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9051: Make Your Brainstorming Sessions Rain Ideas
Brainstorming is an essential part of the writing process. Without ideas after all, what would you have to write? Whether you are just starting a new novel, or need new plot ideas for a current work, ..

9052: Help In Finding Your Online Writer
Let us assume you have searched for and found an online writer, hired them to create SEO optimized content articles, and then upon receipt of your content you have been disappointed. Therefore, you ne..

9053: Writing Sleuths - Pet Detectives
In a recent fiction novel, a neophyte private investigator (PI) grudgingly took on pet cases, from finding an African Helmeted Turtle to looking for her neighbor's nasty-tempered dog. Tracking down th..

9054: Creative Writing 101 Five Tips For Collecting Your Thoughts
Creative writing is all about turning ideas into words. First, of course, you must have an idea; something to write about. But unless you know how to put those ideas down into words you can sit there ..

9055: How To Write A Novel The Surefire Easy Way
How to write a novel the easy way? Can it be done?Absolutely. Learning how to write a novel doesn't have to be complicated. When you follow a step by step process, you can take the complexity of how t..

9056: How To Get Over Writer's Block When Half Way Through Your Novel
My initial suggestion is this: write the first draft of your novel in a relatively short concentrated space of time. I suggest six weeks maximum. From my experience, you make yourself vulnerable to wr..

9057: Do You Write By Hand, On A Computer, Or A Vintage Typewriter
It's what you write that counts, not whether you write by hand, or on a computer or even on a vintage typewriter. However, you may find that switching to a method you don't normally use could get your..

9058: Character Creation - The Most Interesting Fictional Characters Of All
The success and the longevity of a great novel does not lie entirely in the hands of its hero. Many of my favourite novels come with a surprise gift - the character who is most interesting of all, who..

9059: Serendipity, Inspiration, And The Phoenix
We write about what we don't know about what we know~Grace Paley~You may have heard part of this story before. Some time ago I started working on a novel set in Martha's Vineyard, my favorite vacation..

9060: To Write Excellent Children's Stories, Your Characters Must Evolve
Perhaps the act of forgiveness, true forgiveness, is the ultimate example of taking a second look. In this process three critical participants in the story evolve:1. The character taking the second lo..

9061: Choosing The Right Free Blogging Tools, Software And Promotion
There are many free blogging tools available online, but loading up your blog with all of these free accessories isn't necessarily a good idea. While it may be tempting to add a visitor counter, a fla..

9062: How Can Carl Jung's Theory Of Archetypes Help You In Your Creative Writing
Among his many theories, Carl Jung includes "archetypes". An archetype may be defined as "a universally understood symbol or term or pattern of behaviour". If you read Robert McKee's Story, you will f..

9063: How To Write An Audience Analysis
What Is An Audience Analysis?An audience analysis is essentially a study of customer needs and wants. These could either be explicit, implicit or both. The key is to gather as much information as poss..

9064: How To Make Armed Conflict Believable In Fiction And RPGs
Often in fictional settings there is a need to introduce conflict on a large scale, have a revolt, or topple a government. Whether this is central to the story or just part of the backdrop, using arme..

9065: Time Is Within You - Feel It With Your Heart
It's time to create... It's come to you. It came with your birth into this world. Ever since you've been conceived in the womb - your earthly time started... Your little heart was pounding with him. C..

9066: How To Write Japanese Haiku In English
Learning to write Haiku is relatively simple, but simplicity can be elusive if the writer tries too hard. Haiku is a way of writing poetry that encourages the author to achieve the maximum effect with..

9067: Three Types Of Stories - The Sublime, The Grotesque, And The Boring
Recently I woke up early in the morning to find someone had published a pornographic story on my Facebook account using School Feed. It was embarrassing since the story had my picture next to it. Init..

9068: Networking With Other Freelance Writers Helps Bring Writing Jobs
Building a freelance writing career can often be a lonely profession starting out, especially when it comes to finding decent paying gigs. Most freelance writers think they are home free once they fin..

9069: How To Use Writing To Make You Happier
Writing, for me, is one of those things that I'm happier having done than I am doing it. I do enjoy the process, but what I really like is looking at my finished draft, editing it, revising it. I real..

9070: How To Maintain Suspension Of Disbelief In Fiction
In order for a reader to truly engage in a narrative, he or she must feel convinced that the events of the story could really be happening. This is not to say that a reader must really believe in alie..

9071: How To Be A Good Writer The True Key To Your Writing Dreams
Writers tend to spend a lot of time attending conferences or reading books about how to be a good writer. These days, with ready access to the wisdom of agents and editors who blog, many also spend ti..

9072: Advertising Manager Types And Responsibilities
Main Types of Advertising Manager:Despite the proliferation of titles and 'hats', there are three distinct classifications.i) The advertising manager who is chiefly an administrator acts in liaison wi..

9073: Headcase Balancing Wandering Minds With A Need To Work
Monday through Friday I follow the same commute to work. I've done it for over nine years. Yet, occasionally when I pull into my unassigned but clearly designated parking spot, I wonder briefly about ..

9074: Organically Conceived Thinking And Writing
Not everyone enjoys reading information and reference packed sentences, and if you throw in too many references too quickly, most people that can understand all that you are saying will not enjoy read..

9075: Three Easy Steps To Authentic, Fearless Writing For Your Book
You do not have to wait for the muse to inspire authentic, fearless writing in your book. Coax it into being with three quick steps:1. Release judgment. In writing the draft of your book, consider all..

