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5101: Seven Things You Shouldn't Say On A Business Website
Remember when comedian George Carlin so famously reeled off the seven words you can't say on television? He called them "the heavy seven", the nasty words "that will infect your soul, curve your spine..

5102: What Ghostwriting Can Do For You
Some may consider hiring a ghostwriter as a way of hiring a salesperson-someone that can sell a company's services online because of their superior writing ability. While this may be the reason why so..

5103: Copywriting - Keeping It Simple
What is the best layout for your copy? I know I may have mentioned this before but some copywriters get too hung up on being "creative" with fancy pictures and words. When really keeping it simple is ..

5104: Web Copywriting Services - Choose The Professionals!
Professional web copywriting services providers work as per its clients' requirements to make sure that the website has one of the best well-written content to captivate visitors.Web copywriting servi..

5105: What Is A Copywriter - Get Answers
You see examples of copywriting every day. Copywriters write content for websites, books, magazines, and billboards. They write ads used on the radio as well as commercials for television. A copywrite..

5106: How To Pick The Ideal Rental Car Agency
Perhaps you are second-guessing your getaway plans this economy. This post is full of great ideas for the cost-minded traveler.Pack up all your bags the evening before. Make each of the necessary prep..

5107: 8 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Freelance Copywriter
In today's struggling economy, retaining a full-time copywriter can be cost-prohibitive for many small- to mid-sized businesses. But if you think shelling out a regular writer's salary will hurt your ..

5108: How A Copywriting Company Can Brand Your Business
For the love of your business, you would like to know about something that would brand it. This is certainly something that would make its progress be manifest. Well, with the right copywriting compan..

5109: How To Write Headlines That Skyrocket Your Sales
Just how important is the headline anyway? Probably the single most important thing you will write in your copy. There are a number of reasons that the headline is so important, one of them being that..

5110: What Is The Difference Between Price, Cost, And Value
As a web copywriter or any kind of internet marketer, you need to be aware of the difference between price, cost, and value, or else you will never quite understand buyer psychology and you will not b..

5111: Shortcutting Your Way To A Great Sales Letter
No matter how good your product is, it isn't going to sell itself. If you were working in the brick and mortar world, you'd address that fact by finding the best possible sales staff to help move your..

5112: Classified Ads - 7 Quick Steps On How To Write Money Making Ads!
Grasping the fundamentals for writing a classified ad, affiliates, and moving on from there and experimenting with what works best for your product, service and niche that you're in, takes a bit of ti..

5113: SEO Or Copy Writing - Choosing The Best Internet Content Writer
On the Internet, SEO and Copywriting are highly competitive fields. Nonetheless, opportunities abound across a broad spectrum. If you're new to content writing, courting prospects, or need a writer fo..

5114: Should You Write A Long Or Short Sales Copy
I hope you are well on your way to becoming a freelance copywriter... just messing around with affiliate offers, creating landing pages and simple sales letters to drive traffic to offers that convert..

5115: Copywriting And Proofreading - The Advantages Other Than Monetary Terms
Great. Now that you have decided that you want to be a copywriter/proofreader. Or maybe you even are already one. You could very well be one of the many great copywriters whose works we enjoy immensel..

5116: A Secret Weapon For Creating Clear, Compelling Copy
I have a tool that gives me a tremendous boost in writing clear, compelling copy. It's worked so well that it's become inseparable from my process. I use it with every bit of copy I write - including ..

5117: How To Keep Customers Reading Every Word Of Copy With Connectors
If you haven't seen the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight, you're missing out. The performances are rock solid. It's well directed. And extremely well written. In the opening sequence there's an e..

5118: Where To Start Your Copywriting
How do you start copywriting?What are the first things you must do...before putting pen to paper?Have you ever heard people say that you should smile when speaking on the phone, as it comes across to ..

5119: Protect Your Computer with the Best Antivirus Program
Protecting your computer with the best antivirus program is essential. There are many different types of threats out there on the Web ranging from the mildly annoying to the extremely dangerous which ..

5120: The Secret To Writing Kick-Butt Advertising That Generates Cash
If you do nothing else about your business from this day forward, you must learn that good advertising and marketing copy can make you very wealthy. Imagine crafting a sales letter that will compel a ..

5121: Don't Let an Ad Salesmen Be Your Copywriter!
The copy in your ads is absolutely crucial - if it isn't written to speak to your prospects, you'd be better off saving your money.No matter what a fast-talking salesman might try to tell you, being t..

5122: Newbies Hints And Tips - Help With Sales Letters - The Headline
I can't emphasize enough the importance of the Attention Grabbing Headline.You have about 10 seconds to grab the reader's attention - before they go on to something else. If you haven't got a headline..

5123: You're Just One Good Swipe From A Blockbuster Ad
The late, Gary C. Halbert, is my favorite copywriting mentor. Not only was he ultra-successful but he could teach the art and science of crafting ad copy like nobody's business.One of the things I lea..

5124: Chat, Socialize, Shop And More!
I very recently discovered a great website where I can read interesting blogs, chat with others, look at pictures, shop, and do much, much more. This website provides visitors with opportunities to me..

5125: Choose The Best Copywriter For Your Business Copywriting Project
Business copywriters are a dime a dozen. But, choosing the right copywriter for your business can be a challenge. This checklist helps you select a business copywriter who can deliver writing that gro..

