..

10487: A great new classifieds app for instant selling, buying, renting and personal postings!
Selloby is a life sharing classifieds mobile app for instant selling, buying, renting and personal postings. It is light, easygoing, fun and useful for everyday life. Selloby offers ..

10488: Try new useful app that will help you baby learn the letters of the alphabet!
ABC Baby cards, is a highly useful app that will help your baby learn the letters of the alphabet while having fun. It is well known that kids learn quickly by repetition. The app ha..

10489: A new app that helps you search all your personal online content in one place!
A revolutionary new app that helps you search, manage and backup all your personal online content in one place! Primadesk is a revolutionary new app that helps you..

10490: A great media platform that allows you to share events via videos and photos!
A great media platform that allows you to share events via videos and photos with everyone around the world! Mobli is a real-time visual media platform that allows..

10491: New bending machine: advantages
Versatility of bending machine, that can bend large size profiles, as well as profiles with small dimensions and radii, with its combination of considerable useful length and elevated stiffness of the..

In a globalised world it may seem trivial to underline the origin of a product, but nowadays it’s important to assure clientele that entire production is all studied, designed and assembled in I..

10493: Scarves spring summer collection
Firstly the colors. Grey in its hues of asphalt, blackboard or gull grey or the various hues of brown remain the basis for all arrangements, Pyaar’s real essence. At the same time there is space..

10494: To Do List Software: 6 Quick Tips for Getting More Done
For many of us, the pressures of daily life - particularly our working lives - demands that we have in place at least some rudimentary form of task management system, to help us juggle our burgeoning ..

10495: Button Creator Tips: 6 Easy Ways to Increase Your Website's Conversions
One of the most challenging yet rewarding aspects of operating a website, particularly one selling some kind of product or service, is the process of maximizing conversions. Conversions are those vis..

10496: Energy Saving in Evaporative Towers
An evaporative tower is a thermal machine employed to regenerate cooling water feeding industrial thermoregulation systems, often used in big plants working with high heat amounts to be managed, but a..

10497: Package Software with a Free Installer
Free installer software which provides all of the features that you need to create professional, fast and user-friendly installation packages is certainly not all that common. Fortunately, there is a ..

10498: Package Software with InstallAware Studio for Windows Installer
One of the most important steps of software production is making the final installation package that makes it quick and easy for your customers to install your software. InstallAware Studio for Window..

10499: Article Review Software for Searchable PDF Files (A Research PDF Search Tool for Literature Review)
This article discusses about article review and how ease we can do it using PrepLit software technology. With this current computer era, most papers are kept in the searchable PDF file format. We can ..

10500: Distribute Your Software with Download Sites
Getting your software to the masses is essential if you want your business to be a success. Getting the largest audience largely relies on having your software listed on as many of the popular downloa..

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