9076: Could You Write 20 Or More Reasons To Write Poetry
Could you give 21 reasons to write poetry? That's what I wondered of myself after listing 10 reasons for writing poetry. Then once I listed, I went on to 20.True, I love poetry. So it was easy for me...

9077: How To Create Three-Dimensional Characters
In your mind, you can picture your characters clearly. You know how each one differs from the next and exactly what you want them to do or say. How will you convey that on the page? By using detail, d..

9078: How To Write More The 10K Day For Writers
Have you ever noticed how that elusive magical feeling almost never happens? The so-called mood to write? Don't wait for it! Create the mood instead by writing, writing, writing.The Perfect Format in ..

9079: Developing Creative Writing Ideas From Old News
Developing creative writing ideas is an important part of one of the most effective marketing strategies used online today! When working on the internet the demand for unique content is never ending a..

9080: How To Create Layers Within Each Of Your Characters
Every person consists of several layers, starting with the thin veneer you see on the surface, then tooling down deeper and deeper to the core which remains hidden to many. But a novelist's task is to..

9081: 3 Excellent Reasons To Hire A Professional Editor
If you're in the process of revising and editing your final manuscript for submission to a publisher, you may want to consider hiring an editor. Reasons vary as to why some writers will hire an editor..

9082: Excellent Ideas To Help Make Affiliate Marketing and advertising Operate For You
Earn income by producing internet sites that will attract people to pay a visit to and buy your merchandise. When you also place affiliate ads on those internet sites, your income will rise substantia..

9083: Writing Sleuths - Depicting Rural Surveillance
Writing a whodunnit, an amateur sleuth, or a hardboiled private eye story? Whatever kind of sleuth you're writing, part of his/her skill set is to conduct surveillance, but keep in mind that surveying..

9084: How To Come Up With A Good Story for Your Graphic Novel
A graphic novel is pretty much like a paperback novel except that it is told with pictures or graphics (hand-drawn images). The script of course is an integral part of the whole thing, besides, you wo..

9085: Creative Writing Online Courses How To Be A Good Student
Just for kicks, plunk yourself down in the middle of a room of writers and throw out the question, "What's the best way to be a good writing student?" You're almost guaranteed to hear one main belief ..

9086: What Motivates You To Blog, Is It Just The Money
Why do you blog? Did you ever ask yourself that question? It seems that these days many bloggers are doing it for some straight up cash. Why not, after all money is the driving force in most things we..

9087: Creative Writing Is Just Choosing A Genre And Merely Picking New Characters
Creative writing is just that, it is to be creative. Unfortunately, often the creative mind finds challenges when it tries to make it to analytical. This happens a lot in composition class, where ever..

9088: Character And Spirit Captured In The Cut Of Her Jib
Breathe life into your characters by getting in touch with their spirits. Spirit is the essence of being (breath), and character embraces the distinguishing features, disposition, and qualities of a p..

9089: How To Buy Unique Content For Websites
When someone builds a new website, the primary motive of your website is to provide fresh content to the viewers. However, getting fresh and unique content to publish on your website is a hectic job. ..

9090: Tips On Writing - See What's There
One issue that many people face when they first start exercising their creativity is the difference between describing what is there and what they think is (or should be) there. In drawing, one of the..

9091: 3 Main Points To Consider When Breaking Down A Writing Project
There are as varied ways to break down a writing project, as there are varied candy brands! Some people will break their writing project into big chunks of information while others may break them down..

9092: Make Your Website Content Writing Skills More Effective!
The days of buyers and sellers of products or services to be physically present at the point of sales deal are gone. The whole buying mechanism has undergone a sea change in recent times thanks to the..

9093: Niche Keyword Selection How To Brainstorm
Selection of the most often-searched keywords is not necessarily the best option for SEO or PPC campaigns. Instead, it is significant to brainstorm niche keywords pertinent to your business. The most ..

9094: eBook Reader Publishing And Why You Should Do It Now
The time is here to get in as close to the ground floor as possible on the eBook publishing bandwagon. Both Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble's Nook, make it simple to publish your eBooks and eReports..

9095: 4 Reasons Poetry Appreciation Can Save The Planet
It's a jumbo assertion that poetry can save the planet. Nonetheless, as a poet and former teacher, I think it's true. Just step outside the "can't do box" for a moment, and lend an ear to four reasons..

9096: Improve Your Writing - Find A Writing Partner
Finishing your essay, your paper, or your written report is a very satisfying feeling, isn't it?After sometimes very long hours -- or days (or weeks, or months) -- of toiling away on it, there finally..

9097: Why There Is No End To The Making Of Books And Blogs
Writers make books for the same reason painters make pictures: we can't help ourselves. We have to do it. And if you ever go right off your rocker and start writing a book, you'll discover how the pro..

9098: MindView 5 Mind Mapping Software - Defining What a Product Upgrade Should Be
With a new 2013 interface, powerful usability upgrades and enhanced project management features, MindView 5 sets the NEW industry standard for Mind Mapping software. Tampa, FL - December 1st, 2012. ..

9099: How To Use Readability Formulas To Help You Write Better
We can dissect the term "readability" into "read" + "ability," which translates into the ability to read. Readability has nothing to do with either legibility or literacy. In fact, readability is more..

9100: Does A Writer Lose Voice When A Manuscript Is Professionally Edited
It's not uncommon for authors at all levels to be wary of editorial assistance if this means it will involve actually omitting or adding material to their drafts. When completed, will it still be "my"..

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