5126: What Does It Take To Succeed As An Independent Copywriter
In looking back on the nearly four dozen aspiring copywriters I've trained and mentored over the years and asking which personal qualities posed challenges and roadblocks and which enable beginners to..

5127: Long Sales Copy Doesn't Work? Think Again
You know, I have been before in quite a fair number of marketing discussions whereby the opposite party will frequently say, "Why bother writing a long sales copy?""Nobody will read it.""It doesn't wo..

5128: To Master Copywriting, Use a Mentor - Here's Why
In the last few years, I've had a number of people apply to my copywriting program whose work samples showed the same weakness - formulaic writing. Their work showed signs of having adopted many of th..

5129: Writing Keyword Rich Website Copy
The wonderful thing about writing website copy is that when it is done effectively it will be profitable for your business.When writing copy for a website make sure that it is keyword rich, straightfo..

5130: How To Check Reliability Of A Copywriting Company
A Reliable copywriting company, who does not need it? Sure, all those who own businesses need to have a reliable copywriting company as back up so that they prosper. Your business goals will only come..

5131: Writing For Profit - Ghost Writing, The Invisible Person Brings Home the Bacon
Ghost writing for profit does not have to be a scary subject, in fact much of the best content and even some of the best books in the world are written by ghost writers.First let's take a look at exac..

5132: Relating SEO Content Writing And Plagiarism
Search engines love content. And it is the content through which one can get into the field of competition in online marketing. But it is very difficult to develop a well composed article. Relevancy, ..

5133: Copywriting To Attract ClientsAand Build A Profitable Business
Learning copywriting has changed the way I write. Although my professional writing credits include print feature stories and a published book, copywriting enhanced my skills in three surprising ways. ..

5134: Tame Language Makes Tame Sales
As a copywriting coach I am often called upon to review and critique my students' sales letters. There is one common defect I come across often and it's the use of general language where more specific..

5135: Copywriting Tips - How To Present The Price
Just tell me how much the darn thing costs already. That's the attitude of a lot of people. They just want to know how much the item costs as that's solely how they're going to make their decision as ..

5136: The 1-2 Punch In Writing Effective Copy For the Web
It's true, but there's more.Get people in...Over the years, search engines have become the single most important tool to answer people's needs online. On the surface, their appeal lies in the simplici..

5137: Writing Great Sales Copy - The Essential Elements
Many of the comments are gleaned from an extraordinary set of interviews that master Internet copywriter, Michel Fortin, conducted several years ago with the legendary Gary Halbert and his writing par..

5138: Effective Copywriting Begins When You Ask the Magic Question
Clients and class participants often say, "I'm stuck on writing my giveaway product." Or they complain, "I'm not getting the response I want from my website."Almost always, the reason turns out to be ..

5139: The 12 Attributes Of Great Online Writers
The 12 Attributes of Great Online WritersExpert online writers can help your website to climb to the top of Google. So when you're looking for top results, here are 12 key attributes you should look f..

5140: Copywriting Tips - More Than Words
A lot of people say to me that they just can't write good salescopy. When I ask them why, they tell me it's because they're not good with words. Horse hockey! Writing good sales letter is a lot more t..

5141: One Size Does Not Fit All When It Comes To Writing Copy
I shake my head every time I read one of these blanket statements. I'm amazed at how so many people still think that one size of copy still fits everyone. It's just not true.Here's an example. A while..

5142: Press Release Writing - An Important Tool For Link Building
A press release or a news release as it's called is nothing but simple statement carrying news about the schedule events or announcements of an organization. Press release writing is meant for online ..

5143: Raking Dollars Wording Adverts
In a world where advertising has become the norm rather than the exception one should consider how to get a slice of this multi-billion dollar industry. Although many companies spend a fraction of the..

5144: Ezine Classified Ads - Copywriting Guide For Newbies
Many newbies can be heard saying, "I don't need to write my own ezine ads. My guru provided in the members area all the ads I need."If you don't want to remain a newbie for the rest of your life, then..

5145: Do You Know The 3 Secrets To Writing Killer Headlines
Why shed blood, sweat and tears over the few measly words it takes to write a headline? Here's why. On average, eight out of ten people will read your headline. Only two out of ten will continue readi..

5146: Make Dough Writing Online - Ghost Writing Your Way To Profits
A ghost writer's opportunities to make dough writing online are limitless, there is a huge market for well written articles, eBooks, fiction stories, and how-to books by people who need for whatever r..

5147: Should You Be Writing For Ad Agencies And Design Firms
It's a huge market. There are tens of thousands of ad agencies and design firms across the country. Plus thousands of close cousins like public relations firms, investor relations agencies and marketi..

5148: Copywriting Tips - What's Above The Fold
When you create your sales page, what do you put above the fold? Does it matter? If you're not sure, you might want to read this article. It will explain why what's above the fold matters, maybe more ..

5149: Things To Check Before Hiring A Copywriting Agency
Because you do not want to hire an individual and imagine that you are dealing with an agency, you need to look at the following checklist before you can start to work or outsource projects. At the sa..

5150: How To Write Effective Website Content
I love clever website design. Bells and whistles are cool, too. But the fact is, without solid, readable content, a website fails at its most basic level: attracting and converting customers. Use thes..

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